[Guide] Guides for x2 Pro[Locking/unlocking bootloader, tweaks and more]

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    At start i want to say that I'm not responsible for your bricked devices, houses set on fire, bla bla bla and so on.


    Since I see that many users are having problems with unlocking bootloader, flashing twrp and getting properly working Magisk. So here i come.

    Everything you need you find here, on my OneDrive.

    Unlocking Bootloader

    BEWARE! After unlocking bootloader your DRM widevine will change to L3.

    - download and install Realme_x2_Pro_DeepTesting.apk,
    - open app and apply for deep test,
    - enable Developer Options by tapping 7 times Version in Settings > About Phone
    - go to developer options and enable OEM unlock and USB debugging,
    - open app once again after some time tap "Query verification status",
    - If you got approved application tap "Start the in-depth test" and phone will reboot to bootloader,
    - on PC, download fastboot tools from somewhere else(unless you already have it, its not on my OneDrive)
    - open folder where you have your fastboot installed, hold shift and click right mouse buton and choose "open command prompt here"(or Power Shell in newer version of windows),
    - connect your phone to PC, and write
    fastboot flashing unlock
    - now on phone select "yes"
    - now your phone will reboot and erase all your data,
    - now you have unlocked bootloader.

    Flashing Custom Recovery

    I will guide you how to flash Custom Recovery.

    - connect phone to PC,
    - on your PC in command prompt type adb reboot bootloader,
    - download TWRP image from mauronofrio or OrangeFox image from thread put in your fastboot tools folder on PC,
    - download vbmeta.img from my OneDrive and put in your fastboot tools folder on PC,
    - type
    fastboot flash recovery *******.img
    - type
    fastboot flash vbmeta vbmeta.img
    - when flashing is done, on your phone select "Recovery Mode" with volume +/- buttons and accept with power key,
    - now it will boot into TWRP

    Getting properly working Magisk

    For now I recommend always using Magisk Canary Debug version cause it supports realme phones(stable needs magiskfix to get out of Core only mode).

    -download Magisk Canary zip to your phones internal storage,
    - boot to Custom Recovery,
    - flash magisk,
    - reboot to OS.

    Updating ColorOS on rooted phone via TWRP

    Use Magisk Canary cause it supports realme phones(stable needs magiskfix to get out of Core only mode).
    This is the only way to update ColorOS via TWRP without losing magisk or running into damaged boot/recovery image message on boot for now.

    - download latest Magisk Canary, vbmeta.img and latest update package(ozip) for your device(cn rom for cn device, global rom for eu/in device), if you download update via official OTA app the package is located in
    - reboot to Custom Recovery,
    - flash latest ozip through twrp recovery(don't reboot yet),
    - flash vbmeta.img through Custom Recovery
    - flash magisk(if flashing fail, than reboot recovery),
    - reboot to system.

    Locking Bootloader

    Think twice after evey step you did if it's done correctly before doing next step to prevent HARD BRICKS.​

    - download right latest ozip for your device from realme site(don't cross flash device, flash global ozip on eu/in devices and cn ozip for cn devices),
    - boot to Custom Recovery,
    - Flash ozip and after don't do anything else, just reboot to system,
    - let it boot to OS and replace Custom Recovery with stock recovery.
    - (optional) boot to recovery to check if it is stock, if its stock recovery than you can lock bootloader(don't ever try to lock with Custom Recovery),
    - reboot device to bootloader and through adb go with:
    fastboot flashing lock
    - accept locking bootloader query on phone,
    - device now will reboot and perform factory reset.


    Q: Can't flash xxxxxxxx.zip(or xxxxxxx.ozip/xxxxxxx.img) in Custom Recovery cause it throws an error, what to do?
    A: Reboot recovery and try again.

    But true!!!!!!!!
    You just described me in 3 words. Thank you.
    @Jerry08 the A08 update is out, do we still need a custom build prop patch or do you know if the latest twrp can now fully flash Magisk over it not just the core mode?
    You need custom patch and it doesn't flash through mauronofrio. 11. Still needs twrpcnen for properly working magisk.

    Good news is that A.08 fixes fingerprint with unlocked bootloader.
    I'm still on V6.1, RMX1931EX_11_A.06 (EU version) with TWRPCNEN and Canary Magisk latest versions (20.4-0dc9f5c3, Code 20303 and MM 7.5)

    Now I want to change to TWRP Mauronofrio 3.3.1.-12 with vbmeta from Jerry, and official Magisk 20.3 with Magiskfix from Jerry and MM 7.5.1

    Is it correct when I just go to adb and follow the procedure according to @Jerry08 latest guide, overwriting just the old CNEN version, as well as just overwriting the Canary Magisk or do I have to uninstall something of the current installation before changing to the new versions?
    Is it correct that I install all above without booting into OS inbetween?

    Is it correct that after above procedure is done everything should run without reinstalling Color OS A.06?

    Tks a lot.

    Try like patalao described:

    You have to relock your bootloader, install the latest update available A08 and then do the normal procedure to unlock the bootloader again and flash twrp and root.
    That's the only way to get fingerprint working.

    Enviado do meu RMX1931 através do Tapatalk

    But you can relock bootloader after updating to A.08/A.09 than unlock, it will fix fingerprint also.

    As for the game space app, find gamespace apk somewhere and install.