[GUIDE] List of bloatware on EMUI safe to remove

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Nov 24, 2021
Thanks for the great guide, helped me out a lot. Since I've removed a lot of Huawei bloatware I'm missing one feature though; when I am connected to a BT audio output, I used to have a permanent notification which let me switch the audio routing. That's gone now. I am not sure which package contains that periocular function but I also don't want to reinstall each individual package to figure that out. Can anyone point me in the right direction here?

Edit: P30 but that shouldn't matter too much, right?


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Dec 13, 2021
I removed a bunch of safe to remove bloat on my Honor 7X, but my system got messed up suddenly and now I can't drag down the notification panel from the top. I'm using fingerprint slide for opening notification panel now. All my notification panel settings also got set to default.

Edit: After half a day the phone is unusable with random glitches every other second. Even resetting did NOT help.
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Jan 13, 2022
Can anyone help me with this problem?
pm uninstall -k --user 0 com.huawei.parentcontrol
"Failure [DELETE_FAILED_ABORTED: com.huawei.parentcontrol is not allowed to uninstall.]


For some reason it wont let me uninstall parentcontrol.


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Jan 15, 2022
Can anyone help me with this problem?
pm uninstall -k --user 0 com.huawei.parentcontrol
"Failure [DELETE_FAILED_ABORTED: com.huawei.parentcontrol is not allowed to uninstall.]

View attachment 5507401
For some reason it wont let me uninstall parentcontrol.
It's normal that you don't have enough privileges to uninstall some of the bloatware software. If you don't have root on your device, you can try installing a software called "Shizuku", activate it with the adb command, export it to a terminal like termux according to the instructions, and then execute commands like "rish -c 'pm disable-user <package>' "
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Mar 4, 2017
com.huawei.hdiw - Huawei ID app. Safe to remove.

should be

com.huawei.hwid - Huawei ID app. Safe to remove.


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May 25, 2022
There's something in this list that causes lags after removing it. Like, when you are scrolling, the screen makes a lot of drops like the smartphone is overheating. It does that a lot with apps like reddit or twitter or in the phone's app settings.

I have this problem everytime i remove bloatware from a smartphone and still can't see what package is involved. I didn't remove any red one.

Any idea ?

Thanks a lot for the work btw, really appreciated.


Apr 27, 2022
Thanks for the tutorial. Did it, unfortunately apparently without real success !

The reason:

Have first removed everything green, plus 2 orange, but for these apps I had replacement apps from Fdroid.

Everything red I have not touched.

When I was done I deactivated the developer mode and restarted the phone.

Since then I always get this error:

"Main Menu
MIUI Recovery 5.0
Wipe Data
Connect with MIAssistant
Safe Mode "

The phone does not boot into the operating system, instead it permanently reboots itself.

Hope someone can help me get the phone working normally again, preferably without all the bloatware crap.

This is a



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Dec 27, 2019
Well done!
Is there also away to remove Huawei's Text-to-Speech engine? I use Google TTS, selected the preferred TTS, but every time I exit settings, it reverts back to the Huawei default TTS.
Thanks in advance.


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Oct 1, 2022
I am using Huawei Music on my Matepad Pro, which has HarmonyOS (It had EMUI before). But I can't update the app anymore. I searched in the Appgallery and there I found Huawei Music and it wasn't marked as downloaded. So I tried to install it. After the download I got a notification that said "Packet Name collides with huawei.mediacenter". Usually it would help deinstalling Huawei Music, rebooting the device and reinstalling, but since it is a system app it can't be deleted. So I found the adb method. However I am not sure if everything will be alright or i could damage the device. Mayby someone can help me?

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    Hi all,

    i was working on a guide on the vast amount of packages that we find already installed on EMUI by default and safe to remove because i'm sure that it would be useful for users like me, users that doesn't like to have space occupied on internal storage by bloat software, space that could be useful for many other things. So i decided to make a list with all the packages and their relative details about how each package listed here works on system, in way to advice and let you take the final choice by yourself about what to do with a package, remove it or not.

