[Guide & Links] Install Android 11 OneUI 3 Βeta 3 to your N975F

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Nov 1, 2016
Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra
Yeah it works now. Thanks for helping out fellows!
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Dec 14, 2011
Hola, estoy intentando instalar odin One UI3 usando ODIN y es imposible, se atasca en One UI 2.5.
Al parecer Odin dice que la instalación es correcta pero no lo es, el bootloader notado que en modo aparece en rojo y dice: Causa BL modo de recuperación establecido por clave.
Alguien puede ayudarme?
Previously I had Beta 3, then I went to 2.5 DTL and now I fail One UI3.
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    Here is the link for beta3
    It should be flashed only on top of TL3

    Link here
    So Android 11 OneUI 3 beta was announced for your Note10+ N975F in the UK.
    I was able to capture the link after enrolling to the beta.

    Short guide:
    If you do not understand how to install it, please stick to the stable version.
    Betas are usually filled with bugs and a user with not much knowledge on these stuff, will frick out if anything goes wrong

    After downloading it, rename it to ota.zip to get rid of the .bin extension
    Reboot your phone to "Recovery Mode" and sideload the new "ota.zip" through your pc using adb tools to do so
    ADB Tools are available here

    SD-card method: by @henklbr
    1. Download the bin file and rename it to update.zip (by going to file options in win10 you can select to view the file extensions. This makes the renaming process much easier and safer, and avoids renaming the file to update.zip.zip)
    2. Copy it to the root directory of your SDcard.
    3. Shut down your phone.
    4. Hold simultaneously Power+volume up buttons to get into stock recovery.
    5. Using your volume keys navigate to "update via SdCard" and press power button to select it.
    6. Again using volume keys navigate to the file "update.zip" and press power button to select it.
    7. Update will start. Leave it till it completes. It will take some time.
    8. Phone will reboot by itself and load android.

    Beta1 ONLY FOR TJ4 stable!!
    Please install it over TJ4, not older or newer stable versions
    Make sure that you have installed the European version and NOT the StarWars themed one
    Here is the link
    Here is the mirror on GDrive, which is already renamed to BETA1.zip

    It MUST be flashed over Beta1
    Link here

    It must be installed over Android 10 TL3 and NOT over Beta2
    Link here

    Unfortunately, you wont be able to receive ANY more OTAs after installing this specific update UNLESS you are enrolled to the beta programme!!!
    After installing the beta update it isn't possible to reboot in to recovery via the VolUP+power button.
    You will have to use ADB for that: "./adb reboot recovery"

    Video tutorial
    Im currectly installing beta3 myself
    Let's see if the battery is any better!!
    Hello friends. For those who are now on beta2 and do not want to dump data, upgrade to beta3 then:
    1. Flash odin to N975FXXS6DTL3 with home_csc, remove "Auto_reboot".
    2. Reboot into recovery and update from SD or adb to beta 3.
    Everything works, the data is in place.:cowboy:
    They added blur to these UI Elements as well!!Screenshot_20201215-113153_One UI Home.jpgScreenshot_20201215-113145_One UI Home.jpg