GUIDE:[DIFFICULTY: Beginner] Post to Twitter using a voice command

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Jan 13, 2016
Here it is an easy way to post to Twitter using Tasker and AutoVoice


1. Go to IFTTT's web page and sign up.
2. Download Do Note from the Play Store.
3. Choose the Recipe : Post a quick Tweet.
4. Download Autovoice and AutoInput from the Play Store.
You are ready to go!

State>Plugin>Autovoice Recognize. Check Event Behaviour. Command Filter; " post (?<message>.+) to Twitter" Check Regex. (Creating a variable)

1. Say> Text: Tweeting %message. Ok? (It allows you to check if everything is going according to the plan.)
2. AutoVoice Recognize Prompt Text: %message. Matching options: Check Don't Trigger Conditions.( AutoVoice will pop up. You must check if the message is ok and say yes.)
3. If Condition: %avcomm ~yes ( Set a condition because if the message is wrong the task will not be fired.)
4. Launch apps> DO NOTE
5. Wait 2 seconds
6. Type %message
7. Wait 8 seconds
8. AutoInput> Action> Easy set up. Go to DO NOTE , click on ADD on the notification bar, go back to DO Note and click on the send button. Then click on the Accept button of the notification and go back to AutoInput. Select the button you pressed and accept the settings. (This will make AutoInput click on the send button.)
9. End if
If Type does not work for you, you can use Set Clipboard with the text %message and paste it using AutoInput: Actions>Paste>Text> %message. This will make AutoInput paste your tweet on the focus.
Have fun!
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