[GUIDE] How to restore / import Line chat history!

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Aug 23, 2016
Also in some cases removing the shared_prefs directory inside jp.naver.line.android could help if after updating that key the app keeps crashing.
Guess it's worth to skip-read back in forum posts once in a while as fast forward to June 2022, this did it for me, so you shall be my saviour!

After spending about two days with this piece of crap software what Line technically is (unfortunately extremely widespread and popular in Asia and especially in Japan) with force close here and splash screen doodling there despite copying myself clumsy and stiching obscure SQL-databases together, finally the braindead patient could be sucessfully reanimated.

Uargh, I really wonder what kind of retarded developers at "Naver" are responsible for this mess. Not only are they apparently still incapable of providing a decent backup function (which one would actually expect to be provided system-wide by Android itself to be fair, however Google isn't much better here), but they also make it especially difficult and painful to backup anything beyond a few recent chats in the first place. That in conjunction with tenshousands of distributed files in even more subfolders after some years of usage which one can manually copy and shift around, totally insane.

I wish the Line developer team to lose their phones, all their content while being in urgent need to lookup some chat or images from the past. Maybe then they may get a glimse of how ****ty and moronic it is.
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    Skip to How to Import Chat History below to skip the background reading.

    Yes, there is a graphical import method for Line!

    If you use Line, and you want to change between devices, it seems as though it is nearly impossible to backup (export) and restore (import) your Line chat history. I have searched XDA, Google, AndroidForums, Line's (useless) online help, etc. No help, no info. There are some guides about how to use a SQL editor to fool the app, etc., but that was just way too much effort for me, so I finally gave up and just switched. BUT, before I did, I went ahead and exported all my chats, even knowing there was no way to import them, just in case. Well, that just paid off.

    There is absolutely no method available within Line to restore your chat history, right?! WHY is there a backup option? There MUST be a way! Seemingly no.

    I just figured it out. And when I explain it, you too will wonder, why in the !#$%@^[email protected]%!#@$!#[email protected]^*%^&(*%^@# has Naver not published this?????

    I was on my way to back everything up in preparation for a new ROM and figured I'd do a complete and total system wipe, meaning, I went to take a look at my internal storage (SDcard, Emulated, 0, whatever you refer to it as), to ensure that I got all the little things I want, like Viber pictures, WhatsApp pics, etc. And there I saw it. The folder. And, like you are now thinking, I thought, just maybe...

    How to Import Chat History (Abbreviated, Quick and Easy)

    Copy your chatHistory.zip file to internal storage sdcard/LINE_Backup
    Start Line, open an existing chat or start a new chat with the person whose chat history you want to restore
    Tap the drop-down arrow in the upper right, Chat Settings, and look what just showed up below the (formerly) useless Backup Chat History option

    How to Backup and Restore Chat History (Additional Details)

    Line offers a "Backup Chat History" option, but keep in mind, this is conversation / per-person specific. That means, you need to do it for each individual person.

    For my own ease of use, and to make transferring things easy, now that I know what the process is, here's what I did.

    Backing Up

    Go into the conversation you want to backup.
    Tap the drop-down arrow in the upper right, and select Chat Settings.
    Select Backup Chat History, Backup All
    Say Yes to e-mail this chat - in a previous version, I had to enter the conversation person's name in the subject, the new Line now does this for me.
    Repeat this process for every conversation you want to migrate to a new device.


    On your new device, save the attachments from each e-mail into the /InternalSDCard/LINE_Backup/ directory.
    Start Line, go to Chats, Tap the Chat Bubble in the upper right to start a new conversation, select the person you want to restore
    Your chat window will be empty, but from here, you just follow the instructions above, basically, drop-down arrow, Chat Settings, Import Chat History

    And that's it.

    I REALLY hope this helps some people out. I wasted a LOT of time trying to figure this out, and as usual, once you know the solution, it's pretty simple and seems so obvious.

    If I helped, throw me some Thanks button so I know I wasn't the only one!
    I just found a method for importing the chat history using Titanium Backup and the terminal. You need root for this. Recently Line made some changes that made this more
    Hope you find this useful.

    1. Restore Line with Titanium Backup (app+data) (DON'T OPEN THE LINE APP YET!)

    2. Log into a root shell and delete the previous settings:

    sqlite3 /data/data/jp.naver.line.android/databases/naver_line
    delete from setting;

    3. Now we have to delete this xml only if you are using a recent version. In previous ones it didn't even exist as far as I know
    rm /data/data/jp.naver.line.android/jp.naver.line.android.settings.xml

    4. Open the Line app and it will ask you to enter your user and password.
    You will receive a warning about losing your chat history. Just ignore it and...

    5. Enjoy!
    This gives me this error:
    Error: unable to open database "data/data/jp.naver.line.android/databases/naver_line": unable to open database file
    I use the emulator in ROM Toolbox Lite
    Got it! I was missing the su command to make the emulator rooted.
    I also found the jp.naver.line.android.settings.xml file in a slightly different location than where daimyorl said above (but the credits go to him). For me it was into /data/data/jp.naver.line.android/shared_prefs/

    Then, the complete instructions that worked for me are:

    1. Restore Line with Titanium Backup (app+data) (DON'T OPEN THE LINE APP YET!)
    2. Log into a shell and delete the settings:
      sqlite3 /data/data/jp.naver.line.android/databases/naver_line
      delete from setting;
    3. Remove jp.naver.line.android.settings.xml
      rm /data/data/jp.naver.line.android/shared_prefs/jp.naver.line.android.settings.xml
    4. Open the Line app and it will ask you to enter your user and password. It will also ask your phone number for the confirmation SMS.
    5. Enjoy!
    Just my 2c... This method if backup/restore sucks... not because of the OP, but because LINE doesn't have a batch backup/restore option!!! Have hundreds of conversations that I'd like to maintain... which means, hundreds of times of clicking backup etc etc, the hundreds of times clicking restore etc etc.

    FYI, if you are willing to root your phone and pay for TIBackup Pro you can simplify the process. Backup LINE (user apps) and your SETTINGS (system apps) with TIBackup. Copy TIBackup folder to external sdcard or PC. Do whatever you were going to do that required you to backup/restore LINE. Load up TIBackup, load up the TIBackup folder, restore LINE APP+DATA, then goto the menu in TIBackup and scroll to the bottom and select 'manage android id' and select restore from backup (if you backed up the correct settings data under system data there will only be ONE option). Your phone will automatically reboot. Click on LINE, boom everything just like it was before.
    Xml to be removed

    My line version is 6.2.1

    And the xml to be removed is android_preferences. xml

    sqlite3 /data/data/jp.naver.line.android/databases/naver_line
    delete from setting;

    rm /data/data/jp.naver.line.android/shared_prefs/jp.naver.line.android_preferences.xml

    And I successfully restored all the chattings.

    Added note 3/9/17
    With this method all the history pics would be lost.