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[GUIDE] GCam (Wichaya) OnePlus 7 Pro

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    GCam (Wichaya)
    based on the Google Camera.
    OnePlus 7 Pro


    1.) Separate lens management.
    2.) Front camera works.
    3.) Nightsight, Panorama, Photosphere...
    4.) Reconfigured config
    for the highest quality photography.


    1.) Download Wichaya GCam
    - choose last version
    - Snapcam.apk

    2.) Download Config.xml

    3.) Create new folders in the root of the phone,
    Move the .xml file to /Configs8 folder

    4.) Install
    Wichaya GCam
    and give all the necessary permissions

    If you are using Android 11

    Wichaya GCam (Camera) application,
    Files and Media
    Allow management of all files.
    nrG v1 OP7P-T - Wichaya 8.1.101_v1.4

    Based Off OP8Pro & Customised For OP7P/T (Best I could without the devices to get you's a Wichaya config)

    - Antibanding: Auto
    - Audio Zoom: Enabled
    - Auto Nightsight: Disabled
    - Auxiliary Camera: ID's Custom & Aux Button's Renamed For Each Lens
    - AWB: Back IMX586SEMCO, Wide IMX586SEMCO, Tele IMX586SEMCO & Front IMX471
    - AWB: Default Off (Turn On For Night Photography)
    - Developer Settings: Custom
    - Face Detection: Enabled
    - Face Retouch: Enabled
    - Focus Tracking: Enabled
    - Frames: Very High & Adjusted To Be Faster
    - Noise Model: Back IMX586SAP2, Wide IMX481SAP, Tele IMXS5K3M5 & Front IMX471
    - Photo Booth: Enabled
    - Ram Patcher: Amended, Saturation, HDR Intensity & Shadow Intensity
    - Sabre: Back, Wide, Tele & Front Camera's Enabled With Wiener Filter
    - Stream Config: Custom
    - Video: High Res & Frames

    * Thanks To Wichaya For Another Great Mod
    Awesome thank you very much! This is what I've been desperately searching for since I use LineageOS and there was no support for multiple cameras.
    Thanks for working on this!
    Strange cannot get this to work on Lineage 18.1 OP7PRO have copied instructions to the letter