[Guide] How to change Gear S3 R760 CSC whitout flashing a rom.

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Jun 25, 2010
After flashing an older firmware with Odin, everything seems working like described. But how to check CSC after doing the procedure. Is it under "software" or using dial *#1234#? I didn't see it changed. choosing DBT did change the display language to German though.


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Mar 27, 2021
Hi, when I open launch_app csc-manager.csc-pre-configuration it says launched successfully and then nothing happens.
Please help
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@adfree Hello ! I look up for had Samsung Pay on my Gears S3. I see you everywhere on this part of the XDA forum. I download and install R760XXU2BQH1 on my gears to avoid the new security rules for the CSC. But I things I install a too old firmware, now i'm on Tizen I can't upgrade direcly from the watch to a new one and i don't find the good files for a 3.X.X.X update. Can you help me ?

The thinks make me things is to old is : when i'm in the sdb with ansicon.exe I can't do the command "sdb shell launch_app csc-manager.csc-pre-configuration". When I do this, the sold is "... launch failed". I see on a page you has been the same issue (I'm not sure but if i remenber it's here https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/gear-s3-root-and-kernel-source-android-wear-port-thread.3584588/)

to make it clear, do you know where i can find the R760XXU2CRC3 version for do exacly the same like this "conversation" ?

Sorry for my english, I french and sorry if i use the forum not like i have to do but i'm new on this. If someone want to help me it's with pleasur i accept some helps.

ps : I know basicly how use Odin i have been flash an A8 2018, but i have not much knowledge on all of this

Update : thanks @adfree I just see the post just above, with the files you give I succeeded
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Jan 14, 2009
I made it until the end. Now my watch is runing on version. The app wants to update to If i do the csc will change again and i will loose the SP ?????

Nope everything is ok
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Apr 21, 2021
I have executed all steps correctly and have received the terminal message of "Launched successfully " but still haven't changes for options on my watch screen.

Can anyone please help me out through this?


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May 6, 2021
Ok did it with downgrading below 4 and then changed the csc code and then flashed the stock firmware and did the upgrades on its own . Thanks for the help

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can you please help me with the firmware file that you used to downgrade your watch. I am unable to find the firmaware.

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    I did a short tutorial on how to change csc on Gear S3 R760. (possible to work with other Gear S3 models)
    I'm not an English speaker, so excuse my mistakes.
    I'm not a developer, and this tutorial is not my merit. I found the informations here and here.

    Do this at your own risk, I do not take any responsibility.

    thanks to @adfree

    I tested this tutorial in my Gear S3 Frontier R760, Tizen, Rom R760XXU2CRC3

    I do not know if this tutorial works in any version of firmware but you can try.

    1)Go to settings/about gear/ and activate "Debugging"

    2)Go to settings/connetion/Wi-Fi/ and set to "always on" then connect to your preferred network.

    3)Go to settings/connetion/Wi-Fi/Wi-Fi networks/your connected network/ and scroll down until
    you find "IP Address" and save somewhere that address.

    4) Download to your Desktop "sdb tool" from here and extract the arhive SDBstarterKidv1.zip,
    in the extracted folder you will find more archives.
    You have to extract sdb_2.2.60_windows-64.zip if you are using 64 bit Windows or sdb_2.2.60_windows-32.zip
    if you are using 32 bit Windows. I will use in this tutorial the version for 64 bit Windows.

    5)Navigate to: C:\Users\EMP83\Desktop\SDBstarterKidv1\sdb_2.2.60_windows-64\data\tools
    and launch the command prompt here.

    6)Enter 1 by 1 the following commands:

    sdb shell

    after this command you will be prompted by windows firewall and you have to hit "Allow"

    sdb connect

    change with ip address from your watch (the one you saved earlier from Wi-Fi settings).

    after this command you will be prompted in your watch to allow a RSA Authorization Key( you must allow it)

    sdb shell

    launch_app csc-manager.csc-pre-configuration

    after this command a list with all available csc should apear in your watch. Select the one that you whant.
    I changed from United Emirates Arab CSC to France CSC.
    after this step all your data will be deleted and the device reset to factory settings.
    Whenever I open sdb.exe in terminal, I get the list of commands and "Process Completed" at the end and I cannot type anything. Can anyone please help me with what I am doing wrong?

    Did you find a solution? it happens the same to me...

    I already have modified my CSC and Pay functioning ...

    The one that opens and closes immediately the console when executing "sdb.exe" is normal, then you have to execute "ainsicon" and from there put the commands ...

    I hope it helps you.

    A greeting.

    That's normal - sdb.exe is just installing the tool. You then open a Command window and follow the instructions:

    1. The SDB starter kit in the link to the tool provided by @adfree contains several .zip versions of the tool - select the one for your system configuration, extract it, and save it in a folder you can easily find later. It also contains a connecting guide (.pdf) which although based on the S2 is useful. Double click the 'Install' file; a CMD window will flash and close.
    2. Back up your Gear S3, as it will automatically re-set with this method once you change the CSC code.
    3. Enable debugging on your S3. Go to: Settings - About Gear - Debugging.
    4. Turn off Bluetooth on your phone, and connect your S3 to wi-fi (not to the PC as an access point; just connect to the wi-fi your PC is connected to).
    5. Find the IP address your S3 is connected to. On the S3, go to: Settings - Connections - Wi-Fi - Wi-Fi Networks. Tap on the connected network name, and scroll to the IP address.
    6. Open a Command window (type 'CMD' in the Windows search bar). Navigate to the SDB Tools folder in your SDB folder.
    7. Connect to your Gear S3. Type: sdb connect [the IP address, without the brackets]:26101
    8. 'RSA Key Fingerprint' will appear on the Gear - tap accept.
    9. Once connected, type sdb shell.
    10. At the prompt, type launch_app csc-manager.csc-pre-configuration . The CSC code selector will appear on the Gear; scroll to the one you want and select it. The Gear will reset.
    11. Once your Gear resets, re-connect to Gear manager (you will need to re-pair your Gear, and it will prompt you to restore from backup etc.).
    12. You're done! Note that I struggled a bit with getting it to accept my credit card - I reset the SPay app from within the app and re-booted my phone as another user suggested and that seemed to work - but even then, it appears to validate cards based on the CSC code/country selected so I haven't yet succeeded in getting it to accept all the cards on the watch that I have on my phone - welcome any suggestions in that regard.

    This method is so easy once you go through the initial set up that I might play with other CSC codes to see if one gives me more access than another...might... ;)
    Sorry for the double post, but it woked for me.
    I just have to restart the watch (watch active, tizen 4) after debug.
    Great Works Very well I changed the csc Germany with the Italian one now Samsung Pay works.
    My Gear S3 Frontier R760, Tizen, Rom R760XXU2CRC3

    Grande Funziona Benissimo ho cambiato il csc Germania con quello italiano adesso Samsung Pay funziona
    Doesn't seem work with Tizen

    Please give more infos...
    Model Name?
    SM-R760 or SM-R765 or ?

    And Firmware Version...

    Type this:

    Best Regards