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[GUIDE] How to solve wrong downgrade+fix USB connection to computer (P40Pro+ firmware on P40 Pro / N39 on N29)

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Dec 22, 2021
You install GMS and after that use OTA or erecovery to upgrade. Do not upgrade to a higher version that You will not able to downgrade for ever. Read my thread ( see my signature)
Out of curiosity, did this happen to me because I started from a wrong emui version? or when I try again can the same thing happen to me when I try to update? Because in the last attempt after making the first update via erecovery then it crashed as you saw earlier


Dec 19, 2021
You did good. It is not necessary to reconfigure. See your PM.

After our conversation last night today I made another experimental on my Huawei P40-Pro

  1. Re-install FW again to version
  2. Download the ictfix file "GSM Fix" at the SAME TIME Download also the "Fix GSM Play Protect Certified".
  3. Turn off wifi and continue GSM Fix and GSM Play Protect Certified WITHOUT installing any apps.
  4. Reboot and Turn on Wifi. Refresh and Check Google Play store and test by downloading apps.
  5. So far I have not encountered any errors Play Store Ver 28.3.16-21
I have not installed Gmail apps as I have noticed when I installed this during FW downgrade the "GSM Play Protect Certified" error has never been resolved. What I did was to use another stock app from Huawei which is "mail" and sign on my gmail.

Is it now safe to software update to version10.1.0.182 ??
Until when shall we software update and when to stop ??

Thanks Dan :)


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    Hi NicolaDello16,

    Just asking if Gmail apps works without any problem with

    Is it related to the thread topic? It works.
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    Did you downgrade P40Pro using P40 Pro+ firmware? Maybe this thread can help you.

    This is for C432 region only. Do not use this firmware on other region firmware. I can prepare the firmware for other region.

    When you downgrade P40Pro firmware using P40Pro+ firmware elements your phone will show like this: settings.jpeg

    On those phones can use OTG adapter + dload firmware.
    The steps:
    1. Download the dload firmwares (180 and 202) from this link:

    They are not the same firmware as the ones you can find on internet.

    2. Unzip 180 firmware and copy dload folder to the memory stick (NM card if OTG is not working)

    3. Write 180 firmware using memory-stick + USB-C OTG / NM Card + ProjectMenu\Software Upgrade\1.Memory card Upgrade. To access ProjectMenu, type *#*#2846579#*#* on the original dial app.

    At the end will be like this:

    4. Use the same procedure with 202 firmware.

    At the end will be like this:

    5. The USB connection to computer is back now.

    6. Use HiSuite proxy to downgrade again using the N29 firmware files (https://www.firmfinder.ml/). After this step you will have N29 back.

    At the end will be like this:

    7. Now you can install Google, fix the push notifications ( I have the best solution, but is not free) and make update of EMUi to have USB connection to computer and fast charging back.


    a. It is possible to skip to install 180 and write 202 directly, but nobody tried yet. Baby steps.

    b. User @bajangg said that ”3. If you choose another Emui 10 version, like Emui and then lost OTA Update, USB Connection, and have no idea what to do, don't afraid. Last time, when i also in the same situation, USB Type C to Type C still working for me and make my device still can connect to HiSuite.” Source: https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/googlefier-install-gms-on-huawei-honor.4180485/post-85627761 I have not tested yet, but if it works you would begin with step 6.

    c. You can use a NM card if OTG+Memory card doesn't work. You will download and extract/copy dload firmware on NM card using phone internet connection.

    Special thanks to @ciorax who puts in practice and updated my slim idea.
    As I can see on your images, it doesn't download the files. Server problem or you dont have enough space on the computer partion C:\.

    Or your computer partition C:\ is not NTFS formatted (it is FAT 32 only).
    I think that Your HiSuite version is not good.
    Use this tutorial, file included in description.
    Search for HiSuite_11.0.0.550_OVE.exe. Maybe will work. Or the one attached, better.
    Search for HiSuite_11.0.0.550_OVE.exe. Maybe will work. Or the one attached, better.
    Proxy error with this version
     [08:27:35]: Checking if HISuite is Installed...
     [08:27:36]: HiSuite Exists, Proceeding...
     [08:27:36]: Closing HISuite....
     [08:27:38]: Checking HISuite Version...
     [08:27:39]: HiSuite Version 11 Is Installed, Proceeding....
     [08:27:39]: Patching HISuite Files....
     [08:27:40]: Patch failed, Aborting process....
     [08:27:40]: Please Contact Developer If Error Continues
     [08:27:41]: https://github.com/ProfessorJTJ/HISuite-Proxy/issues