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[GUIDE] Disable "logd" process - NO MORE BATTERY DRAIN [ALL ROMs] [ROOT req]


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Feb 7, 2009
[GUIDE] Disable "logd" process - NO MORE BATTERY DRAIN [ALL ROMs] [ROOT req]

Hi all,
I have the G4 (H815) for over 6 months and always (both Lollipop and Marshmallow) I have been suffering from a tremendous battery drain.
After a lot of research I discovered that the reason (the main reason) of my battery drain is due to "logd" process that normally burned over 15% (or more) for each charge cycle (checked with Better Battery Stats).
Obviously I tried everything, full wipe, change ROM but that process was always there to suck battery them. :confused:

I do not know why the process is so high but I know that deactivating it the problem is automatically solved ;)

So finally I found a way to eliminate the underlying problem permanently by disabling the logd process from TWRP.

if you also have this problem, follow this simple guide and you will solve the problem permanently.
After disabling "logd" process the only evidence it is that logcat no longer works but for many I do not think it's a problem.
Anyway you can always go back and put everything back as it was.

[Before Start]
I suggest you to make a FULL BACKUP before you follow this guide.
I am not responsible if your brick your phone.

  • Root
  • TWRP
[Step by step Guide]
  1. Reboot phone into Recovery (TWRP) and click "Mount"
  2. Check System and then press "back"
  3. Click "Advanced"
  4. Click "File Manager"
  5. Choose the "system" folder
  6. Choose "bin" folder
  7. Choose "logd" file and press "Select"
  8. Click "Rename files"
  9. Add ".bak" and then press "Go"
  10. Swype right to confirm
  11. Press Home button
  12. Restart => System

Now, "logd" process is permanently disabled and should not appear between processes (verified with Better Battery Stats).
To put everything back as it was before, just rename back "logd.bak" file to "logd" by following the same procedure above.

See the attached screen for a visual guide.
I also attach my battery stats AFTER disabling the "logd" process.
Before deactivating I did not reach the 2 hours of SOT. Now they are 4 or more with 20hrs of standby
All without Amplify or other battery savers :D

Let me know if this works for you.

Some users reported that renaming \system\bin\logd to \system\bin\logd.bak using a root explorer and then reboot .. works too.

If you find this guide useful ... press "Thank you". :good:


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Feb 7, 2009
Here other screenshots:


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Aug 24, 2013
yes... :good:
it seem good by removing this file . with "es explorer" , i put it on sd0 (on "es explorer backup" for example for to keep it in case of ...)
i reboot the phone and don't see it again on this system/bin file...
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