Guide for newbies (Moto g3 / 2015)

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Jan 7, 2009

picking an os for daily driver: Look what is currently the newest android (android 11) and pick the last or pre last version, so android 9 or android 10 (and scroll a bit through the most viewed threads if someone has problems or is giving review by saying that it runs smooth; in the end most roms are based on lineageos and although some say they are more performant, hear this: If there were a really good tweak with no bad side effects than lineageos would have already implemented it. So a lineageos rom will do, but better be looking through some threads). This products will have pretty new features but have (nearly) all bugs fixed. E.g. you choose this one: .

There you will see an instruction list, which is good, BUT: You first have to install twrp recovery. Coming from an Samsung Smartphone this was new for me on moto, because now you have to use fastboot to install twrp and go through an unlocking process.

( 0) backup )
1) install drivers
2) get adb and fastboot tools
3) unlock your phone
4) install twrp

0) Backup your data, they may be lost during unlocking
1) Go to and download and install the drivers. They are important for windows to speak to your phone.
2) The tools adb and fastboot are part of a larger android sdk which you probably don't want to completley install. But you will also probably want to have an official download link. So the best thing for you will be probably . Downlaod the plattform tools and extract them somewhere.
3) Now you have to go to the official unlocking process and have to create an motrola account for that (just use and 10 minute mail). See this: and for further help look at this video:
. You will get some code which you will send to motrola which will send you an unlock code.

4) And after you did the whole stuff including enabling devloper mode and debugging and unlocking in that developers settings and have unlocked your phone, you can use
"./adb.exe reboot bootloader" and " ./fastboot flash recovery twrp-3.4.0-1-osprey.img" to reboot to booloader and install twrp.

Now you can do the steps which are e.g. shown in the above rom thread.

Hope this helps somebody, i first had to get used to that stuff and frist had errors (validation fail and whatever things) in my console with adb and fastboot, but after correctly unlocking and so on it worked.

Greets an thanks for all devlopers empowering such and old phone.