[GUIDE] How to use Snapchat on de-googled devices.

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Aug 31, 2020
Snapchat is probably one of the strictest apps when it comes to having Google Play Services, and does not work with microG. Here is a guide to get snapchat working without Gapps.

1: Install Huawei AppGallery apk. (Search for Huawei AppGallery apk online)
2: Open Huawei AppGallery and install the HMS core app.
3: Now you can install Snapchat from the Huawei AppGallery. (This version of snapchat does not require google play services)
4: Open snapchat and log in.
5: Now that you are logged into snapchat, you can uninstall Huawei AppGallery and HMS core app (optional).

Notes: If you delete the HMS core, snapchat may complain that Huawei Mobile services is not installled. You can ignore these warnings and you shouldn't have problems.
If you log out of your snapchat account, you may have to install HMS core to log back in.
This should work on all ROMs and phones. I was able to do it on Lineage 17.1 on a Samsung phone.
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