[Guide] how to hide unwanted status bar icons.

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May 27, 2011
Since we got this huge notch, each status bar icon become more precious.
So hiding some of them can be useful, especially those constants ones that adds zero useful information such as NFC, Bluetooth, Eye comfort etc...

I've found this guide from Huawei P20 Pro and I can confirm it works perfectly for our Mate 20 pro.

It matches every Huawei's specific icons.
No need for root, just adb

Here's the instructions
All the credit belongs to the original author obviously, just sharing it to our community.

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Feb 29, 2012
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
I'd suggest to first try this easier mode and see if you can get the changes in the status bar icons you want.
It works on Mate20Pro.
Simple Way To Get System UI Tuner On Android P Preview (Without Installing Nova Launcher Or Using ADB Commands)
FYI I tried a while back to hide some icons with System tuner (has right privileges) but only BT icon disappeared.
The Eye comfort and Power Save are the ones I'd like to hide..so I'll give this a shot.
Will report back.

returning to default should be easy as this is what it looks like:
>adb shell
$ settings list secure

Partial success. I have the distinct impression that System UI tuner uses this method as well, as the icons I COULD hide using SUIT are the SAME as using this method.
Namely: I could hide BT, eye_protect, Zen (DND) but NOT clock and Power Save.

My suggestion: use System UI Tuner as at least it offers a simple way to go back by resetting the blacklist (equivalent to setting the icon_blacklist to null).
Disappointed - I really wanted to get rid of some of that garbage. :(

Yep, I checked the icon_blacklist after using System UI Tuner to make changes and I found the list updated with the icons I selected. That does not mean that it works for clock and Power Save, just that the app tries the same method (and fails).
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Apr 10, 2010
not sure if i did something wrong..but i discovered that you have to type all the icons you want to disable at once in the same command line, if you do it separately it would only disable the icon in the latest command line inputted...

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