[Guide] How to root N20 Ultra (N986B)(N9860)

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Dec 5, 2009
Dr.Ketan, thanks for all your work!
In your initial post, you refer to a ready to flash TWRP file on the thread for your ROM. I was no able to find it, maybe I'm searching wrongly...
Can you or any of the other users please give me a help?
Thank you very much!

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    Here is Patched kernel to root N986B Note20 Ultra (N986B_TH3)

    NOTICE :

    Before you move further, make clear that rooting device -
    - Your warranty will be void
    - Some of functions may not work on rooted device, some function may get back with un rooting, some may never.
    - All your data on device will be lost
    - Flashing custom binaries may brick (Usually soft but can be hard brick too) your device, so follow it on your own risk!

    If you are ready with condition, move further -

    A.Preparing Root files

    You need to patch file to flash using Odin to root device.
    1. Download stock firmware for your device (google search will give you many sites to download it) some common are e.g. Sammobile, Samfirmware tool)
    you need to download file according your region and model (Dial *#1234# will give you details of existing firmware, download accordingly)

    2. Once you finish download, extract files and keep all files on PC. From extracted files a file with name AP_[device_model_sw_ver].tar.md5 copy to your device.

    3.Download Latest Magisk Manager and Install to your device

    4.Open Magisk Manager - Magisk (first one) - Install - select to "Select and Patch file" - Navigate file you have copied to device (AP_[device_model_sw_ver].tar.md5)

    5.Magisk Manager will patch the whole firmware file and store the output to [Internal Storage]/Download/magisk_patched.tar

    6.Copy patched file magisk_patched.tar to Your PC - THIS IS FILE ONE YOU NEED TO FLASH, Now prepare second file.

    A.Patching Kernel : This is required only If you want to root device without installing custom recovery (TWRP). In case you want to root + have TWRP then skip this step and move to step B

    Open magisk_patched.tar with 7zip and extract/pull boot.img from tar - Copy boot.img to device and patch it using Magisk manager same as you patch AP file in step 4 - Now you will have Magisk_patched.img file in download folder - Copy that file to PC. Rename that magisk_patched.img to boot.img (Name must be exact same). Make sure your PC have 7-zip installed, If not get and install it. Rt click on boot.img and select 7zip - select "add to archive" - select archieve format as 'tar' - and name it Patched_Kernel (it will be like Patched_Kernal.tar). Don't keep space in name. This will create a Odin flashable patched kernel and This is FILE TWO YOU NEED TO FLASH

    B.Preparing TWRP :
    Download TWRP for your device from Here. Extract recovery.img from TWRP file you have downloaded. Make sure your PC have 7-zip installed, If not get and install it. Rt click on recovery.img and select 7zip - select "add to archive" - select archieve format as 'tar' - and name it TWRP_file (it will be like TWRP_file.tar). Don't keep space in name. This will create a Odin flashable patched kernel and This is FILE TWO YOU NEED TO FLASH

    If above link for TWRP not working/Updated :
    You may find latest TWRP ready to flash on my ROM thread download page.

    8.Download latest Odin (one is attached to end of this post) and extract to a folder on PC (I recommend on desktop)

    Now next step is to modification on device

    Unlocking Bootloader

    This is a basic step to root device. Go to settings - about phone - Software Information - tap multiple times on "Build number" - This will open developer option.
    Now in settings at the end, you will have new option "Developer options" - look for OEM unlocking - Enable it.

    (PS : If you don't see this option then you may need to wait up to 7 days or more to appear or may be on some operator you will get it never. Without this option you can not root your device, sorry!)

    Once you have enable OEM unlock option, switch off your device and reboot to download mode.
    To put device in download mode - Press Volume Up & then Press Volume Down (Keep holding both) and connect device to PC with USB cable
    When device start to download mode,long press volume up to unlock the bootloader. This will wipe your data and automatically reboot

    Now let finish setup and again enable developer options (as said above), and confirm that the OEM unlocking option exists and grayed out!
    If it is not then you can not root device!

