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[GUIDE] How to unlock the bootloader for Nokia 8.3 5G

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Now, a question - how does one find the OTA zip to extract boot.img from? After unlocking, my phone upgraded itself to 00WW_2_270, and it looks like I made the same mistake anfierli did before me. However, his solution no longer works - I cannot sideload-flash the 2_200 or 2_210 OTA.

At this point, I have fastboot and recovery available, but cannot load into Android. Can I try flashing the separate parts from the full 2_210 OTA via fastboot or will I screw my phone up further?
Also after bootloader and downgrade via recovery, you can wipe data and erase anti rollback flag :

fastboot erase metadata

Or just execute this:
fastboot -w reboot

Note "Minimal ADB And Fastboot" is forbidden to use.


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May 24, 2010
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Mar 8, 2014
LG G8X ThinQ
For those rooted.
In order to avoid OTA headache, check OTA at least every two weeks.
Once OTA is available, go to Magisk and revert boot to original in uninstall.
Go to OTA and install update. DO NOT REBOOT!!!
Go back to Magisk and install on unused partition, and reboot from there
my Magisk has no original stock boot img. Not sure how any ones would since you have to fastboot flash the patched boot.img. Can u help me understand?

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    点击这里查看中文版(Click here for Chinese Version Guide)

    Existing Android 10 builds has a critical problem, that allowed us to flash or erase any bootloader partition even if the bootloader is not unlocked. However, Android 11 builds blocked this method.

    Therefore, I think it's time to disclose the unlock method now. It's known working on both TA-1243 and TA-1251.

    The critical part for unlocking the bootloader is - the prototype bootloader of this phone. By opportunity, I got the early bootloader from a prototype unit that allows us to unlock the bootloader, thanks to the help of a Canadian people who claimed to have a Nokia 8.3 prototype himself.

    Your warranty will be void as bootloader unlock is not reverseable - you cannot relock it. Due to different hardcoded ABL signature on Nokia 8 V 5G UW, you cannot flash prototype ABL on Nokia 8 V 5G UW or the phone will hard brick. You've been warned.

    To use this method, you need to ensure your phone has Android 10 installed - the latest build that we can use this method is 00WW_1_150-B01, you can confirm this by dialing *#*#7837#*#*.

    If your phone has Android 11 installed (00WW_2_180-B01 or newer), then this bootloader unlock method has been blocked, but there's known workaround for this. Check 2nd reply for details.

    Please download the prototype bootloader from here:
    Click here

    Then flash it under fastboot mode, and unlock the bootloader - pretty simple:
    fastboot flash abl abl_proto.elf
    fastboot reboot-bootloader
    fastboot oem unlock-go

    Confirm unlock on your phone and it's all done. You can safely update the phone to Android 11 right after unlocked. Since we cannot perform critical unlock properly, we can only do regular unlock, but this should be enough.

    Video demonstration:

    Have fun for modding this device!
    For archiving purposes:
    00WW_1_150-B01 full OTA zip: https://android.googleapis.com/packages/ota-api/package/627142c637bf373410e6b8911aeb9b2e65bd5969.zip
    00WW_2_180-B01 full OTA zip: https://android.googleapis.com/packages/ota-api/package/12a35835cf4034f539ae7d03ffecd0682bef1b66.zip

    You can use them for OS rooting.

    Also after @jnappert 's testing, the workaround works great.
    1. Sideload 00WW_1_150-B01 OTA package under recovery. You may see downgrade not allowed prompt but it will install anyway.
    2. Reboot to bootloader under recovery mode. Although Anti-Rollback protection is triggered, the abl is not protected and is now downgraded to vulnerable build.
    3. You can now follow the guide to unlock the bootloader.

    I hope this will help everybody to bring up custom rom development for this phone.
    @singhnsk Thanks so much!! I am now on the latest version with working root :D

    As a thank you to everyone on this thread, behold: magisk v23 patched 2_270 boot.img
    To subscribers of this topic:

    Now even if you have Android 11 installed already, you can still do bootloader unlock.
    It's time to bring up custom rom development for this phone!

    Read this for workaround on Android 11: https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/...loader-for-nokia-8-3-5g.4233949/post-84494935
    can you please type here the steps you've made to downgrade your phone?
    I downgraded from 00WW_2_180 to 00WW_1_150-B01:
    - installed adb and drivers
    - enabled USB Debug
    - bootet to stock recovery: "adb reboot recovery"
    - in recovery "apply update from adb"
    - adb sideload 00WW_1_150-B01 from post #3
    - rebootet to fastboot and continued with steps from post #1 to unlock bootloader
    - after reboot device updated directly to 00WW-2_200

    Now i am looking for working custom recovery...