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(GUIDE) Flash Roms correctly if everything goes wrong


New member
Jan 5, 2014
So as you guys know there are a lot a lot of ways to flash a Rom here on our lovely OnePlus 7(Pro).
Many people get it to work but many - me include having Problems with it, so i tested some ways to flash it and i guess i found a really good solution for it,

Btw there are less problems flashing the rom when the device is decrypt.

First of all make sure you installed the latest OOS on BOTH Slots (beta works too) and now just follow the steps.

1.) Factory reset
2.) Flash Rom + Twrp Installer
2b) FORMAT DATA (everything in your storge will be gone, so make sure to back it all up)
2c) reboot recovery
3.) Flash Rom + Twrp Installer
3c) reboot recovery
4.) Flash Gapps (optional)
4b) flash Twrp (just in case you lose it)
4c) reboot system
5.) The rom should now boot up :)

I hope i could help you out with that little Guide.

And make sure you FORMAT Data! Not WIPING it, cause in most cases this is misunderstood