[GUIDE] How to enter developer mode on 2017 Honda Civic (and now root & install apps)

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I just wanted to slide this forum post from the CivicXI forums. I have a 2022 Civic and was trying to see if I could replicate the steps on the new head unit for root / Honda Hack but to no avail. The Android OS is 8.1.0, which I believe can be rooted, but the Disable Android Restrictions button is gone now. And after rummaging through the Developer Settings, it looks like there is no Browser app period.

Here is some of what I have discovered so far: https://www.civicxi.com/forum/threa...rk-in-progress-discoveries.49933/#post-812998
Can you sideload a browser app?


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Jun 6, 2021
I have civic X (2020, eu). I was using Power + Brightness + Phone combination before to enter hidden menu (I didn't change anything, I was just checking if it works). But now it is not working. This combination in completly ignored. And other things have changed too - looks like system is starting in different configuration (e.g. I have now hondalink icon and not honda app center, garmin navigation is not starting). I didn't install any updates. I tried resetting with fuse and factory reset. Without Power + Brightness + Phone combination I can't enable browser, nor connect via abd (I can't change usb role to device). Do you have any ideas what has happened and what can I do now?


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Jul 18, 2021
Can anyone help. I have a 2021 honda crv ex and I was trying to do the auto hack but when I got the browser on the head unit it said that website not available for any website I tried to go on. I do not know how to fix this and was hoping someone could help.


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Apr 9, 2013
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Can anyone help. I have a 2021 honda crv ex and I was trying to do the auto hack but when I got the browser on the head unit it said that website not available for any website I tried to go on. I do not know how to fix this and was hoping someone could help.
This may sound like a stupid question but, do you have Wifi enabled on the head unit and if so you have it connect to your home wifi etc


Feb 7, 2008
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How can I install another streaming app like Hulu or similar? (I'm trying to install Globo Play app)

I downloaded apk file from apkmirror but Honda Hack doesn't let me install. Any tips?


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Aug 26, 2021
Hey guys, hopefully someone can help me. I just upgraded from the basic to the pro version mainly for the seatbelt alarm. However whether the seatbelt alarm setting in Honda Hack is on or off I'm still getting the dual beeps. Anyone have any idea what's causing this?


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Sep 16, 2021

Is there any update on supporting instrument cluster navigation while using CarPlay? This would be a game changer for the Honda community if you could look into this again.


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Oct 16, 2021
@codeage I have the pro version. What should I do to save youtube downloads to external usb stick? "Enable write access to external storage to save offline maps, songs, videos to a USB stick." Which application should I use for the process so that we can record to the external usb memory. Usb is in Fat32 format and I can't show it to any application and download it


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Sep 16, 2021
FYI, I’ve reached out to @codeage about support for instrument cluster navigation while using CarPlay, and that isn’t coming. Apparently the stock headunits don’t support this and it cannot be built in.

I also don’t think he’s going to update anything in general since no updates have happened since March.


Oct 28, 2016
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About to apply Honda hack to my 2017 crv lx, here's my issue, and wondering if using Honda hack along with possibly tasked if I could resolve my issue and enjoy all the other benefits of this hack...... My 2017 crv infotainment will not dim down and I'm having an impossible time dealing with the dealership getting the update USB which I know is out there that fixes this exact issue!!! So here are my thoughts, and don't know if anyone has been in this situation or if this will even work......was thinking of doing the Honda hack, put tasker on the infotainment, and possibly set time schedules for it to dim the display, not sure if it will even dim it or not, or it really does need the updated firmware, which seems to be an impossible feat with honda

**Edit: I went ahead and installed the Honda hack, loving it so far!! Great work!! Installed taser, ran a display brightness profile, and no dice, in case anyone else was in hope of finding a fix for the brightness issue without the near impossible to get update from honda

This can be done through the Diagnostics Menu; on my vehicle (Clarity 2018 PHEV) it's invoked by holding down Power + Home + Brightness keys for a few seconds. Be warned though, it isn't intended for end-user so the UX is not that great, and you'd want to take a backup (also found somewhere within Diagnostics), as it may randomly get reset to default.

