[Guide] Debranding to India variant BLN-L22 (successful case)- Noob Friendly

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Aug 24, 2021
I am not able to debrand my BLN-L24 with the Huawei Multi Tool v7. How do you get it work offline?


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Aug 22, 2014
Saint Remy les chevreuse


Aug 24, 2021
Hi, thanks for the advice. I think I debranded the phone, but I ran into another issue where I am prompted for a password to decrypt the storage. I deviated from the firmware flash accidentally so I don't know if that did anything.

1) Booted into TWRP Recovery.
2) Installed the zip containing the Custom and OEMINFO file.
3) Shut down phone.
4) Put in MicroSD Card with dload and dload-data.
5) Powered on phone in dload mode with Vol+, Vol-, and PWR button.
6) Wait for firmware flash.
7) Rename dload to dload-main and dload-data to dload.
8) Powered on phone in dload mode with Vol+, Vol-, and PWR button.
9) Wait for firmware flash.

I messed up step 4 and forgot to put in the MicroSD while starting dload mode. It tried to restore the firmware from some backup. I tried to redo the dload with the MicroSD card in the phone and it did successfully install, but I was prompted for a password for the storage. Is there a way to recover from this? I am not even sure if TWRP Recovery is still installed.

*Edit: I got past the password prompt by going back into the stock eRecovery by pressing Vol+ and PWR and then clearing the cache and doing a factory reset.

*Edit2: I forgot about the dload-data part. I need to also install this, but it is otherwise a success.
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Apr 18, 2015
Bro, can you share a mirror link for B340 update since the link you've provided is broken now.


Dec 1, 2012
Thank you @shashank1320 for this wonderful option to make the Huawei 6x support Volt for Jio calling within India. I had got mine from Australia where it was a BLL-L22 version. It would refuse to let me make calls using the Jio simcard here in India (no volt support).

So my Huawei phone was locked and since DC-unlocker was not accepting this model anymore I thought I was out of luck. the other older option was to contact huawei, but they never gave me the unlock code and instead said its terminated and not allowed any more.

I decided to use PotatoNV ( opened up the phone some how and shorted the two test points which I got from here : https://testpoint3.blogspot.com/p/test-point-huawei.html) I dint have to disconnect the battery to get it to work. I was able to get the unlock code with the help of that software PotatoNV and volla! Shorting the two points on the mother board with a pair is scissors. I unlocked the boot loader later on using ADB with cmd, as the process worked using PotatoNV. You don't need to spend anything for this process. Only if you are able to open up the back cover of your phone then I can assure you that this process will work. Do read all compatible processors.

Once I was in, I followed this guide and I was able to get the Indian variant ported to this huawei phone.

Also, thank you @Djiban for sharing the files. I looked everywhere for these two files and couldent find them as all links were either down, expired or not working. Thank you to everyone who made this possible.
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    Please flash the OEMINFO and Custom bin from - https://mega.nz/#!qYtlzawK!Ab86GUO40JpUZ8scGnaIszhA-3gf6bN4NdfuHb8IeBU via TWRP
    and then flash the B340 update.app file from download section via dload method. if you face any issue, follow entire guide for other way of doing this.

    Initial credits to @uditshah for his guide and @sanjay.rup in sorting my issues at start itself while I was not sure whether to go or not and giving me correct oeminfo file. and all fellow members, and few to name @gopinaidu77 @adriansticoid @RedSkull23 who always helped/supported and encouraged me.

    This guide will work 100% if followed correctly. This was tested myself couple of nights back and I successfully debranded or rebranded, as few say, to BLN-L22 from BLN-AL10.
    Old version - BLN-AL10C00B379
    New version- BLN-L22C675C340

    Hi Folks,

    Saw many post earlier on MM for debranding to other variant, especially from China variant to EU or Indian version and few of the worked FF but not for all. It never worked for Nougat and we all were struggling, at least to debrand China variant. So in this post, we will mainly focus on EMUI 5.0 or Nougat version for debranding. Few days back, a guide was posted which was very good and helped me to debrand mine. Yes, I faced few issues while following it and for once I was stuck with
    • Phone Locked
    • FRP Locked.

