[GUIDE][CPH1920] Guide To Unlock Bootloader And Root Oppo AX5S

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Dec 2, 2022

After a lot of time and research I'm finally making a guide making it possible to root Oppo AX5S.​

(This tutorial is for linux, if your on windows instead of chmodding mtk_gui and running ./mtk_gui just do ./mtk_gui.bat)

To Unlock Bootloader:​

1. First enable OEM unlocking in developer options then, install MTKclient (MTK Chipset exploitation tool) from github to your PC
2. Make sure to have pip and python installed, follow the instructions to install it on their github page.
3. cd into the mtkclient folder then do chmod 777 mtk_gui.
4. do ./mtk_gui and you should be in the MTK gui.
5. Have your Oppo AX5S turned off with cord plugged in then hold both vol up + vol down buttons pressed and it should get detected; if it doesnt get detected press in power button aswell, if that doesnt work check your cable actually works and it isnt a cable that will only charge.
6. Head to the "Flash Tools" tab and press Unlock Bootloader, congrats your bootloader should now be unlocked.

How to install root/magisk.​

Assuming you already unlocked your bootloader and installed MTK client I will start from here.

1. cd into the mtkclient directory then do ./mtk_gui.
2. Have your Oppo AX5S turned off then hold vol up + vol down and if that doesnt work do it while also holding power button, now your phone should be detected and all the tabs come up.
3. Now go to "Read partition(s) then find "boot" then click the tick box, press "Read Partition(s) button (not the tab, the button) then it will ask u where u want to put the file I normally use Documents then you should see boot.bin wherever you set the directory to.
4. To get out of BROM mode and reboot your phone into system unplug the cable then hold power button; you may get a dm-verity error, that's fine just wait for 30 secs for it to go away or hold volume down till it goes away.
5. Install latest Magisk APK onto your phone from https://magisk.me/ then either using adb push the boot.bin file to your Oppo or using MTP.
6. Open Magisk then press the Magisk Install button and click tick on all the checkboxes so they're ticked then press next. For method press "Select and patch a File" then press "LET'S GO". Now you will find your boot.bin file you earlier put on your phone then select it. Now press "LET's GO" again then it will patch your boot.img file. Now push or MTP the your patched .img file (magisk-25200-XXXXX.img) to your PC then into the mtkclient directory then turn off your phone once more.
7. If you still have MTKClient open close it, then cd back into the MTKClient folder then do this command: python mtk w boot magisk-25200-XXXXX.img (replacing the "XXXXX" with the text that is on your .img file)
8. It should now flash the magisk boot image to your Oppo AX5S, If you got a bunch of errors or it failed or something u will just do the same what u just done but with the original boot.bin file.

If succeeded you should now have a rooted phone, unplug your phone from PC and boot the system back up then go to the magisk app then it should say that magisk is installed, if installed congratulations! Your phone is now rooted.

Your warranty is now void. I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications.

If you have any problems there is a great android discord rooting server which im in and the person who helped me make this possible is in here:

You May publish videos on how to do this on YouTube if you give us credit.

Credits go to @lunatic71 (me) and @no111one .


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