    The first thing that i say, is BACKUP. Make always a TWRP backup, before doing everything that you don't clearly know. It's a safety reason, you MUST have a valid and clean backup before trying to remove packages or system apps, because the danger is always behind the corner. I say this for experience :silly:

    For making things easier, i'll colour in red packages that you MUST NOT remove, because they're fundamentals for the correct execution of the OS, or they're an important system app. Keep an eye of regard and be careful about orange packages; some files are removable because they provide only functions not fundamental to the normal usage of the OS, but for other apps like File Manager, Calendar app, ecc. you'll have to provide a valid substitute for the app in way to have a workaround for replicate that function again, and so, pay caution and be aware. Green packages are safe to remove, because they won't provoke incompatibilities or other stuff that could compromise the OS. Last, cyan packages are packages which i'm still doubtful about, so i'll look for more details related when i'll have time. I won't give any suggestion about what to do with those until more will be known about, so be careful when you're deciding what you'll do with a package listed in cyan; it could be fundamental, or it couldn't. You take the decision. Packages will be listed in alphabetic order. You can use the method that you prefer to remove the app/package; there are many apps for debloating, but not everyone will work for real on every app by what i saw by my experience. **NOTE that some apps or packages may vary depending on different EMUI build numbers, so you couldn't be able find all of the packages listed here, like NFC services for example. Most of these should be present anyway** If this should happen, try another app. Personally, i reccomend Titanium Backup, but even ADB method is an excellent manner to remove this files. Instructions on how to do this are here, in this XDA article https://www.xda-developers.com/uninstall-carrier-oem-bloatware-without-root-access/ - Thanks to Doug Lynch for the realization of it. However, following this guide in 10-20 minutes you'll be able to regain something around 600-700 MB of free space, so courage and let's remove useless services and stuff!

    The list will be updated when an explanation of a package will be given, when more details will be provided about. Anyway feel free to suggest me whatever you'd like to see inserted in this list and a reason that explains why it would be safe or not to remove, other than appreciated to increase my packages knowledge i'll put it here for other users.

    I am NOT responsable for every kind of bricks or damages to the OS that your phone could suffer after removing system packages or apps, and even if always willing on helping users in need, i'm NOT obblied to do it. So i please and i recommend EVERYONE to be EXTREMELY careful when you're on a package that you don't know how it acts on system, and i encourage everyone on taking ALWAYS a TWRP backup before doing something, or removing everything that could compromise the execution of the OS. Make things with brain, not with impulsive and senseless thoughts

    NOTE - Most of the times, in the folder containing the apk of the app/package that you'll be removing, you'll find a folder named "oat" containg some ODEX files related to the app. Sometimes their weight is a bunch of KBs, while other times they could weight even 10MB. If you're removing the app/package, remember to delete the ODEX file too!

    • 05/11/2017 - The guide is open to everyone, here you'll find a vast amount of packages divided by sections; Android Packages, Google Apps/Packages, Huawei Apps/Packages and Other apps.
    • 26/12/2017 - Thread re-organization, added other 5 packages to the list.
    • 15/04/2018 - Added other 4 new packages to the list, added at the bottom of the guide the paths that usually contains bloatware, some related to your vendor. Added a voice about ODEX files.
    • 27/01/2019 - Massive update! Added a total of 60 new packages (most of them is new stuff that comes from EMUI 8 / EMUI 9, plus various new Google apps and pre-installed bloatware) with related descriptions. Modified various packages that was previously classified as doubtful to safe to remove.
    • 03/02/2019 - Another update, this time with 8 new packages that comes from every device that receive/ starts from Android Oreo/Pie and 4 Google apps and services that are by default on every Pie system.

