Guide for Updating RUI2 via TWRP

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this is a guide for some user running stock Realme UI 2 on rooted device. while stock recovery wont work after unlocking bootloader and magisk installed (UPDATE: apparently stock recovery are working but you have to wait around 30minutes in order to boot into it). the only option for us is using custom recovery. but custom recovery wont recognize the updates because it's unusual format and its unusual location. Be careful!! I'm not responsible for any damage you may encounter doing this guide. I will try to help as far as I could do

(this guide are documentation from rui2.0 c.09 to c.15 update. where rui1.0 to rui2.0 upgrade im using stock recovery )

first of all, we need to download updates from ota server. simply enter Settings app, scroll down and select Software update. wait untill finished, you'll be prompted to install when it's done. but don't have to do that, it only reboot to recovery doing nothing.

now preparing the updates.
the downloaded files are located inside
there are 6 files (may vary) and all of them are flashable zips except system_vendor that needs slight modification. copy or move those files to internal or external storage (i personally put those files on /sdcard/updates/). then add .zip extension by renaming (put ".zip" in the end of file name).

extract system_vendor into separate folder. after that, navigate to META-INF/com/google/android/ now edit updater-script replace RMX2151L1 (or similar) with RMX2151 to avoid installation errors. on TWRP, this phone is only recognized as RMX2151 regardless it's actual phone model ( it needs confirmation from other realme 7 users 😀).

now back to system_vendor folder and replace vbmeta.img file with vbmeta from attachment. after doing all steps simply repack all files and folder into zip with normal compression parameter. (you don't have to replace vbmeta file, but you have to flash modified vbmeta after that to avoid bootloop)

all files are ready to flash using TWRP (or your own preferred custom recovery). flashing this zip might replace bootloader with stock so flashing Magisk are preferred or you'll lose root access.

the intention of making this thread are opening discussion about realme updates. maybe someone out there could make all those steps simpler and easy enough


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