[GUIDE] How to unlock bootloader on Nokia 3

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Feb 7, 2015
Does this tutorial still work with android Pie ? Is the developer option "Unlock bootloader" not enough for actually unlocking it ? Thanks


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Mar 21, 2014
Taguig City
Hello! what is the command that i have to use in order to get the code? my serial number is exactly 0123456789ABCDEF and right now, using the command above gives me "not found", any assistance please? thanks!

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    *Unlocking bootloader will remove all your data!*

    I'm using Windows 7, and that's the steps i did. (it should be simmilar for other systems too)

    Getting code:

    Code will look simmilar to this: DB1ED223C5537BA756FB0671E425D650

    Method 1 (no root):
    Go to
    https://passwordsgenerator.net/md5-hash-generator/ copy paste serial number and click generate. Then you should see code in "MD5 Hash of your string". You can also go to simmilar md5 hash generator sites, but this site automatically converts small letters to big letters.

    Method 2 (root):
    Okay, this is new method that is much easier and you don't need to send IMEI and wait for @the_laser to give you code. Go to terminal emulator, type su and execute it. Then type this and execute it:
    Actually the command is
    echo -n NE1GAM4770133666 |md5sum |tr [:lower:] [:upper:]

    If you don't use the -n flag, the newline character is also passed and you get a different result

    Unlocking bootloader:

    Download platform-tools which activates adb and fastboot commands (first you need Nokia 3 driver installed if you didn't)

    Nokia 3 driver: http://www.devfiles.co/download/3iK0k7Sv/Nokia_3_USB_Drivers.zip

    platform-tools Windows: http://www.devfiles.co/download/KtLsN6fX/platform-tools-latest-windows.zip

    platform-tools Mac: http://www.devfiles.co/download/OkrfluP0/platform-tools-latest-darwin.zip

    platform-tools Linux: http://www.devfiles.co/download/vk5DudZX/platform-tools-latest-linux.zip

    Enable usb debugging in Developer options before running adb. To get Developer options, go to settings, about phone and press build number 7 times. Also enable OEM unlock.

    Now Connect phone to computer via usb and enable usb file transfer, run cmd as administrator, then type this command which runs adb:

    chdir C:/Users/John/Desktop/platform-tools (this is just a example, you need to type your own location of platform-tools)

    then type this command to check is your device connected to adb, it will show serial number of your device, if it hangs at waiting device, then you need to reinstall drivers (if you're doing this first time, then it will ask to allow usb debugging on your computer, just tick always allow from this computer and click OK)

    adb devices

    then type this command to reboot to recovery (you can boot to recovery by holding power on + volume up (only with usb connected) if this command doesn't works)

    adb reboot recovery

    when booted to recovery, choose reboot to bootloader option with volume sliders (this will boot to fastboot)

    when booted to fastboot, it will show text 'FASTBOOT MODE' in down-left corner
    now type this command to check is your device connected properly to fastboot.

    fastboot devices

    if it show characters like 0123456789ABCDEF or simmilar then it is connected properly, if it hangs on waiting device, then you need to reinstall drivers like mentioned above.

    Android Nougat (7.0 & 7.1.1):

    Now type these commands to unlock bootloader

    fastboot.exe -i 0x2e04 oem key (type your key after oem key)

    fastboot.exe -i 0x2e04 oem unlock
    then press volume up, when asked

    Android Oreo (8.0 & 8.1):

    First download NE1-0-215H.lk.bin:


    Now type these commands to unlock bootloader

    fastboot oem dm-verity <your_unlock_key>

    fastboot flash lk NE1-0-215H.lk.bin

    fastboot reboot-bootloader

    Proceed your unlock procedure.

    If you have problem on flashing the lk partition, you can use MTK Smart Phone Flash Tool to flash lk partition manually.
    After lk partition flashed, you may encounter "Red State" when booting the phone. Ignore that and boot your phone to Fastboot mode directly with OST LA.

    That is it, i tried to explain for you to understand everything i did to unlock bootloader.

    @the_laser for codes, some additional steps and corrections. Also thanks for new method. @redweaver for new method.
    @Hikari_kalyx for Android Oreo method. @bigrammy for NE1-0-215H.lk.bin link.
    way to enter recovery without adb -

    power off phone
    press and hold volume up + power on buttons, insert cable immediately
    countdown will start on phone, hold both keys until countdown ends, then IMMEDIATELY release power on key, still holding volume up
    you will enter recovery shortly

    after installing TWRP it is very important - DO NOT allow /system modification until supersu package installation ! ( or you will require reflashing phone with OST )
    another note - can't enter recovery by combination volume-up + power button, if phone not connected to computer

    one man reported, that even he successfully flashed TWRP image with "fastboot flash recovery <twrp image>", he still got original recovery.
    workaround is to use "fastboot boot <twrp image>" - as we need to have USB cable connected to enter TWRP recovery anyway, not big problem.
    no, that's weird idk what's the reason. Can you try fastboot commands like fastboot boot recovery img ti see does it works?

    Ok I tried it. Funny enough I didn't enable oem unlocking. fastboot boot twrp.img did not give any error. However it did not boot into recovery either, I don't know if it has to do with Oreo or with OST. However when I tried fastboot flash recovery twrp.img,it flashed successfully and I was able to boot into twrp so I guess it works after a fashion at least for phones that previously have unlocked their bootloaders. Of course it still needs testing to confirm if it works for all devices and android 7.x - especially those that have never been unlocked before.
    The truth is that most times we use OST to recover our phones, so people rarely stop at "Edit phone information"
    add to to post:

    to get your unlock code, you need to calculate md5 from product id string and make resulting md5 string uppercase

    example :
    echo NE1GAM4770133666 |md5sum |tr [:lower:] [:upper:]


    it is meaningless now as HMD implemented official bootloader unlock via nonce online signature authentication

    im anyone worried why i'm asked for IMEIs as well, do not worry - just wanted to obfuscate required data ;) and all your IMEIs are not sent or written anywhere.
    SkaboXD said:
    Someone told me that if you flashed twrp, that it automatically removes data encryption. Is that true?

    EDIT: i find out that is not true, it asks for some password to decrypt data, but the problem is that idk what is the password

    TWRP can't handle Android 7.x default disk encryption, just press "cancel" and we need to use sdcard as storage for backups and packages because of this