Note that there's a hidden page; I can't remember off the top of my head where your specific requested menu would be located, it may be in the first set of configurations that loads. Just in case (you'll want to look for Display Settings or similar, either way): select the bottom menu choice on the first screen, then hold down the Home key until it does a double beep, then hold down the Menu key until a different set of settings appear on-screen.


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Jan 19, 2022
The New Passcord secuence is

1-Kernel Version
2-Model Number
3-Build Number (Again)
4-Status (Top item on the Page)

Credit to


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Feb 7, 2022
I have a Honda hack on the 2017 CRV. There was such an error. After that, no applications are installed. Resetting to factory settings did not help. What to do?


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Nov 20, 2010
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It seems like the 10th gen accords have a method to reliably access an internet browser
What is the probability that these guys can get a head unit root?


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    [GUIDE] How to enter developer mode on 2017 Honda Civic (and now root & install apps)


    Honda has changed the password to enter the developer mode in new vehicle models so the old method described in this thread may not work any longer. If you have difficulty entering the developer mode or do not have a laptop, you may consider trying the new web based installation (paid service). The new method supports almost all Honda vehicles including Civic, CR-V, Accord, Pilot, Ridgeline and Clarity. For more information please refer to: xxxxxxx Mod Edit: Link removed.


    Updated 2020.10.02
    Display compass and rich vehicle information in the instrument cluster. Display advanced turn-by-turn directions while using Waze. Try it now (for Civic and CR-V only): Mod Edit: Link removed.


    Updated 2020.03.08
    Support playing FLAC lossless audio directly in the factory USB audio player (for Civic & CR-V only).


    Updated 2019.06.22
    Open rear camera by one click.
    Real-time monitoring of battery voltage with voice alarm.
    Seat belt voice alarm.
    Show CPU usage, battery voltage in the status bar.

    Updated 2018.09.14
    New test version: display turn-by-turn navigation directions in the instrument cluster, in conjunction with Waze.

    Updated 2018.01.14
    A totally new One Click Root tool (Windows GUI version) and Honda Hack app were released. With the help of Honda Hack app, we can install apps without a laptop. What's more, we can enable the steering wheel audio controls, save offline maps and songs to the external USB drive now.

    Updated 2017.09.27
    Finally I solved the auto reboot problem while remounting the system partition. Enjoy it!!!

    Updated 2017.06.26
    Now we can root the head unit and install apps. Below are the detailed steps, please use at your own risk.

    Detailed steps:
    1. Enter developer mode and enable USB debugging.

    • Go to HOME > Settings > System > Detail information.
    • In the Android Settings window, click About.
    • Click the Build Number seven times exactly.
    • Now you will see the Please enter a passcord prompt.
    • Click the top 4 items in order 1, 4, 2, 3 and you should unlock the developer mode.
    • Go into Android Settings > Developer options and enable USB debugging.
    civic-1.jpg civic-2.jpg civic-3.jpg civic-4.jpg
    2. Change the USB role of the head unit from Host to Device.
    • Press the power, menu, and brightness button at once, and hold until you enter a new menu with two options.
    • Click the bottom option called Detail Information & Settings.
    • Now hold the MENU key to enter another menu.
    • Then Hold the HOME key to enter the last menu. You should first hear two consecutive beeps and then one final beep.
    • Lastly, change the role of USB Port from Host to Device.
    • Now connect your laptop to the front Android Auto/CarPlay Port using the USB A to A cable.
    3. Run the One Click Root
    • Disable your anti-virus and/or anti-malware programs before continue.
    • Download the root tool: HondaHack.zip
    • Extract HondaHack.exe from the ZIP file.
    • Run HondaHack.exe and it should connect to the head unit automatically. Android ADB USB Driver should be installed automatically in the meanwhile.
    • Click the ROOT button and wait for the processing to complete.
    • After the head unit is rebooted, you should see Honda Installer in the app list. Honda Installer was installed as a system app so you will not lose it after a factory resetting.
    • Open Honda Hack and click Install an app to install apk files you saved in the internal sdcard or external USB drive.
    4. You can also Install Honda Hack if you would like to have more powerful features including:
    • Install apps without a laptop.
    • Bypass parking brake.
    • Enable steering wheel controls for civic & accord.
    • Force landscape mode so apps such as Spotify will display properly.
    • Enable write access to the external USB storage (pro only).
    • Auto click the OK button at startup (pro only).
    • Auto run app at startup (pro only).

