[GUIDE][HOW-TO] Decompile and Compile apps using Apktool in 5 Simple Steps


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Sep 8, 2019
Hello. I follow all steps and i signed apk. after that i setup the app in my phone(not rooted) and when i start the app (galaxy wearable - modified for 1.5 gb ram phone) is says “The operating system on your phone has been modified in an unauthorized way, and is not compatible with the Galaxy Wearable app. Check your operating system and try again.” in this situation what can i do. looking forward for your help.thanks.


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Nov 23, 2019
Device cannot reboot after changing settings.apk

Hi, I follow the exact steps in this guide, using zipsigner-platform to sign the apk, and load it. Everything works fine, until I restart the device. Then it stuck in the logo screen when booting. Initially I thought the change trigger knox or validity check, so I managed to suppress the knox, and load a no-validity-xxxx.zip. But still it stuck. And while it stuck, it use adb shell back into the screen (this is a rooted phone with twrp), and change back the settings.apk (basically put back the original settings), it goes on to reboot fine ...

Finally I find some hint when looking through the logcat logs, the device is stuck when keeps trying on this:
W/Atfwd_Sendcmd: AtCmdFwd service not published, waiting... retryCnt : 1
----and this retry goes on to retryCnt : 5 and then a few other things, and restart.

This is on Samsung GP Pro, SM-J250f, rooted phone, with twrp installed.

Please help, I tried many things (an old mobile developer, way back from blackberry years in 2004, through Nokia, Windows Mobile, iPhone, and Android 2,3,4,5 till Q now), and I am a little out of ideas. Please help!
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