    Once you see this option and greyed out, you are ready to flash custom binary and root your device

    Installation (Flashing) custom binaries

    1. Switch off the device and reboot to download mode (As said earlier) and select volume up to continue

    Open Odin as administrator (Odin attached to below this post)

    A.Click AP tab of Odin and navigate to magisk patched file (AP file that you have patched with magisk manager) (One you made in above Preparing files, STEP 6)
    B. Here this step, you needs to decide, you want to install TWRP or not.

    - In case you don't want TWRP - Click on UserData tab of Odin and navigate to Patched kernel (One you made in above Preparing files, STEP 7A)


    - In case you want TWRP then navigate to TWRP file (One you made in above Preparing files, STEP 7B)

    3.From Odin option - uncheck Auto Reboot option

    4.Now start flashing and wait till it finish. When you see a PASS sign on Odin, disconnect device.

    Factory reset

    After disconnecting device, keep holding Vol down + Side key to exit from download mode.
    Here is very important - when you see device reboot As soon as the screen turns off, immediately press Volume Up + Side Key to boot to recovery partition. continue pressing the volume up button until you see the recovery screen.

    In the stock recovery menu, use volume buttons to navigate through menus, and the power button to select the option. Select Wipe data/factory reset to wipe the data of the device.
    Select Reboot system now

    In case of TWRP, you needs to select WIPE tab - FORMAT DATA - You need to type "yes' to confirm - After this - select REBOOT - REBOOT to recovery - and you have to install two files 1.Magisk zip (2.MultiDisabler (You can get it from TWRP thread) After flashing both - reboot to system

    The device will automatically reboot for the first time it boots. This is completely normal and done by design.After the device is booted up, do the usual initial setup. You shall see Magisk Manager in your app drawer; if not, Download Magisk Manager and manually install the APK you downloaded and continue to the next step.

    Magisk Manager will ask to do additional setups. Let it do its job and the app will automatically reboot your device. (You must needed to connected to internet)

    Important : Once you root device, it is highly recommended to immediately make EFS IMEI backup of device and keep it to safer place other than device itself.

    Today couple of hrs ago received my N20 ultra
    Rooted it but unfortunately TWRP is not worked while I have tested

    Good news, I have already created (blindly without device) a Odin flashable ROM couple of days ago and just tested and working like a charm.

    Stay tuned!
    Root N9860 TH1 base (Snapdragon)

    - Download N9860_TH1_Patched_boot_extract_this_first.zip and extract it.
    - Unlock Bootloader as shown in OP and make sure OEM lock turn greyed out
    - Reboot to Download mode
    - Straightway flash N9860_TH1_Patched_boot.tar.md5 (You have extracted above) with AP tab of Odin
    - Reboot to recovery and format data
    Reboot to system

    In case above method doesn't work then patch AP file of stock firmware and flash that AP file with AP tab and above downloaded and extracted file with USERDATA tab of Odin
    Can we expect a Dr Ketan ROM for the Ultra? If you do you'll force me to buy a new Note 20 ultra. So please don't :p
    (Unfortunately :laugh: ) I have already made a test rom and eagerly waiting to test myself as soon as I receive device. (pre-booked already)
    Root stable Android R (TL5) N986B

    Android R stable release out now.
    If anyone wants to root stable Android R for N986B, here is short instructions. I will update OP later with detail info.

    - Unlock bootloader
    - Reboot to download mode and flash TWRP with AP tab Thanks Ianmacd
    - Reboot to TWRP - Flash multidisabler attached here. Here is OP Thanks Ianmacd
    - Select wipe - Format data - type 'YES'
    - Reboot to recovery & Flash Magisk 21.1 or latest available
    Reboot to system
    If magisk manager not installed, Manually install apk (same link as above)