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Dec 28, 2010
G tablet TnT lite

I updated the tap ui version to 1.1 before i did the tnt lite 2.0, its giving me 'cant mount sdcard2:recovery ,formatting, rebooting and
can't mount Dev/Block/MMCBLK2 how do i undo the update or do i need to delete that block folder ''mmcblk2''in the ''sys folder'' under android, what will fix it so i can flash tnt lite and reboot it ?


Dec 29, 2010
FWIW, I used the latest version of ROM manager to install clockword mod. It asked what kind of tablet I was on, then installed version (apparently the latest), but also has an option to install 08 as well.


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Aug 15, 2006
FWIW, I used the latest version of ROM manager to install clockword mod. It asked what kind of tablet I was on, then installed version (apparently the latest), but also has an option to install 08 as well.
you used rom manger to install clockwork? Does it work correctly as far as making backups? Im on a elocity A7 and thought of this method or making the update.zip from the v08.zip here. Would this work for my tablet also?
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    This is step by step how to install ClockworkMod (or at least how I did it). I noticed nobody else really had a detailed step by step for noobs...so here you go :)

    I do not take any credit for the development of CWMod. I just take credit for the guide XD

    If this does something bad to you or your device it's your fault. I take no responsibility for anything, any damage to you, your property, or anyone.

    You will need...
    1. A micro SD card (and a way to get files onto it)
    2. Patience
    3. to be willing to void your warranty

    Step 1.
    Download ClockworkMod v08 (This version has been found to work best...the newer version causes some issues with some ROMs.)

    The file needed is cwmod_v08.zip and can be found at the bottom of this post.

    Step 2.
    Unzip the downloaded file to your microSD card. Your microSD card should contain a folder called recovery, and a file named update.zip. (This cannot be done using the internal memory with this download.)

    (For those wondering, I already updated the file to point to the microSD card rather than the internal storage to reduce the steps needed.)

    Step 3.
    Turn off your device.

    Step 4.
    Press the power button and the Volume+ button at the same time and release them when the Viewsonic splash screen pops up. You should see "Detect a recovery key pressed" pop up in the upper left corner of the screen.

    Step 5.
    Watch it install. Your tablet will reboot when installation is complete.

    If you want to get into ClockworkMod you need to shut down your device, then press the Power and Volume+ button (the same way you did to install CWMod).

    Vol+ and Vol- are to scroll up and down, the home button selects an option, and the back option backs up.
    Many thanks to all the contributors for making this forum kickazz

    Good post! It's nice to see all of the contributions people are making to this thread. I know it's a drag but reading these post and then reading them AGAIN has gotten me over my noob fear of totally bricking my unit.

    By CAREFULLY reading the forums my machine is now rooted, running TNT lite 2.2, has full Market access, syncs with my exchange server\gmail and hotmail accounts and oh yeah lets me rock out to Angry Birds, watch video or movies and read books on Kindle or FBReader.

    Yeah I've gotten the boot loop and most of the other "there is a possibility this could happen" items. Don't panic, set it aside come in and read the forum and you'll learn how to fix it.

    I do recommend Clocworkmod it gives you so many options when you bork your system.
    Order that I'd follow
    Install ClockWorkMod
    Clear the CACHE using CWM
    Install TNT Lite 2.2
    Install Flash 10.1
    Perform Market fix
    Install Angry Birds
    Enjoy :)
    All of these can be discovered in this thread just remember DON'T PANIC help is around the corner.
    Perhaps this will help a bit, feel free to link to this image in other threads where this might be needed. I think I have it correct, let me know if it is wrong. A picture of what you need in order to recover/reflash is maybe worth more than words here.

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