[GUIDE][HOW-TO] Unlock Bootloader Huawei Ascend P7-L10

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Sep 12, 2012
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@[email protected] is right. Just extract with Huawei update extractor and flash it via ADB.
If i remember correctly the command is
adb flash recovery [path to file.IMG]

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Without knowing which firmware was installed prior to bricking, there's no way to flash official ROM directly.
But since you only have access to fastboot, this is gonna be a pain in the ass, but here's what you'll have to do.
-Download official B609 somewhere (i'll post a link if i find it)
-Download Huawei Update Extractor here:
-Open the UPDATE.APP in Extractor and extract ALL files that you find in there.
-Now fire up your ADB and start flashing 1 by 1 (NOTE that not all .IMG files are flashable, some files will come back with error code, other will make your ADB hang and you'll have to restart ADB and disconnect/connect phone to continue)
-If my memory serves me correctly, the command is
! NOTE: your bootloader must be unlocked in order to send commands to your device.
To unlock bootloader go here: https://emui.huawei.com/en/plugin.php?id=unlock&mod=detail
(Chinese site, takes 5 minutes to load the page, but it works! Proof attached!)
adb flash recovery RECOVERY.IMG
adb flash system SYSTEM.IMG
adb flash boot BOOT.IMG
adb flash cust CUST.IMG
adb flash userdata USERDATA.IMG
adb flash cache CACHE.IMG
And so on and so forth....
If you're succesful you'll get back at least your standard 3e recovery.
From this point on you should be able to flash official B609 and unbrick your device.
If your device hangs on first bootup, go back into recovery and wipe data/factory reset.

Let me know how it works out or if you get stuck somewhere.

EDIT: Commands are fastboot flash recovery and not adb flash recovery, my bad.


Jul 30, 2017
Hi any help for this
i tried normal and force update and failed
tried rooting my P7-L10
my purpose is to unlock the bootloader for twrp
thanks for the help

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    This a guide to unlock your bootloader on a Huawei Ascend P7-L10.
    After a long search on the web i finaly found a way to do this :D.
    This will also remove T-Mobile apps an bootimage (JUNK) from your phone.:victory:

    1. Download the .zip file (B121): https://mega.co.nz/#!j8ZyjBQL!6SH2_Yd44B0vfOKX3WhqCkvhJ4fX-AIows0vCNQtX44
    or download the B126 her http://dl.huaweinews.com/Roms/Ascend-P7/HUAWEI%20P7-L10%20V100R001C00B126.zip
    2. Unpack the zip file.
    3. Copy the "dload" map to the root of you phone.
    4. Go to settings -> Updates -> Systemupdates -> Local update.
    5. Back-up your phone and Install the update and you phone will have a unlocked bootloader:victory:

    After this you can easly install TWRP on you Huawei Ascend P7-L10, so you dont have to ROOT your phone with some chinees root program.
    Link to the TWRP threath: http://forum.xda-developers.com/ascend-p6/orig-development/recovery-t2811965
    Can you please advice which apps root this phone?
    I have L00 version also, can you tell me how you root yours?

    First I flashed the firmware with unlocked bootloader, e.g. P7-L00_EMUI_2.3_V100R001C17B121SP01
    Put the "update.app" to "dload" folder , then save the folder to SD card (external storage)
    Power off the phone, then press the power button ,volume up and down together ,and hold them until the phone starts updating the Firmware
    Install the Hisuite software to your Computer
    Connect the phone with the computer and have it install the Hisuite-drivers to the phone until there is a Hisuite-connection between the phone and the computer.
    From your comupter root the phone with the RootGenius-Tool 1.9.6, this ends in rebooting the phone.
    Set up the phone.
    From then on have the phone doing the OTA-Updates to the latest firmware.

    This worked for me.
    If you do, you will do it at your own risk!
    I am not responsible If you brick your phone.

    Good luck

    How do I know if my p-7 has the unblocked bootloader???? Where can I check this ???:confused:

    Hello !

    First, you must put your device in bootloader mode > adb reboot bootloader .

    You will see at the bottom of the screen : PHONE Unlocked/Locked ! On my device P7-L10 is PHONE Unlocked .

    Best regards !
    From recovery

    By the way...i saw the topic, but Adb commands line are needed, aren't they?

    Is there a "stupidproof" sofyware which does the job?

    And after installing a recovery, must i flash roms from recovery or from the dload folder?

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    The custom installations must be done with Custom recovery like cwm or twrp. Factory Rom installations from /dload/ folder.:)