    That was the moment I though It will never come up but yeah there was a hope as I never saw FRP on my Chinese variant and it all started from there and in this I will share the, almost full proof, detailed steps to debrand.

    • Have a full TWRP backup on your current model and store on PC/SD card.
    • Files for the new model (BLN-L22 variant)
    • Memory card with at least 8 GB space.
    • Firmware finder tool to get the files (preferable on PC)
    • Huawei multi tool
    • Working PC and of course, Honor 6X
    • Most important- PATIENCE. Do not panic. It will take max 2 hours including downloads, backup, restore, flash etc. (may vary depend on your download speed)

    Shall we start? Let’s go further and do it now.


    Main update.zip B340 version - http://update.hicloud.com:8180/TDS/data/files/p3/s15/G1190/g79/v94286/f1/full/update.zip

    Data file for B340 (This is required for putting updater app and other stuff on phone or you won’t get updater)-

    Huawei Multi Tool- https://forum.xda-developers.com/devdb/project/?id=19002#downloads (Version V7 zip)

    Firmware Finder app on PC – this is not required as I have given the link above. You can still download it for future usage- http://hwmt.ru/hwmtsite/huawei-firmware-finder/ (download for PC) or direct link- http://pro-teammt.ru/projects/hwff/GetLatestVersion.action

    Unlocking bootloader/rooting and MT tool instalaltion-

    • Unlock your bootloader, flash custom recovery and root it with this https://forum.xda-developers.com/honor-6x/how-to/root-huawei-honor-6x-install-twrp-t3671822
    • Backup backup backup your current phone in TWRP.
    • Installation of Tool installation and backing up current OEM Info file-
    • Download Huawei Multi Tool from this XDA thread https://forum.xda-developers.com/honor-8/development/tool-huawei-multi-tool-team-mt-t3523923 , direct download link https://forum.xda-developers.com/devdb/project/?id=19002#downloads select V7 zip, extract it and go to the folder.
    • Run by double clicking the bat file as below
    • Once the tool is running you will see the device connected as below (It will show your phone’s serial number) – Note: (I have not connected my device here, as I dindt was to flash the file again, so it wont show any device ID and just a random data)
    • Follow step by step images below to backup your current oeminfo file (path of the backup is the folder where you ran the bat file above\backup) in my case it was C:\Users\Downloads\Compressed\Huawei_Multi-Tool_by_Team_MT_v7\Huawei_Multi-Tool_by_Team_MT\Backup
      Changing vendor/country- input 7
      Selecting device- input 6X or 6x
      Save or restore OEMINFO - input 1
      Saving OEMINFO- input 1
      Confirmation screen for saving the OEM INFO File.
    • Just make a copy of this file to some other folder, as same folder will be used for a new oeminfo file for new model.

    Till now, we have just backed up ourselves so that in case we run into a situation where unbale to boot further or stuck, this will be handy to restore.

    Let’s proceed with actual rebranding now.