    App & Packages list

    Android Packages list
    android.process.media - MtpService. DO NOT remove this.
    com.android.apps.tag - Still unclear how it acts with system, but should be safe to remove...
    com.android.backupconfirm - Restore google settings with Google Backup restore function.
    com.android.bips - Built-in Print Service. Safe to remove.
    com.android.blockednumber - Blocked numbers feature.
    com.android.bluetooth - Core of Bluetooth services.
    com.android.bluetoothmidiservice - Provides classes for sending and receiving messages using the MIDI event protocol over Bluetooth LE.
    com.android.calculator2 - Stock calculator app.
    com.android.calendar - Stock calendar app.
    com.android.captiveportallogin - This consists in a web page that the user of a public access network is obliged to view and interect with, before access is granted. Like public Wi-Fi hotspots that prompts you with an user and password login.
    com.android.carrierconfig - Provides access to telephony configuration values that are carrier-specific.
    com.android.cellbroadcastreceiver - Alerts for Broadcasts.
    com.android.certinstaller - Certificate installer. When removed, the Wi-Fi wouldn't be able to be turned on. DO NOT remove this.
    com.android.companiondevicemanager - Companion Device Manager that comes by default in every Oreo+ device. This handles connections to other devices, like Bluetooth Headphones, desktop Operative Systems, ecc. DO NOT remove this.
    com.android.contacts - Stock contacts app.
    com.android.cts.priv.ctsshim - Compatibilty Test Service. Used to certify your device as "valid" or not. DO NOT remove this.
    com.android.defcontainer - Needed for installer by applications.
    com.android.deskclock - Clock app, plus alarm function.
    com.android.dreams.basic - Support for screensaver mode.
    com.android.dreams.phototable - Photographic screensavers.
    com.android.egg - Android build's easter egg feature.
    com.android.email - Stock Email app (not Gmail).
    com.android.emergency - Emergency Contacts. Remove it if you don't use this feature.
    com.android.exchange - Needed for email app to work correctly if you use a mail different from Gmail.
    com.android.facelock - Essential if you wanna use Face Unlock features, removable if you don't want to.
    com.android.gallery3d - Gallery app.
    com.android.htmlviewer - In-built HTML viewer.
    com.android.hotwordenrollment.okgoogle - "OK Google" detection service (used when you wanna enroll Assistant by the hotword.
    com.android.incallui - In Call User Interface - Controls various activities during a call.
    com.android.inputdevices - Manages the input devices.
    com.android.inputmethod.latin - AOSP keyboard. Safe to remove.
    com.android.keychain - Should provide access to private keys plus their certificate chains in storage.
    com.android.location.fused - NEVER REMOVE this. Provides everything you need for GPS, Cellular and Wi-Fi networks location data.
    com.android.magicsmoke - Live wallpaper.
    com.android.managedprovisioning - For corporate restritctions on phones with Google Workplace.
    com.android.mediacenter - EMUI music app.
    com.android.mms - Stock SMS app.
    com.android.mms.service - Provides support for sending MMS messages with photos, videos, ecc.
    com.android.nfc - NFC service. If disabled, Settings app could crash or not work.
    com.android.noisefield - Live wallpaper.
    com.android.phasebeam - Wallpaper.
    com.android.printservice.reccomendation - Keep it, if you need to print directly via your phone.
    com.android.pacprocessor - PAC stands for proxy auto-config, and this file defines how web browsers and other agents can automatically define the correct proxy server for fetching an URL. Removable, if you don't use proxies on your phone.
    com.android.phone - Dialer app.
    com.android.phone.recorder - Call recorder function.
    com.android.printspooler - Keep it, if you need to print directly via your phone.
    com.android.providers.blockednumber - Storage of blocked numbers.
    com.android.providers.contacts - Part of stock contact app, sync contacts.
    com.android.providers.calendar - Necessary to sync stock Calendar app and let it work correctly.
    com.android.providers.downloads - Download provider. DO NOT remove this.
    com.android.providers.downloads.ui - Download app. DO NOT remove this.
    com.android.providers.media - Needed to access media files, and ringtones.
    com.android.providers.partnerbookmarks - Provides bookmarks about partners of Google in Chrome.
    com.android.providers.settings - Sync settings.
    com.android.providers.telephony - Telephony provider contains data related to phone operation. DO NOT remove this.
    com.android.providers.userdictionary - User dictionary for keyboard apps.
    com.android.quicksearchbox - Search box.
    com.android.se - Security Enhanced Linux (SELinux) framework. DO NOT remove this.
    com.android.settings - Settings app.
    com.android.settings.intelligence - Settings tips in Settings menu. DO NOT remove this.
    com.android.sharedstoragebackup - Possibly USB connection menu.
    com.android.shell - Unix shell to communicate via ADB commands through PC. DO NOT remove this.
    com.android.simappdialog - Sim App Dialog, comes by default in every Pie+ device. It is used to install the carrier app when the SIM is inserted. DO NOT remove this.
    com.android.soundrecorder - Sound recorder, obviously.
    com.android.spul - SUPL20SERVICES, seems related to GPS in Huawei devices. Should be safe to remove.
    com.android.systemui - System User Interface. DO NOT remove this.
    com.android.stk - SIM toolkit app.
    com.android.storagemanger - Storage Manager function, the one that details your occupied space on internal/external memory card and allows to see how many space is occupied by apps divided by sections, to be clear. DO NOT remove this.
    com.android.traceur - Android stock developer tool included by default in every Pie+ device. Allows to locally save logs. DO NOT remove this.
    com.android.vending - Google Play Store app.
    com.android.voicedialer - Voice search.
    com.android.vpndialogs - VPN system.
    com.android.wallpaper.holospiral - Live wallpaper.
    com.android.wallpaper.livepicker - Wallpaper picker.
    com.android.wallpapercropper - Wallpaper cropper.
    com.example.android.notepad - Notepad app.

