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[Guide] Cyanogenmod 13 Porting for Mediatek MT6592 Devices

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Senior Member
Aug 25, 2010
Google Maps Compass doesn't work yet!

Did you make your compass work? If not just try to replace the following system/bin files from stock rom which are related to sensor service as mentioned in init.mt6592.rc file.
msensord, s62xd, ami304d, memsicd, memsicd3416x,akmd8975, akmd8963, akmd09911, bm050d, bmm056d, mc6420d, qmc5983d, orientationd, geomagneticd, AcdApiDaemon, mc64xxd along with senors.default.so in system/lib/hw. It worked for me. Compass and gyroscope started working after replacing this.


New member
Dec 3, 2016
Hi everyone, just wondering, i managed to install this rom to my mt6592 device but facing boot animation looping...any idea how to solve this issue?


Senior Member
Dec 7, 2010
Hello, I've some problem. My phone boot up correctly but when I shut it down and I turn it on again it stuck after the logo image of the phone, it doesn't even show the boot animation. Also when I plug the phone to the computer if I change from "MTP" to "charge only" I'm not able again to choose an option until I flash again the ROM, it breaks also the Android Debug option in "developer settings". How can I fix these problems? Thank you very much


New member
Mar 9, 2018

Hi, I'm porting the Vibeui v2.0 firmware on the mt6592 processor from Lenovo A806 to Lenovo A916 and started with such a problem installing and starting it is fine but when I log on to the desktop. error com.android.phone and when closing forever pops out what to do, in the firmware on the way system / app and system / priv-app under each application there is a file with the same name only with the extension .odex

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And yet here 1 if I have a modem modem_5_lwg and a donor modem_1_wg you can make a connection?

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    Guide to port Fire855's Cyanogenmod 13 to Mediatek Devices

    Here I am posting guide how to port Fire855's Cyanogenmod 13 to Mediatek devices based on MT6592 SoC.

    @fire855 Cyanogenmod 13 thread --> http://forum.xda-developers.com/android/development/rom-cyanogenmod-13-kingzone-k1-turbo-t3360336

    Required Tools

    Java Development Kit

    Dat File Extractor


    Android Kitchen

    Meta-Inf Folder


    Extracting system.new.dat file from Fire855 build
    - Use extractor
    - First Extract fire855 build zip using Winrar or 7z software.
    - Put following files in "place_for_supported_files_here" folder
    - file_contexts
    - system.new.dat
    - system.patch.dat
    - system.transfer.list
    - Run Extraktor_En.cmd
    - Type 1 and press enter
    - Your files will be extracted in "extract_file_here" folder
    - Now copy these files from "system.dat" in "system" folder of Fire855 build
    - Delete ".jounal" file from "/system" folder

    Before Porting
    - Delete Meta-Inf folder from Fire855 build
    - Delete "system.new.dat", "system.patch.dat", "system.transfer.list
    - Replace it with the Meta-inf folder given above
    - You will have these folder and files now
    - Install
    - Meta-inf
    - System
    - boot.img
    - file_contexts
    - Now compress these above files and folder in one standard zip format.

    Setting up Android Kitchen and Extracting Boot.img
    1. Extract the Cygwin. In this folder you will find another folder named cygwin_packages and a file named setup. Copy these to C :\cygwin (create a folder named cygwin if it doesn't exist)

    2. Open the cygwin folder in C:

    3. Now in cygwin folder right click on the setup.exe and Run as Administrator

    4. Click Next and then select Install from Local Directory

    5. Select the path to the cygwin folder in C: then click Next

    6. Select the path to the cygwin_packages folder (C:\cygwin\cygwin_packages) then click Next

    7. Click Next. A message will appear click OK

    8. Single click in the area between the Red box

    9. Click Next. A message will appear, click Next. After this, installation will take place. After the installation process is complete check / tick the Create icon on Desktop and click on Finish. After this Right click on the Cygwin desktop icon and Run as Administrator. Some processes will take place after the completion of the process, close it