    • Extract the Main zip file, you will get 4 files as below, copy all of them to SD card/ External memory card under “dload” folder.
    • Extract the Data file zip, you will get 5 files as below, copy all of them to SD card/ External memory card under “dload-data” folder.
    • Rename the downloaded oeminfo file to oeminfo: oeminfo-BLN-L22C675B340.zip -->> oeminfo.zip
    • Copy the OEFMINFO file for new variant (BLN-L22) to backup folder of Multi tool where you backed up the original oeminfo of your original model. (above path - C:\Users\Downloads\Compressed\Huawei_Multi-Tool_by_Team_MT_v7\Huawei_Multi-Tool_by_Team_MT\Backup)
    • Run the Huawei multi tool again same as above but this time, instead of backup of oeminfo, it will be option 2 to restore the file.
    • It should show the progress and confirm the download/restore complete. If this is failed, PELASE DO NOT PROCEED FURTHER and ask in comment section below.
    • Once OEMINFO restore is successful, you have the oeminfo of new version flash on your model.
    • Now reboot to fastboot, you will most probably see below status (don’t panic that’s normal now)
    Phone- LOCKED
    • Remove the USB and Power off the phone by pressing power key now.
    • Use dload method now i.e. press Volume up + Volume down+ Power key together. Stock recovery should start flashing the files (Note- Do not just put the Update.app in dload and need all 4 files mentioned above)
    • Phone will verify the package and start installation. It will take only couple of minutes for 100% flash and phone will reboot.
    • Phone will boot but most probably give you the black screen only, for few minutes. Just waif for 3-4 minutes. (as mentioned, do not panic here as well)
    • Press power key to turn off the phone.
    • Take out the memory card and delete dload folder or rename to “dload-main”.
    • Rename the folder “dload-data” to dload.
    • Insert the SD card.
    • Use dload method now i.e. press Volume up + Volume down+ Power key together. Stock recovery should start flashing the files (Note- Do not just put the Update.app in dload and need all 5 files mentioned above)
    • This will take 30-40 seconds maximum to flash.
    • Once this is flashed, phone will reboot and ask you to set up the phone.
    • Unlike the China variant or other which may or may not ask for Google account setup, this may ask but you can skip it by skipping the Wi-Fi connection and removing the sim card so that no data is there to connect.
    • Follow the on screen instruction and Setup the phone.
    BINGO. You are on BLN-L22 now and it will support Jio VOLTE and other stuff that other Honor 6X phones has for BLN-L22 (you are no longer other BLL, BLN model anymore and on BLN-L22)

    This took me exactly 207 minutes to compile this guide and then 15-20 minutes in drafting on XDA, after I personally faced many issues but as mentioned, do not panic and proceed step by step and you would achieve what you wished for. Comment below on your experience and share if any modification is needed to the guide, I will do, but as per my knowledge, this is what I could prepare best for any NOOB user who doesn’t even know what root or anything is.


    Share your thoughts on guide and ask any question when you stuck.

    • This was tested from BLN-AL10 to BLN-L22
    • This may work from any model/variant to BLN-L22 (most probably without any issues)
    • This should work for all BLL models as well, because there are no restriction on Hardware part.

    Good luck and enjoy.

    Just so it's more clear for anyone coming to this thread late, the newest method is four steps:

    1. Bootloader unlock, install TWRP, root
    2. Use TWRP to flash the REBRAND TO BLN-L22 .zip (in zip form still) via the usual install method. [download link]
    3. Use the dload method to update the "main update.zip B340 version [download link]
    4. THEN use the dload method to apply the "data file for B340" [download link]

    Links are all the same as provided by OP, so follow his if you have already. For steps 3 and 4, follow the instructions in the original OP post for copying to SD card and renaming folders per the steps outlined there.

    Having ADB installed already is required for steps 1 (see the guide from same OP which is linked). The Multi-Tool step is no longer required, but that software is handy for installing the correct Huawei drivers and automagic'ing the steps for bootloader unlock, so it's potentially worth it if you don't already have the Huawei device drivers installed.

    This process worked for me as of today on a US BLN-L24 - but initially I was skipping #4 and thus I was ending up with the "NRD90M.TEST.KEYS" build instead of the correct BLN-22 build.
    Flash the 2nd data file given in OP. It should be fine. I too had same issue, its just blank screen if i get it right, exactly same as mine when i debrnaded from China to India

    Hey man. I didn't know what to do and I unlocked the bootloader and it actually booted.

    Anyways. Man your guides are hella detailed and we as noobs really appreciate your hard work. Thanks man for doing this for us. Successfully installed Oreo thanks to you.
    Appreciate it.
    Multi tool 8 does not have debrand option?
    You can use multi tool 7 from multi tool 8 page.
    Hello all,

    Does anyone have a working link or can send me the file for the Huawei multi tool? Need to restore oem info on my device but can find no working link. Any help appreciated, thanks.

    the old multi tool (v7) can be found at http://pro-teammt.ru/huawei-multi-tool-en-old/