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[GUIDE][HOW TO]Import Contacts from Bada to Cyanogen


New member
Jun 9, 2013
  • This is a very little guide on how to import contacts from Bada to Cyanogen
  • As we all know.. Cyanogen has that little bug, and it doesn't read our contacts from the SIM Card
  • In this Guide we will use KIES(just for Bada, it doesn't work with CyanogenMod)

  • First.. maybe you have the contacts, but they are not displayed:
    Open Contacts and choose "Display Options" from the menu. That will list all of your various accounts that could have contact information and you can choose whether or not they display. For me there's one that says "Phone-only, unsynced". Expand that and make sure the box is checked. It was unchecked for me but I don't use that anyway.
  • Second.. you could use backup too:
    It is free from android market, but you need to re-flash a ROM that Imports/Exports your contacts.
    Right here is the link: Super Backup
  • Third.. you could use Google Sync:
    It is free, but you need to re-flash a ROM that reads your contacts.
    Just sync your contacts with your Google Apps Account and the first time you'll Log In on your other ROM it will auto-Import the Contacts on your phone.
  • Fourth, you could just Export the contacts from Phone(thanks to Dev. & ihavenick):
    • Boot Bada - Go to Settings - Contacts.
    • Export your contacts to the SD Card (.vcf files).
    • Now go to your Android, open Contact Application.
    • At menu select Import/Export, select Import.

  • Open KIES.
  • Select Open contact file.
  • Check all contact then Save as ..
  • Change the file name from .spb to .vcf then save.
  • Open Windows Explorer, go to PIMS folder at default you can find it at My Documents\Samsung\Kies\PIMS
  • In PIMS folder, you`ll find .vcf files.
  • Copy all files inside PIMS folder.
  • Paste that file to contacts folder in SD Card.
    PS: Just create a new one if the folder doesn't exist.
  • Now go to your Android, open Contact Application.
  • At menu select Import/Export, select Import.
  • Done!

  • Me - For the topic design.

    And I must thank 4 other guys that helped me understand the Android and they're still teaching me:
    • ihavenick - The first one who helped me understand the Android!
    • Volk204 - He's the guy that helps me with codes and makes me understand what they do.
    • Tigrouzen - Lmao! Your kernels are great dude!
    • Rebellos - He motivated me and I thank him very much!
    • Dev. - A little guide without KIES.. Thank you!
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May 12, 2007
You can do it without KIES!!!!!
1.In bada go settings
2.Export your contact to the SD card(In contact settings) /this format become VCF/
3.then go to android then Import from Contact settings
4.Then push the thanks
Yes, I can use this metod, and is OK.

Sorry for my bad english!


New member
Dec 7, 2012
esiest and simple way

1 - in bada2 , go to settings- contacts - export contacts - sd card
2 - in badadroid open file manager , find contact file and install it

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New member
May 2, 2013
3rd way

There is one app available both for bada and android, called wesync. Just install that and we will be able to synchronize the contact between different os, phones.
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