    5. Change the USB role of the head unit from Device to Host.
    • Do this just like the reverse action in step 2, otherwise the USB port will lose its charging capacity and CarPlay / Android Auto will stop working.

    Download Honda Hack: HondaHack.apk

    If you do not like the GUI version, you can still download the original command-line version from GitHub: https://github.com/codeage/root-honda

    Some files and scripts were obtained from this thread: https://forum.xda-developers.com/android/general/guide-how-to-gain-root-shell-2016-honda-t3487644 and all credit goes to @jersacct.

    These are all my edits. I thought I would share them with you and the community. I'm sure you could integrate all the build.prop additions in your installer. I think if you dig around you will be able to script all of the things kernel adiutor is doing with a 5 second delay after boot. Then there would be no need for the app anymore. I hope this helps to make a more fluid experiance for all.

    (Edit build.prop) (located in root/system/)
    (Only use root explorer)(it is the easiest method because you cannot alter or delete values with kernel adiutor)
    (Long press on the file, then hit menu and select open in text editor)

    (Add these lines exactly as posted bottom or end of the file)


    (Alter this value)





    (After inputting and altering press menu then save, then press menu then save and exit. You will see that root explorer made a file named build.bak this is your original build prop that they changed the extension on. If you wanted to revert back you could rename the extension to .prop and replace the modded one)(you would also need to make sure the permissions were the same after renaming build.bak to build.prop if going back)
    (After completion reboot your device for the new build prop to take effect)

    (Now for kernel adiutor app - download from Google play on your car) (make sure to tick apply on boot to all things)

    1.) Go to CPU and change cpu governor to Userspace (helps so reduse wear on system)

    2.) Go to thermal and turn thermald on (prevents cpu overheating)

    3.) Go to i/0 and change external storage read ahead to 1024 (makes external storage load faster)

    4.) Go to low memory killer use slider to adjust settings:

    Forground Applications = 18
    Visible Applications = 22
    Secondary Server = 32
    Hidden Applications = 101
    Content Providers = 139
    Empty Applications = 149

    5.) Go to entropy and adjust both read and write values to 256 (this is how much is preloaded for memory so the system doesn't bind)

    6.) Go to misc and change your host name to something shorter (I renamed mine "Car") (Shorter names typically connect up faster)

    7.) Go to settings and change apply duration to 5 seconds after boot.

    ( * I take no credit if you kill your dog or burn your house down. These settings work fine for me and I am willing to risk my edits, it's your choice to do this or not. I am not accountable for anyone elses actions. I hope this helps the community here * )

    * Ps if owners do not know, long pressing the home button will access recent apps so you can close running apps or switch between them easier.

    Pss also using a 2018 civic ex hatchback
    DSP Flat!!!

    Hello all,

    DSP Flat / EQ Off can be achieved, easily!

    Attached here is the stand alone apk made with Tasker. Simply install the apk, allow root permissions, and let it run. This changes DSP to Flat / Eq Off. You'll have to run the program every time you start the car, I have a shortcut on my home screen.

    Thanks to @panchox for the initial logcat finding. I tried all kinds of stuff with kmod ect. and found this was the simplest solution. This apk is just like the video @shinemonmond posted but, I made it myself because I got sick of waiting for others to post this.

    With out further delay here it is, may your ears rejoice!

    Leave me a thanks thumbs up if this has helped you.

    Honda Hack 5.0 released!

    ===== What's new =====
    1. Open rear camera by one click.
    2. Real-time monitoring of battery voltage with voice alarm.
    3. Seat belt voice alarm.
    4. Show CPU usage, battery voltage in the status bar.

    How to show web browser on 2018 Honda CRV

    I hope this is relevant to this thread as this is my first post. I found a way to enable the browser on my CRV however once you shut the car off system resets and you have to repeat the process. Since this is my first post I can put any links. Go to YouTube and search for “2018 Honda CRV showing web browser” and you should find it. I posted the video on March 31, 2018.