[Guide] How to Restore Baseband/IEMI/Serial Number Nokia X5, SP-Flash Tool

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Aug 30, 2021
Hello Sir,
I Formatted my phone nokia 5.1 plus without taking backup and now my phone is not detecting sim card. I have original IMEI adn serial number with me. Could you please share the backup files so that I can install baseband.


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Apr 10, 2022
Do you have your phone actual serial number?
hello sir
My phones serial number is lost my phone is Nokia 5.1 plus and i don't have readback file but after check imei in imei.info its for nokia 5.1 and i think imei correct the issue now for serial how can i fix serial number its now 123456abcdef ?

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    Hi guys,
    Note: I am not responsible to the brick device if you will not follow the guide step by step, this is very important to do each and every step, never think to skip any step or may be you will have a total loss, but this guide is tested and working for those who accidentally selected (format + download) while converting from X5 to 5.1 or while re-flashing.

    Nokia X5 to 5.1 Plus convert Guide Link: https://forum.xda-developers.com/nokia-x5/how-to/guide-how-to-convert-nokia-x5-to-global-t3858253

    Note: The only thing i want to tell you that if you followed the guide in Link above of converting Nokia X5 to 5.1 Plus, than you must have a file from step 1 that is Backup_0, and that file is the only hope to save your device Base band/IEMEI/Serial Number.
    So keep in mind please always read follow step 1 and backup your current firmware that have very important partitions, and can save your bricked Nokia X5 device:

    At Special Request:
    I Have added a link required files from my backup here, you can use these if you did not made the backup:

    If you are using windows-10 than please follow this guide to disable drivers Signature Verification or your will be unable to connect phone in fastboot mode, you will hear sound connect/disconnect again and again if Driver signature Verification will be enabled in Win-10,
    Link Guide: https://www.howtogeek.com/167723/ho...8.1-so-that-you-can-install-unsigned-drivers/

    I will try my bests to make the guide as simple as i can:

    So let' Start:
    First of all What you need before starting the process to restore Base Band/IEMI/Serial Number
    1: SP flash tool: please download latest version from this Link: https://spflashtool.com/download/
    2: 7-zip: Please download 7-zip from the link: https://www.7-zip.org/download.html
    3: Global Firmware: Please download (PDA-1100-0-00WW-B01_unpacked.7z) from this Link: https://tpedutw-my.sharepoint.com/:f...UN3tQ?e=wOfytH
    4: Md5Chcker: Please download Md5 checker from this link: http://getmd5checker.com/
    5: Adb Platform tools : Please download from this Link: https://mega.nz/#!4rR0AAZI!N3l0FuPDrtej2GwU4VXmehBbLs2TvIlADYXcQv_Nf1Q

    That's all, now please create a folder Nokia X5 in any PC disk and please copy all above files there this i am only guiding that you can open everything from one folder, not to move in multiple folders.

    Now we are starting the to Restore Base Band/IEMI/Serial Number: (Follow each step carefully)

    1: Extract downloaded firmware (PDA-1100-0-00WW-B01_unpacked.7z) in same Nokia X5 folder.

    2: Go to Extracted folder and make a copy of " MT6771_Android_scatter.txt" separately and rename it to "proinfo_MT6771_Android_scatter.txt" (make sure do not write .txt because obviously this is .txt file.)

    3: Now copy the "proinfo_MT6771_Android_scatter.txt" back to firmware folder (PDA-1100-0-00WW-B01_unpacked)

    Now the very important part need to perform carefully:
    3: Now right click on "proinfo_MT6771_Android_scatter.txt" and open with word pad that is normally available in windows or you can use any text editor to edit the file.
    4: Once you opened the file please follow below edits in file:

    4.1: Press ctrl+f and search (partition_index: SYS15) make it look like below:
    - partition_index: SYS15
    partition_name: proinfo
    file_name: proinfo.img
    is_download: true

    4.2: Press ctrl+f and search (partition_index: SYS6) make it look like below:
    - partition_index: SYS6
    partition_name: nvcfg
    file_name: nvcfg.img
    is_download: true

    4.3: Press ctrl+f and search (partition_index: SYS10) make it look like below:
    - partition_index: SYS10
    partition_name: protect1
    file_name: protect1.img
    is_download: true

    4.4: Press ctrl+f and search (partition_index: SYS11) make it look like below:
    - partition_index: SYS11
    partition_name: protect2
    file_name: protect2.img
    is_download: true

    After edit just save file by pressing ctrl+s, and close the file

    5: Now go the the Backup_0 file that you saved earlier via "Readback" process in SP Flash Tool.
    5.1: Right Click on file and open with 7-zip and you will see your backed up files in 7-zip.
    5.2: Now press "ctrl" on your pc keyboard and select
    "proinfo.img" "nvcfg.img" "nvram.img" "protect1.img" "protect2.img" "elabel.img"
    5.3: Now right click on selected files and copy to extracted formware where you edited the scatter file.

