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[GUIDE] Enable Camera2 API Without Root [mido] [Unlocked Bootloader] [MIUI 9]

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Jan 20, 2017
I'm desperate. Am I the only one where it doesn't work? I've been through the whole procedure several times now. Afterwards my Mi Mix 2 starts without problems every time. But every time Manual Camera Compatibility Test shows me that it didn't work. I've gone through all the steps, error-free in my opinion.
After I enter "chmod 644 build.prop", a new input line appears immediately. Is that correct? Do I still have to enter "Exit" to exit ADB Shell? I always went back from the "mount-menu" to main menu of TWRP using back button and from there flashed lazyflasher.

While searching the net for possible sources of error I also found the tip to deactivate the PIN and fingerprint-entry of the phone, because otherwise TWRP always asked me for a PIN to decrypt at start. But that didn't help either.

Does anyone have a clue what it could be?

Ok, although this is a thread for RN4, this should have worked for Mi Mix 2 too. Try this and this. If it still doesn't work, feel free to DM me :)


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Sep 5, 2018
things went bad sim cards, wifi not working trying to flash a custom rom and see whats going to happen

rahul botcha

Nov 15, 2014
I am using Redmi Note 4X(mido) with MIUI Global stable 10.2(based on 7.0 Nougat) Rom with unlocked bootloader, I followed every step that is mentioned. After opening the Gcam app black screen is showing up and within 10 seconds will pop up with a message that "cannot connect to camera". Please refer attached screenshots.


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Sep 23, 2013
I am using Redmi Note 4X(mido) with MIUI Global stable 10.2(based on 7.0 Nougat) Rom with unlocked bootloader, I followed every step that is mentioned. After opening the Gcam app black screen is showing up and within 10 seconds will pop up with a message that "cannot connect to camera". Please refer attached screenshots.

Gcam doesnt work on MIUI atm, only custom roms or MIUI 9.
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    I am not responsible for anything that happens to your device on following these steps. These are untested steps that worked for me and might work for you.


    1. PC with adb
    2. Unlocked Bootloader
    3. TWRP
    4. MIUI 9 [Might work with other ROMs, not tested]
    5. Lazyflasher zip


    1. If you are on a custom ROM, chances are that camera2 api is already enabled. Use Manual Camera Compatibility to verify.
    2. If you are on MIUI, updating using ota might reset build.prop file. This might help, not tested. Update: I successfully updated to MIUI 9 Global 7.10.19 | Beta, see below for steps,
    3. I am using Google Camera v4.4.020.163412804 on MIUI 9 Global 7.9.7 | Beta, and it is a HUGE improvement over the stock camera.


    1. Boot into TWRP. (Guide if you don't have TWRP)
    2. Mount System.
    3. Take NANDroid backup. (Optional but HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)
    4. Connect to PC and execute the following command in terminal:
    [SIZE="3"]adb pull /system/build.prop[/SIZE]
    5. This copies build.prop to the current directory. (C:\Users\[USERNAME] by default on windows)
    6. Copy it to another directory for backup.
    7. Open in editor and add the following line at end:
    8. Save and exit.
    9. Execute following commands:
    [SIZE="3"]adb push build.prop /system/
    adb shell
    cd system
    chmod 644 build.prop
    10. Copy lazyflasher to internal storage.
    11. Flash using TWRP.
    12. Reboot to system.
    13. Use Manual Camera Compatibility Checker to verify.
    14. PROFIT!
    15. Install the latest Google Camera HDR+ Port. (Optional but HIGHLY RECOMMENDED ;P)


    1. Download the official recovery zip from here.
    2. Download latest TWRP from here
    2. Reboot into TWRP.
    3. Take NANDroid. (Optional, just in case . . .)
    4. Transfer ROM zip, TWRP img and Lazyflasher zip to internal storage.
    5. Flash ROM zip. (Took about 10 minutes)
    6. Flash TWRP img. (Go to flash -> select flash image -> select twrp-[v].img)
    7. Flash Lazyflasher zip.
    8. Follow steps 4 through 9 of above instructions. (Yes, build.prop also gets replaced on update)
    9. Reboot to system.
    10. Wait patiently.
    11. VOILA !!


    1. Manual Camera Compatibility Checker
    2. Lazyflasher Zip
    3. Google Camera HDR+ Port
    4. Latest MIUI Recovery Image
    5. Official TWRP for mido
    6. Sources: (1) (2) (3)

    Hope this helps. Try and comment if this works for you in other ROMs. Also let me know if anything is unclear.
    TWRP Tweaks (MIUI 9 Beta)

    The method in this thread basically allows you to edit build.prop without rooting, which opens up a lot of possibilities. Here are some other useful tweaks to build.prop that I use.

    (Note: If a line is already present in the file, edit the line otherwise add at end.)

    1. Enable MIUI's full screen gestures

    2. Add EIS and disable noise cancellation

    3. Turn off noise cancellation for audio recordings

    4. Fix Google Assistant talkback

    Sources: (1)

    Do reply if you are using some build.prop tweak and I'll add it here!
    Hello my device is rooted and I have Twrp medo recovery installed on my Redmi note 4 so can you pls guide me how to enable camera 2 API on my device?

    Download Mix Explorer form XDA, select root option from drawer, go to System, open build.prop with code editor, at the end add the line:


    Save and exit, and try using GCAM.
    Also, if you have magisk, go to downloads and search for pixel experience module, it gives you a lot more cool stuff!
    My device said it is compatible with Manual camera. But I didn't enable camera2 API.

    MIUI 9 China Stable
    Xiaomi Mi5s

    Well, although this guide is meant for mido, I would have expected at least this check to work for any device. I have no idea why it shows compatible, but it seems this isn't the ultimate check for enabled Camera2 API after all. So, to check further, one could try installing apps that need camera2 API (like gcam) and see if they work or not. Another way could be to just search the build.prop itself and see if the hal3 line is present, and set to enabled.
    is it possible to make the flash-able zip work with stock recovery?