[GUIDE] How to edit build.prop on any Android device!

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Oct 4, 2012
Sir, On my lenovo vibe k5 plus lineage 14.1 I can't use apps requires root access.. In developer options there is only one option for root access is.ADB only but not an option for apps. So I can't install apps like es file explorer , kingroot etc.which need root access ..how to fix this problem? Please help me

You need to be rooted. See if this thread helps:


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May 5, 2015

Hello, felow Canadian.

I was wondering how can I add Call Recording into my build.prop? What "text" do I need to add? Rogers BTW if that matters


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Oct 12, 2017
ESFILEManager; I dont see anything like this "Root Setting" in setting menu.


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And what its "Mount File System"?


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Aug 21, 2011
Why this is not working in Moto G4 PLus with lineageOs 14.1?
I rebot my phone, and changes seems to not be applied...

Vishwas sharma

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Dec 31, 2016
help me please!

Bro, Please help me I change the entire build.prop file in my phone and now my phone doesn't do anything I switch my phone Micromax canvas pep build.prop file to google pixel xl and now I'm in trouble my phone is on but don't let me do anything Please help me bro give me any idea that how I change or restore its build.prop file, please help!
Jul 2, 2018
i have edited that file.But now My Phone is unrooted.So I am unable to edit the file.Moreover I am Unable to Root it again cause I edited The operating System version & Code (original OS:4.2.2,After editing:4.4.2,CODE:KOT49H).So What should I do to get the original 'Build.prop' File? Is there Any way to rollback my device just as previous without flash?
Please give me a quick Reply..


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Feb 7, 2017
Please, can this help get our Google play certified? I can watch DSTV from my device because it's not Google play certified. Please, I need urgent solution. Thanks

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Sorry, meant I can't watch DSTV
Jan 22, 2010
Xperia Z5 Model ID properties file location

I am hoping in this thread about the build.prop modification that someone may have experience of the Sony Xperia Z5 Premium. My model number became corrupted after attempting to load an incorrectly named Custom ROM. It should be an E6883 dual sim but it continually returns E6633 when using tools like Sony Companion or TWRP. It seems the custom ROM was not for the E6883 and that installation attempt has overwritten some essential configuration or property files in the Android system. I have manually edited the build.prop file in the system folder and also the custom.prop file in oem folder. This helps the model ID indicated in the phone settings but there must be at least one more file somewhere. Can anyone help please? The phone is operating OK as E6633 so I could leave it like that but there are occasional bugs and it would be great to install a proper E6883 ROM like Revolution REmix if possible. No more Moonbreakers for this phone. Thanks for any help.

The xo

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Oct 22, 2018
Crash after editing build.prop

I have rooted galaxy grand 2 , after changing ( build.version.release , product.model , product.brand and sdk version ) i restarted my phone and all apps keep stopping except some system apps like camera , galary . Even ex explorer so, i can't restore it to default. Please help !


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Sep 11, 2005
All the existing prop editor Apps don't seem to work with Android Q (10). An update is probably needed from the developers...


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Nov 20, 2010
Redmi Note 10 Pro
I see this is old but for anyone else's sake; if you've got TWRP recovery, use aroma file manager for putting a new build prop in.
So first: download that. Then get your original build prop values edited back on by copying the prop file into the sd card and pass it along to a computer where you can edit the text. Pass it back to the sd card. Boot the TWRP. Flash the aroma file manager again. Delete the old prop or rename it to something that won't be used at boot time. Paste the new build prop in the system folder. Side note: you may have to mount the system in TWRP mount settings before flashing the file manager or you won't be able to work in that side of the system.


Oct 17, 2020
Hello, I checked all build.prop on my device (xiaomi redmi 9 note). It gave me 7 files:
But none has 'ro.product.model' line.
for file in $(cat allBuild.txt); do echo $file; cat $file | grep 'ro.product.model'; done
result is null.
Pls help what is wrong with build.prop
P.S. if grep 'ro.product' it gives a lot of matches. But what is correct prop file to change, if I want change a device name.
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Oct 24, 2022
Amigo tengo un moto G60 y segui tus pasos pero a la hora de abrir el buil.prop me dice que no se puede leer el contenido, alguna solucion?

Mod translation: Friend I have a G60 motorcycle and I followed your steps but when opening the buil.prop it tells me that the content cannot be read, any solution?
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    Have you ever wanted to use an app from the Google Play store or a game...but it wasn't "supported" on your device?..Well DroidModder is here to the rescue to tell you not to worry at all and that you can use those apps in just seconds by editing one file in your devices system. This file is called build.prop

    We will talk more about what this file holds and where its all displayed within your OS. Before we go any further, be aware that you must be rooted, which I assume, all of us are.

    Now to access this file, you will need a File Manager, you can use the stock manager but I recommend using ES File Explorer. It is free on the Play Store and I will put a link below to download it. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.estrongs.android.pop&hl=en

    Once downloaded and installed, Open the application and hit Menu, then tap "Settings", this will bring you to the apps Settings Menu. Once in the Settings Menu, scroll all the way down to Root Settings. In Root Settings, "check" Root Explorer and Mount File System

    Once that is done, go back to the main part of the app that shows all the folders. On that page in the TOP RIGHT you should see a little window like icon, tap that and a set of icons should appear..on the left, there will be an icon that has a star and says Favorites...hit that please. When you hit favorites, it will display the directories on your device, such as Internal Storage, SD CARD, etc. Please tap the icon that shows your device. It can also be distinguished by a "/". By tapping that we have gone into our Devices Internal Storage. The next step is to navigate the system file...it should be towards the bottom. Now enter the system file and scroll to the bottom..at the bottom there will be your build.prop. Be aware that there is also a file named build.prop.bak, we are not using that file so just leave it alone..and enter the regular build.prop. Open the build.prop, the device will prompt you to ask what editor you would like to use to view/edit the build.prop...just use the ES Note Editor.

    Once in build.prop you can edit the following things:

    -edit Android Version by locating ro.build.version.release= and changing the current Build Version.
    - Edit your Model # by locating ro.product.model= and changing your model #
    - change your product brand by locating ro.product.brand=

    Please Note that if you change the product brand, the name MUST be in ALL LOWERCASE LETTERS!!!

    Once you are done playing around, press menu, and then Save...now just exit the app and reboot your phone.
    Once your device reboots, go to Settings> About Phone/Device and see the changes! ;D

    If you thought this tutorial helped you, please hit that thanks button!
    Thank you so much! :) and yeah I made this mainly to help the people who are new to android

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    Very useful specifically for beginners like me! :)

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    Thanks dude, very noob friendly and useful :)

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    You've got some other warnings, might as well add a warning not to mess with anything else, as doing so can put you in a boot loop. This is intended for noobs, after all.