    6: Now open SP Flash tool and load " proinfo_MT6771_Android_scatter"
    6.1: In SP Flash tool uploaded list scroll down to "Ik_a" partition and click on the loded file, change the file to "Ik_service.img"
    6.2: Now Un-check all files in loaded list and just check "proinfo, nvcfg, protect1, protect2, and lk"
    6.3 Now at SP flash tool select "Download only" and press download button to start. (make sure again you selected download only)
    6.4: Now turn off you device and press "volume up and volume down" together and connect your device,
    6.5: Process will be start at SP flash tool and after finish it will pop up download OK

    7: Now reboot your device in "fastboot mode" and execute below commands:
    Before executing below commands please copy nvram.img and elabel.img" in your adb platform tools folder

    -Open adb platform tools folder press "Shift+Right Click" open command prompt here.

    7.1 : "fastboot oem dm-verity 85BC0D743F935BA9078DCB290FAD2194" (This is Random md5 you have to calculate by Md5 tool as you downloaded above)
    7.3: "fastboot flash nvram nvram.img"
    7.4: "fastboot flash elabel elabel.img"
    7.5: "fastboot oem HALT"
    Never write "fastboot reboot", diconnect cable and long press power button to reboot phone.

    8: Now open SP Flash tool again and load "MT6771_Android_scatter"
    8.1: Select "Firmware Upgrade" and press download button at SP Flash tool.
    8.2: Power off your Phone and press "volume up and volume down' Buttons together and connect.
    8.3: Wait Process end and SP Flash will show "Download complete' or "OK"
    Now disconnect cable and power up and check.

    Your Base Band/IEMEI/Serial Number restore, Now you are good to go, and never try again Format + download if you don't know when and why to use that.


    If you have any questions ask anytime at my hangouts or XDA.

    Cheers :good:

    "IF THIS GUIDE HELPS YOU PLEASE HIT THANKS" or it does not matter i am just here to help :)
    Thanks, I'm currently busy due to a deadline breathing down my neck, so I won't be able to try it right now. I'll be sure to report on how it goes when I do.

    On a side note, the serial number is something that has confused me for years, some people use it as a synonym for IMEI, while others don't. So do I use my IMEI or do I go back to trying to find my serial which I can't actually find on the box...
    Have good rest,
    And you need serial number for sure to generate Md5 Checksum, that is must

    Sent from my Nokia 5.1 Plus using Tapatalk, Owned (Victara, Clark, Athene, Orprey)
    Reserved and Tips:
    You can also contact us at https://t.me/VictaraUni
    This group is for multiple devices ROMs, Debrick Help and many more

    Tip-1: To generate your Md5 Checksum you can read the serial number at your box, or back of your phone and enter manually to generate Md5 Checksum.

    Tip-2: If somehow your phone is off from long time please turn it on and then power off before flashing nvram. Or may be in Windows-10 it will not be recognized

    Tip-3: It's much better to use Windows-7 to do this process because installation of drivers is typical and sometimes SP Flash tool stop responding suddenly.
    Okay, I'm ready to be called a complete moron, but I want to check before I give up.

    Due to an unfortunate series of events, the original backup I had is gone. I do know the original IMEI and I think I know the original serial number. So, is it possible to manually change it in the backup that was made after I lost them?

    Side note, where exactly is the serial number on the box, since I couldn't find it there?
    You can use my backup, may be it works for you, because you need 4 important files from backup..

    I will upload link of my backup files, those only required to restore baseband/imei/serial, in Post#1, i think it will work because all Nokia x5 have same baseband
    hi, can u help me with the backup file? my problem is my wifi mac address always changing. I have all my original serial number and imei. thanks in advance.
    Sure why not contact me anytime