    Google Apps/Packages list
    com.google.android.backuptransport - Allows Android apps to back up their data on Google servers.
    com.google.android.apps.books - Google Books.
    com.google.android.apps.cloudprint - Cloud print.
    com.google.android.apps.currents - Currents.
    com.google.android.apps.docs - Google Drive.
    com.google.android.apps.fitness - Google Fit.
    com.google.android.apps.mapps - Google Maps app.
    com.google.android.apps.photos - Google Photos.
    com.google.android.apps.plus - Google+.
    com.google.android.apps.restore - Restore apps during first boot.
    com.google.android.apps.tachyon - Google Duo.
    com.google.android.apps.turbo - Device Health Services, ships by default on every Oreo+ device. DO NOT remove this.
    com.google.android.apps.wallpaper - Google Wallpapers. Safe to remove.
    com.google.android.apps.wellbeing - Digital Wellbeing app that is prebuilt in Android Pie. Safe to remove.
    com.android.documentsui - This prompts you with a window for apps wishing to access files outside of their own storage area. DO NOT remove this.
    com.google.android.ext.services - Android Notification Ranking service, part of Android Services Library. DO NOT remove this.
    com.google.android.feedback - When an app crashes, this is the app that briefly asks you if you want to feedback the crash on the market, Google Play Store.
    com.google.android.googlequicksearchbox - Google Search.
    com.google.android.gm - G-mail app.
    com.google.android.gms - Google Play Services. DO NOT remove this.
    com.google.android.gsf - Google Services Framework, needed for Google Apps. DO NOT remove this.
    com.google.android.gsf.login - Support for managing Google accounts. DO NOT remove this.
    com.google.android.inputmethod.latin - G Board.
    com.google.ar.core - Google ARCore app.
    com.google.marvin.talkback - Adds some features about accessibility settings.
    com.google.android.markup - Google Markup app made for modifying pictures, ships by default on every Pie+ device.
    com.google.android.onetimeinitializer - Provides first time setup, safe to remove.
    com.google.android.packageinstaller - Gives ability to install, update or remove applications on the device.
    com.google.android.partnersetup - Software that helps other apps to work with Google products.
    com.google.android.play.games - Google Play Games.
    com.google.android.setupwizard - Removable after the first start of the phone, it's the basic configuration wizard that drives you through first boot.
    com.google.android.soundpicker - Google Sounds. Removable if you already have another media select service.
    com.google.android.street - Google Street View app.
    com.google.android.syncadapters.calendar - Google Calendar sync.
    com.google.android.syncadapters.contacts - Google Contacts sync.
    com.google.android.talk - Google Hangouts.
    com.google.android.tts - Text-to-speech powers apps to read text on your scream aloud, in many languages.
    com.google.android.videos - Google Play Movies.
    com.google.android.webview - WebView interface. DO NOT remove this.
    com.google.android.youtube - YouTube app.
    com.google.tango.measure - Google Measure app.