    10. Now open C Drive. In the drive you will find a folder named Cygwin, Open it

    11. Now open the home folder. In this folder you will find another folder having your Username, open it

    12. Don't delete any file. Make a new folder named Kitchen

    13. Open the folder named Kitchen. Now extract the file named dsixda Android Kitchen that you copied on your computer's desktop, then open the extracted folder of dsixda Android Kitchen

    14. Copy all the files that are in the extracted folder of dsixda Android Kitchen and paste them in the Kitchen folder that you made

    15. Now do Right click on the Cygwin desktop icon and Run as Administrator

    16. Cygwin window will open. Now type "cd kitchen" (without "") then press Enter

    17. Now type "./menu" then press Enter

    18. After this Android Kitchen will open

    You're good to go!

    (You can use pictorial guide given on (https://forum.hovatek.com/thread-647.html)

    Files needs to be ported

    In Boot.img
    - zimage (simply your device kernel)
    - uevented.rc (if only device get bootloops)

    Lib files need to replace from your Stock ROM

    From "/system/lib/hw" folder

    - hwcomposer.mt6592.so
    - sensors.default.so (first rename this file to sensors.mt6592.so and then copy it same location in Fire855 build)

    From "system/lib" folder
    - libMali.so
    - libaudio.primary.defaults.so
    - libcameracustom.so
    - libfeatureio.so
    - libcamdrv.so
    - libcamalgo.so
    - libdpframework.so
    - libcamparamsmgr.so

    From "system/bin" folder
    - gsm0710muxd
    - gsm0710muxdmd2
    - rild

    From "/system/etc" folder
    - Bluetooth folder
    - Wifi Folder
    - Firmware Folder

    Making changes in boot.img only for devices having Emulated storage
    Note: (No need of change for Non-emulated storage devices)

    Edit fstab file in ramdisk folder after extracting boot.img in Android Kitchen

    Refer this post by @Typhus_ --> http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=66440098&postcount=228

    Note : Edit system and data mount points according to your device in updater-script using Notepad++.
    Unpack/Repack Boot.img using Android Kitchen

    1) First you need to set up working folder.
    2) Place the zip you have created from above instructions in Original_Update folder.
    3) Type 1 and press enter.
    4) Select zip.
    5) No need to rename working folder.
    6) Also when it asks to do changes in updater script, Type 2 and press Enter for "Do nothing" and keep updater script as it is.
    7) Now working folder is set up.
    8) Go to advanced settings. Type 0 and press Enter.
    9) Then type 12 and press enter.
    10) Then type "w" (without "") and press enter.
    11) A folder will be creatred name Boot-Extracted.
    12) Now type "a" (without "") and press enter.
    13) A messege will appear and a new folder will create by name Boot-img(Date)(time)
    14) Place your stock boot.img in it and then come back to cmd window and press enter.
    15) Now replace necessary files from stock boot to boot-extracted (zimage, uevented.rc etc)
    16) Make changes in fstab file and other related files (for devices having emulated storage)
    17) After making all changes in android kitchen cmd window type "b" and press enter. This will compile boot.img and repack it and get saved in working folder.
    You can use to MTKbootimg Tool to Unpack and Repack boot.img

    Link --> https://goo.gl/6NJJVx
    Thanks for the advice. I just tried it always turns out that problem .
    Look at the picture ... :(/QUOTE]

    Try this patch by @jpower73 it worked for me. I kept hwcomposer from stock.

    Use these particular files to solve green line in FB videos. Copy and paste (replace old) in "/system/lib/hw" folder :)

    Credits : @jpower73
    How do I fix compass on Google maps? Its arrowhead is stuck on one position and never rotates. Compass/magnetic sensor works on all other apps except for Google maps.
    I have issue with video playback. I cannot stream videos from certain apps such as SonyLiv. However hotstar works fine. Also I have green YouTube videos problem on only certain few videos(with certian quality say 360p and/or live videos).
    Copy sensors.defaults.so from stock rom. Rename it to sensors.mt6592.so and place it in /system/lib/hw folder.

    Also add compass/magnetometer permission xml file from /system/etc/permissions to ported rom.

    There is streaming issue in some apps.

    Use youtube app given in second post of @fire855 CM 13 thread.