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[GUIDE] How to install EMUI 9 / Android 9 Beta

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Chris M.

Jul 18, 2017


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    you want to flash EMUI 9 Beta, are FRP and bootloader unlocked and rooted? Great, here we go.

    Disclaimer: I am not responsible for your bricked devices. I only tested this on my Windows 10 x64 computer with my CLT-L09 C432 - I don't know if this works with your phone or your computer. Other models may or may not work. Please don't use that method if you don't know how to recover your phone from a bricked or semi-bricked state.
    It might be a good idea to disable your antivirus if you run into warnings. There is no root.

    - Download THE TOOL™ v0.2
    - Download the matching firmware bundle for your device. With EMUI 9 the firmware files for L09 and L29 differ.
    - Extract THE TOOL™
    - Extract the firmware bundle, you'll get two ZIPs and some XMLs.
    - Start FLASH.bat inside of the extracted tool folder - it will guide you through the procedure.
    - I did not have to factory reset. Maybe you will still need to.
    - I have no idea if you will be able to receive OTAs or upgrade to future builds.

    Disclaimer: Its not my fault or my responsibility if you brick your phone. I have almost no spare time at the moment, so I will probably not be able to help you. Also, there is no root.

    CLT-L09 C432 - Build
    CLT-L29 C432 - Build

    Upgrade / Downgrade:
    Upgrade from Beta to Beta: CLICK HERE (thanks @side_flip15)
    Downgrade back to Oreo: CLICK HERE (thanks @Androlark)

    Massive thanks to:
    - @Atarii
    - @Androlark
    - @ante0
    - @dkionline
    - @frantorresm5434
    - laststandingdroid
    - @mankindtw for the original NoCheck recovery
    - @Pretoriano80
    - @shimp208 for the bundled minimal ADB + Fastboot
    - and of course to all the brave testers!

    There is no root. Also, please don't blame if your device dies. And I don't know if VoLTE works.

    Click HERE for the P20 (EML) thread.
    Anyone wants to update from beta to beta directly can use the attached modified FLASH.txt file. (rename it to FLASH.bat).

    First download the downgrade tool.zip from this thread. Thanks @Androlark. Extract the zip and replace the FLASH.bat with the attached.
    windows only :-/. Luckily seems easy enough

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    Thanks. Does this update the bootloader? Can you downgrade again?
    Yes, the bootloader (xloader) will be updated, there's no way around it. Yes, downgrading works, but you will have to factory reset after downgrading.
    Yes, I will report it later in the Magisk Thread :)
    Also tell topjohnwo that EMUI 9.0 is good news! ?