[GUIDE] How To Port Different Roms to Your Device - For CM, AOSP & AOKP

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Jan 30, 2012
Note 3 CM12 port to Sprint note 2

Is it possible to port the note 3 cm12 rom to the note sprint version with this guide? I have never done a port this will be my first.


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Jan 26, 2014
My little cave
Hmm usually cm is best. But try any of them and see if it'll work.

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What do you mean.dm you mean use cm to port tw.it should work if done correctly.

Recovery is another thing. If you can't find the file skip it.or search for it on Google.

If you want to port 5.0 with 4.4.4 cm it might work.

what i mean that if i can use the version of android that my phone came with it as a base to port any rom to my phone ... ?


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Feb 12, 2013
Phoenix, AZ
Hey, so I want to port Cyanogenmod to the NVIDIA Shield. I know that other devices have the Tegra 4 and similar hardware, but there isn't currently a CM for the Shield, how do I proceed? Is this the guide I use, or should I use the manufacturer ROM guide?

Jet ray

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Apr 13, 2014
Help please fast

Fixing a Bootloop:​

Your Port should take less than 5-8 minutes to boot. When the screen dims during boot logo, your Rom has successfully boot:highfive: But If your waiting for like 15 minutes, and boot logo is still going, YOU HAVE A BOOTLOOP. Luckily, the fix is easy!;)

stuck after logo...no boot animation...black screen what to do to make it boot....

Aditya Verma

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Jan 17, 2014
Hey guys needed ur help i did everything correctly but then also stuck on bootloop...plzz plzzz plzzzzz help.guys

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