[Guide] Instant 10%+ Performance Boost!!! Remove Nubia backdoors,loggers,trackers, etc. ROOT OR TWRP REQUIRED

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  • Feb 10, 2021
    Hello everyone today I bring to the table a constantly updated guide.
    In my free time I will add to this guide my many methods of creating a stock os out of Nubias OS whilst retaining nubias gaming suite,lights, etc. I know many feel cheated on antutu scores because Nubia presented 510k and most people couldnt even attain 450k on a RM3S.
    Well the ones I have worked on easily hits 515k in the max optimal conditions, whilst hitting 505k-510k in concurrent runs or runs in regular conditions. YES the phone thermal throttles, eventually leaving a reduced score of 450k-470k, HOWEVER that is higher than the current reported average of 435k.

    Todays method shall be called Method #1

    METHOD #1
    REMOVE WOODPECKER- Nubias tracker

    Background: it logs information from your phone including sensitive personal app information. This program (binary) runs 24/7 and dumps logs to root and to internal storage. If youre connected to internet data or wifi, it will connect to nubias servers amd start dumping information, I have reproducible evidence through a packet dumper.
    This program runs from the moment you first boot your phone till when its broken or out of battery. Unless removed. Yes I know you can opt-out but that is simply a facade, it ALWAYS runs anyway.

    Removal- a10-a11
    1.Obtain a root file explorer or use twrp to perform the steps below
    2. Using your explorer navigate to root and put in the search wood
    3.Wait for it to load the files and remove them ALL, delete them, shamwow them.
    4. If there are files that arent removable change their permissions to none, these are created by woodpecker on boot and will be gone when done.
    5.Repeat 2, 3, and 4 but use Wood (to be clear perform the search with a capital W, it matters for some explorers.)
    5. Open your init.rom.rc it is located in the root directory remove the lines that are associated with woodpecker. You can remove freezerd lines as well for less agressive ram management but will require additional steps.
    6.Enter your vendor build.prop and change woodpeckers line to false, it is the only line containing the word woodpecker.
    7.Reboot and perform a search, you will see no woodpecker files show up.
    8.System ram usage will decrease by an average of 200mb, Phone temps idle lower(by a very small amount admittably), network usage will decrease.
    For those thinking is this illegal? Unfortunately not, Nubia is operating on the same legal grounds any other company data harvesting is. Feel free to research.

    A9- Same as above but woodpeckers permissions must be set to none, then after a reboot it is deletable.


    Method #2
    I really recommend reinstalling the game launcher and home launcher as user apps as well, or modifying your preferred launchers code to call nubias recents(attached to nubia launcher)but it will require the nubia launcher installed ideally as a user app not system user 0. This is the current only working method to use a custom launcher with RECENTS on Nubia A11 OS I will update this more indepth when I next log in.

    Method #3 A10-A11 (Android 10 & 11)

    Tcpdump has been added as a binary in all RM3 & 3S A11 updates and some A10 it is highly recommended to remove permissions, and delete the bin. It will be located in your system bins. You can also search for it with tcpdump entered in a root explorer.

    I will continue to add more in my free time!
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    Sep 11, 2018
    Interested on this. However, I'm unable to find init.rom.c even using search. Could you give what's the partition name / folder where it is located?


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  • Feb 10, 2021
    Interested on this. However, I'm unable to find init.rom.c even using search. Could you give what's the partition name / folder where it is located?
    What rom version are you using? If you cant locate the init file that creates it on boot, maybe youre on A9, for A9 removing the file in system bin should be enough from my memory but I dont have an A9 available to test it out right now, you could always look through the inits there arent many, youll find many more things that you may want to change as well. Anyways let me know which rom youre running and ill be glad to debug further


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  • Feb 10, 2021
    Updated for Tcpdump removal, nubia secretly snuck this binary into their rom, there is absolutely no reason at all they should have a binary capable of sniffing ALL OF YOUR INTERNET TRAFFIC preinstalled.
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