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[GUIDE]How To Get Awesome Battery Life (6 Hrs SOT With heavy Usage)in Le 2

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Oct 20, 2017


Sep 14, 2014
Xiaomi Poco F3
My experience on this.

I have used for 3 days.
But sorry to say this I am disappointed, I am getting 3 hr sot for normal use.
I have followed all the steps which was provided in thread.

it might be working for others but for me no luck.


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Aug 26, 2017
Does anyone know how to have all cores online while using EXKM ? Kernel adiutor have the ability to do this,but i still dont know if EXKM does . Help thanks :)

piku 123

Senior Member
Jan 11, 2013
My experience on this.

I have used for 3 days.
But sorry to say this I am disappointed, I am getting 3 hr sot for normal use.
I have followed all the steps which was provided in thread.

it might be working for others but for me no luck.

I am not sure but you may have a faulty battery try changing to other ROM and see if your battery life improves


Oct 6, 2015
What about camera? I'll stick with the stock ROM because I like the slo-mo video and everything works great incl fast charge is amazingly fast so I don't need longer battery.. I just plug in my car while I'm driving to next job and I'm good to go!

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    I am creating this guide because only pure nexus has awesome battery life among all custom ROMs but main problem is flash and camera they are almost unusable.

    By awesome i mean you can expect 6 Hrs of SOT with really heavy usage (1:40 hrs of clash of clans,3 hrs of tv show watching ,1 hrs call and always on 4G) and 8 to 10 hours with medium to light usage.
    This guide is based on AKT(Advanced kernel Tweaks) profiles so you need EX Kernel Manager for this to work and interactive governor

    1)Official Lineage 13
    Download Link

    2)Supersu plugin for Lineage 13
    Download Link

    3)AKT profiles
    We only need fairparkHE for this Guide
    Download Link

    Once you download all these save it to internal memory of your phone.

    4)AndroModX kernel
    This kernel provides snappy performance than stock Lineage kernel also you can boost color if you like

    Installing ROM
    flash Lineage 13 and Gapps once its done flash super SU for lineage.

    Enabling Root
    Enable developer option by tapping on build no. 7 times then enable root for apps

    Flashing Andromodx Kernel
    Flash this kernel then install system app remover and remove kernel auditor as the may cause conflict with Ex kernel manager

    Setting Up Ex kernel Manger
    Then you need to download Ex Kernel Manger from playstore once you download Ex kernel manager open it and grant root permission then go browse internal memory and look for elementalX folder get into this folder and create a folder with following name gov_profiles

    Then download fairparkHE from the link i have mentioned above it should be named as fairparkHE.txt rename this file and remove txt extension once you do this copy this file to gov_profiles folder you created once you complete this step open Ex Kernel Manger and go to tools>CPU Governor>Load fairparkHE then set at boot option

    Note:This profile needs a Interactive governor to work also don't change any settings related to CPU

    Fixing VOLTE issue in Lineage 13
    Download shortcut master lite form play store click on 3 dots then search then search for data browse through the list look for phone services click on it and create favorite once its done you have open shortcut master lite click on DataRoamingReenable to get VOLTE after each reboot

    Codeworkx for Lineage 13
    Rishabh Rao for AndroModx kernel
    Hawk1500 for sharing lineage 13 dropbox link
    Lineage 13 Team for ROM
    flar2 for Ex Kernel manager
    Patalao for his superb tweaks
    soniCorn and Alcolawl for sharing this over XDA
    Lakku for his temporary VOLTE fix

    Guys Do share how much SOT you are getting with this tweaks
    Finally Pardon my English I am not a native english speaker
    Enjoy Awesome battery life with fully functional ROM:victory:
    will this work on Resurrectionremix 5.8.3 28th build?.
    i am getting sot of about 3hr 30mins with medium usage on that rom.

    what Android version it is?if it is marshmallow then it will work because lineage nougat sources has some bugs which disables big cores after deepsleep so i suggest you use official Lineage 13

    Dear Dev

    Will this setting work in Oreo 8.1 version for LE2