[Guide] Fool Proof and Simple FroYo 2.2 "Test ROM" Guide for Rooted Phones

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Jan 19, 2008
  1. Download files and place on SD card:

    update-nexusone-FRF50-noradio-signed.zip from Modaco.com (May 24: noradio files added - should work fine for T-Mo & AT&T!)

    froyo-rooter-signed.zip from Cyanogen
  2. Titanium Backup -> Backup all user apps
  3. Turn off phone -> Hold Volume Down, then Press Power button
  4. Enter Recovery
  5. Backup/Restore -> Nand backup
  6. Wipe if you have a Sense UI ROM (no wipe needed coming from Cyanogen)
  7. Flash update-nexusone-FRF50-signed.zip
  8. Reboot, you'll get Android-falling-out-of-box
  9. It will reboot into Recovery, select Reboot again
  10. It should boot into 2.2, yay!
  11. You should still have root, but if you want BusyBox (or lost root somehow), Cyanogen has done it again! Go back into Recovery and flash froyo-rooter-signed.zip. Then Titanium Backup will work once again.
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Jan 19, 2008
Does this work on AT&T devices?

I think only if you're rooted. I'm not sure.

AT&T users in the Modaco thread have said it worked. Here's one poster who's done it:

Post #76:

I think you can just not flash the radio, I do have an AT&T frequency too so I am not taking chance, I will remove the radio.img prior to install

don't worry about it. Just flash it. You'll get a speed bump. I did. Getting about 1mb faster DL speeds. Its crazy... especially since its mid-day saturday. I'm on ATT 3g in chicago.

Though as the previous person said, you may have to remove the radio.img in the zip. I'm totally not sure. Has anyone here done it?
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Mar 11, 2010
so when updating to froyo does rooted nexus one becomes just like the stock one, means do we need to root it again to install custom Rom


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Aug 21, 2008
Nice! thanks for the write up.

one thing that confuses me though, i have rooted my phone but have the stock rom (nadroid from cyanogen 506), will i be able to get the OTA when it rolls for the ATT version? Or only manual update for me?



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May 23, 2010
I followed these steps (was running Cyanogen 5.0.6) and it works perfectly. I have the AT&T/Rogers version. I didn't wipe and all my apps/settings are intact!