[GUIDE][FIX]Fix SystemUpdateService wakelock on latest Google Play Services

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Feb 27, 2016
I also can not find system update within the app,I'm on xdabbeb 3.1... no way to control Google play or frame work??, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.appops,has been installed and doesn't appear to work either..

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    This is a fix for SystemUpdateService wakelock on latest Play Services update.


    • Autostarts from F-Droid
    • Root
    • Privacy Manager/AppOpsXposed

    • If you have a built-in privacy guard on your rom,disable WAKEUP and KEEP AWAKE of Google Play Services(recommended).If you don't have it, try AppOpsXposed
    • Open Autostarts and grand root access.
    • Search for SystemUpdateService and disable the following receivers
    1. SystemUpdateService$ActiveReceiver
    2. SystemUpdateService$Receiver
    3. SystemUpdateService$SecretCodeReceiver

    • Now reboot the device and enter recovery
    • Wipe Dalvik Cache and Reboot
    • Recheck if the receivers stay disabled on reboot
    If you still have the wakelock.Try this
    • If you have already disabled the update services using any other tools,you'll have to re enable them before trying this.
    • Now try the above fix.
    • Wipe Dalvik Cache and Reboot
    • Now look for the wakelock.
    • Report Here

    No more SystemUpdateService wakelocks :D

    Here's the screenshot after the fix.No more Google Play Services in battery stats.
    There isn't any menu.
    But I could turn off systemupdateservice with Disable Service app.
    But Google Play services wakelock still remains. See the screenshots!

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    You have to disable the broadcast receivers and not the services, see below what I have to do to eradicate these wakelocks.

    I have received yesterday this bull... Play Service 7.0.97 update like everybody not deep sleep and these massive wakelocks:
    Checkin Handoff, Event Log Handoff and SystemUpdateService (BBS screenshot)

    What surprise:eek: because I always disabled the above three services and the corresponding broadcast receivers on all my device since HTC HD2 without any problems, so now to not having the wakelocks we must re-enable thus services to stop the wakelocks, we walk on the head:eek:

    Personally I have to re-enable three services com.google.android.gms.checking.CheckinService
    com.google.android.gms.checking.EventLogService additionally to com.google.android.gms.SystemUpdateService I had already disabled the corresponding receivers for the above services.

    With My Android Tools which I personally prefer over System Tuner 3C Toolbox Pro and others similar applications because it has very helpful search function also you can sort the app's by disabled and currently running state and under about screen we have the backup option for disabled components.

    So go to Service>Play Service to enable this service (first screenshot) and disable corresponding receivers (second screenshot) under Broadcast Receiver>Play Service.

    Always before searching tap full/short because without doing it can happens that we can't found all items.

    My Android Tools link:

    I see very often the people's recommend Disable Service app instead My Android Tools
    (developed by the same person) they are wrong because disabling only the service without broadcast receiver will cause even more wakelocks except since latest Play Services update Google has messed up the things now we have to enable the services and leave or disable if this is not already done the broadcast receivers to stops the wakelocks. WTF?:what:

    Weird No? Because now it's completely opposite behavior and the massive wakelocks appear as if we have disabled only the service without the corresponding broadcast receivers.

    I also amplified with Amplify (I have set "Allow every" to 86400 seconds) this alarm com.google.android.gms.checkin.EventLogService$Receiver which has appeared after having re-enabled the above services.

    So now my battery drainage is as before this unfortunate Play Service update.
    Ok, thanks for point explained.

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    Tapped from my furious ZR ;)
    Simplest solution:
    - Xposed
    - Wakelock Terminator
    Search for the play services, filter: "SystemUpdateService". Done.
    Here you go