[GUIDE] Huawei/Honor phone stops and starts charging every few seconds

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Jan 28, 2023

Firstly I want to mention that I am very new here on XDA and I dont know how to post a thread on two brands simultaneously if that's even possible.

So, if you have a Huawei/Honor phone that stops charging for a split second but then starts again in a cycle with (for me ~36secs) inbetween it's most likely not a problem with the phone.

I had a Honor View 20 with that problem and it turned out just to be a problem the charging brick and fast charging. I used a Samsung charger (9V - 1.67A) wich was triggering the fast charging, but a Honor/Huawei needs 2 Amps to do that, so it stopped charging.

Check your brick, if it has fast charging (9V) but outputs under 2A it will most likely be the problem. Either buy a brick with 9V/2A or use one without fast charging. (A PC (USB) will work too)


Sorry for my poor english, I am german :D