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  • Oct 10, 2016


    Mar 9, 2021
    How to flash kali nethunter rom on moto G3 osprey.
    I flashed one kali nethunter rom on my Moto G3 but there is only wifi problem. Wifi not turning on. So If u have any solution about wifi then help me otherwise guide me to how flash best stable kali nethunter rom on moto G3 osprey without any bugs plz help fast


    Dec 3, 2014
    Hi, thanks for this guide.
    I actually first tried dirty flashing nethunter over my custom rom (dotOS davinci) and it hung on the boot animation.
    I re-flashed the custom rom over it and got the phone booting again.

    Followed your instructions to manually install the apks, and when I went to set up the chroot it was already there on the user partition from the failed flash.

    Just wondering did you get any of the wifi / bluetooth stuff working with the internal wifi / bluetooth?

    When I go to bluetooth arsenal, the only option under bluetooth interface is None.

    I'm still using the kernel from dotOS (VantomKernel), which I'm guessing isn't compiled with the RFComm stuff.
    Did you try switching to the nethunter kernel?

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      I've suffered to get the Kali Nethunter working on custom ROMs
      U need free storage available (not sure cuz I've formated data then installed and it's been a while but ig not less than 15 gbytes)
      Here are the steps :

      1.download the file from offensive security website
      (Not sure if external links are allowed but here it is ) : https://www.offensive-security.com/kali-linux-nethunter-download/

      (Just look for miui davinci file)

      2.Download it and extract on whatever device u want the copy the extracted folder to the roo of the storage (of course not the "/" folder the "storage/emulated/0" one

      3. Go into extractedFolder/data/app/
      And make sure every app there is installed especially the nethunter.apk

      4.copy the "kalifs-arm64-full.tar.xz" file to the root

      5.Open the Nethunter app and go into chroot manager and install chroot

      5.Browse for the file location which you copied into the root "storage/emulated/0" and it will start installing it will take up too 10 to 15 minutes

      6.You are done now but HID attacks aren't working

      7.Go to USB arsenal and change "reset" into anything that has " hid" untill you see a successful toast message then save config to database


      If it helped you hit the thanks button (your choice)
      I'll be available asap if anyone has a question :)
      Does Kali work with QFJEUXM 11.0.5?

      By following the cited guide
      I don't see anything about:

      - Format Data and wipe
      Is it necessary?

      Is it necessary to flash, maybe Kali breaks the stock built-in GApps?

      Is it also necessary to flash, Magisk cannot make it pass SafetyNet without?

      Also, does installing Kali affect:
      - Widevine L1 (dropping to L3)
      - 4G/4G+ (by disabling some bands or carrier aggregation)?

      One more question, what would be a procedure to go back to stock?
      Manually updating to the stock Recovery/ZIP firmware from System update/Choose update package would be enough or flashing Fastboot/TGZ firmware by Mi Flash Tool will be needed?

      -Does Kali work with QFJEUXM 11.0.5?
      Well, somewhere i've read that it should work with 11.0.5 too but dont remember where...would have to search for it again to provide a link to you...

      - Format Data and wipe
      Not sure if its necessary, but i did so. Its always a good thing to do before flashing any ROM.
      Just try it without that step and you'll see...you can always reflash to stock if you get any errors, so just give it a shot mate :)

      Nope, thats not necessary for sure. I'm using it with the stock built gapps and its working fine :)

      Thats pretty strange with that ForceEncrypt step, some say they had to others not. I did not flash it to be honest and everythings okay so far. But theres a Chance that you will have to! Maybe it belongs to which ROM you are using (global,eu,chinese) but cant tell for sure...
      So this one you will have to figure out yourself, sry.

      -4G and LTE is working good for me, so i'd say kali isnt affecting it :)
      -About Widefine, well i dont know to be honest...im watching Prime and Sky Go on the Phone sometimes but for the Quality Prime just says 'optimal' and Sky Go 'HD'...it looks great for sure but i cant tell the exact Quality....if theres a way to check that, let me know and i'll be happy to do that for you :)

      -One more question, what would be a procedure to go back to stock?
      I would just do a wipe/format and flash the stock MiUI image or better, your backup via TWRP (or any other custom Recovery)
      For me, Fastboot by MiFlashTool is always the last option. If nothing else works, Fastboot is a Livesaver :) but thats just 'my way' of doing it, there are probably many others who say otherwise!

      Sometimes it needs a lot of testing to figure out the best way for your specific device, so always do a backup and flash a custom recovery before flashing Nethunter. That way, its always posible to get back to Stock if you encounter any bootloops/problems after the installation.
      Its like always while playing around with any OS...if it wont work, you just have to "Try Harder" ;)

      Im happy to help anyway, if you got any more Questions just shout out mate :)
      Hi, i cant install chroot.

      image transparente png

      Obviously you set the wrong Folder Name...just choose one of the three options from Screenshot 1!?
      But to be honest, and i really dont want to offend you, if you couldnt figure that one out yourself you shouldnt install Nethunter at all...
      Sorry mate, wasnt able to try it so far.....very busy at work atm! Will do the next few Days :)
      how about monitor mode on wifi dongle? have you tested it?
      i have a mi 9t with unlocked bootloader twrp also rooted using magisk, i flashed my nethunter kernel, but it gets stuck at the nethunter boot logo, how do i fix this, do i need a specific force encryption or something? ive restored the system couple times using mi flash, ive been trying for a couple days now, if you have any solutions please lmk a step by step guide, also is there a way i can do this without flashing it, but also get all the tools working?

      Sorry I wish I was able to help
      But the tag says [CUSTOM ROM]
      SO I HAVE No Idea
      Maybe try this
      Don't flash any thing just follow the procedure listed above and It may work
      Just don't flash anything