How To Guide [GUIDE] Install TWRP (unofficial) for Mi 11/Pro/Ultra

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This guide is written by Hoangsang and you can find it here

Before starting the process, the bootloader must be unlocked and Install Xiaomi USB drivers

New update:
Instructions to install Xiaomi.EU rom for Mi11/Pro/Ultra via TWRP

1. Download minimal_adb_fastboot_v1.4.3_setup and install. Note to install it straight into the C drive. At this time, there will be a Minimal ADB and Fastboot folder in the C drive
Download link:

Or shortened link:

2. Download the TWRP file for Mi11/Pro/Ultra.
TWRP for MI11 venus
TWRP for MI11Pro/Ultra mars/star
(Or check here: )
3. Rename the downloaded file to twrp.img, copy the TWRP file to the Minimal ADB and Fastboot folder in drive C.
4. Download the Xiaomi.EU rom for your phone ( ) After downloading, copy the rom to the phone (should be in the root directory for easy finding later).
5. Put the phone into Fastboot mode (Power key + volume down key).
Run the file: "C:\Minimal ADB and Fastboot\cmd-here.exe"
Type the command: fastboot boot twrp.img
Tip => Use the TAB key to complete filenames in command prompt windows
Wait for the installation, the phone will automatically run into TWRP
6. On TWRP, Change the language of TWRP to English, by clicking the right button on TWRP and select English.. then OK.
7. Enter the device (phone) password and press Enter for TWRP to have access to the file.
(Note: You definitely need to format data once you change ROMs - i.e. when changing ROM versions like going from stable to weekly, from official to Xiaomi.EU.... For updating within the same ROM you don't need to do that.... Do the formatting right at this step )
Run the following command after formatting to copy the rom.
adb push /sdcard

Note: Rom is copied to Minimal ADB and Fastboot folder in the C

8. Install TWRP recovery to phone by: Select "Advanced" and select "Onekey inject TWRP". (wait for the device to install). Next time you want to enter TWRP, just press the power key + volume up (volume up). [Option]

9. Install the rom by on TWRP, select Install -> find the rom file mentioned in section 4.
10. After the installation is complete, wait for the device to restart (it takes about 5 minutes).
Update: TWRP currently does not support the "update-package" command. So after updating you still have to manually select the downloaded zip file to install. So having TWRP saves the need for a computer, but it's not available for OTA yet
(The device will not lose data if you are using XiaomiEU rom with the same version (stable -> stable, dev->dev))
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