    Huawei Apps/Packages list
    com.baidu.input_huawei - Huawei chinese stock input keyboard. Safe to remove.
    com.hisi.mapcon - Don't disable/remove this if you use WiFi Calling, or it'll kill the app. If you don't use WiFi Calling, this is safe to remove. (Thanks @mj084 !)
    com.huawei.appmarket - Huawei Market app.
    com.huawei.android.chr - HwChrService. Safe to remove.
    com.huawei.android.dsdscardmanager - Dual Sim Card manager. DO NOT remove this.
    com.huawei.android.FloatTasks - Floating dock function.
    com.huawei.android.FMRadio - Radio FM app. DO NOT remove this.
    com.huawei.android.hsf - Huawei Services Framework. Safe to remove.
    com.huawei.android.hwpay - Huawei Pay. Safe to remove.
    com.huawei.android.hwouc - System update app. DO NOT remove this.
    com.huawei.android.karaoke - Karaoke mode feature. Safe to remove.
    com.huawei.android.instantshare - Huawei Share features. DO NOT remove this.
    com.huawei.android.internal.app - Component of Huawei sharing. DO NOT remove this.
    com.huawei.android.launcher - Huawei launcher app.
    com.huawei.android.mirrorshare - MirrorShare feature.
    com.huawei.android.projectmenu - ProjectMenu interface. DO NOT remove this.
    com.huawei.android.pushagent - System update OTA notification push service.
    com.huawei.android.remotecontroller - Juawei Smart Controller app.
    com.huawei.search - HiSearch. Safe to remove.
    com.huawei.synergy - Huawei Cloud Synergy. Shouldn't be safe to remove, need to learn more 'bout this.
    com.huawei.stylus.floatmenu - Floating menu with M-Pen feature. Safe to remove.
    com.huawei.android.thememanager - Theme Manager. DO NOT remove this.
    com.huawei.android.tips - Huawei Tips. Safe to remove.
    com.huawei.android.totemweather - Huawei Weather app.
    com.huawei.android.wfdirect - Wi-Fi Direct feature.
    com.huawei.aod - Always On Display feature. DO NOT remove this.
    com.huawei.arengine.service - Augmented reality service. Safe to remove.
    com.huawei.bluetooth - Import contact via Bluetooth function.
    com.huawei.browser - Huawei Browser app. More than safe to remove if you have another browser installed.
    com.huawei.contactscamcard - CamCard is a business card reader app. Safe to remove.
    com.huawei.compass - Huawei Compass app.
    com.huawei.desktop.explorer - Service that is been used when you wanna use your phone as an operative system on a PC. Safe to remove.
    com.huawei.fido.uafclient - Fast ID Online function. Safe to remove.
    com.huawei.gameassistant - Huawei Game Suite (HiGame). Safe to remove.
    com.huawei.geofence - GeofenceService. Safe to remove.
    com.huawei.hdiw - Huawei ID app. Safe to remove.
    com.huawei.hiai - Huawei Artificial Intelligence. DO NOT remove this.
    com.huawei.hidisk - Huawei File Manager app.
    com.huawei.hifolder - Huawei Online Cloud folder service. Safe to remove.
    com.huawei.himovie.overseas - Huawei videos App. Safe to remove.
    com.huawei.hitouch - Floating dock by Huawei. Safe to remove.
    com.huawei.HwMultiScreenShot - Sliding screen feature.
    com.huawei.hwasm - FIDO UAF Autenthicator-Specific Module.
    com.huawei.android.hwaps - Advanced Power Saving feature. DO NOT remove this.
    com.huawei.hwdetectrepair - Huawei Smart diagnosis app. Safe to remove.
    com.huawei.iaware - Never understood what thid does, but hey it's safe to remove.
    com.huawei.ihealth - MotionService package, it's required for actions like shaking the phone to shut off the alarm, ecc. - remove it, if you don't care about this.
    com.huawei.languagedownloader - Huawei language downloader. DO NOT remove this
    com.huawei.livewallpaper.paradise - Live wallpaper service.
    com.huawei.parentcontrol - Parental controls functions. Safe to remove.
    com.huawei.pcassistant - HiSuite service. If you use it, keep it.
    com.huawei.phoneservice - HiCare app. Safe to remove.
    com.huawei.powergenie - Huawei Power management app. DO NOT remove this.
    com.huawei.mirror - Huawei Mirror app. Safe to remove.
    com.huawei.scanner - Huawei Scanner function. DO NOT remove this.
    com.huawei.screenrecorder - Huawei Screen recorder feature. Safe to remove.
    com.huawei.systemmanager - Huawei System Manager app. DO NOT remove this.
    com.huawei.trustagent - Intelligent unlock feature.
    com.huawei.vassistant - HiVoice app. Safe to remove.
    com.huawei.videoeditor - Video editor function. Safe to remove.
    com.huawei.wallet - Huawei Wallet. Safe to remove.
    com.huawei.watch.sync - Huawei Watch sync function. Safe to remove.
    com.iflytek.speechsuite - Default voice input method.
    com.nuance.swype.emui - Huawei Swype functions.

    Other apps
    Obviously all bloatware apps and services related , Snapchat... ecc.
    com.amazon.aa - Amazon Assistant app.
    com.amazon.aa.attribution - Amazon Assistant related package.
    com.booking - Booking.com app.
    com.ebay.mobile - eBay app.
    com.facebook.appmanager - Facebook related stuff. Purge this.
    com.facebook.system - Facebook related stuff. Purge this.
    com.facebook.orca - Facebook related stuff. Purge this.
    com.facebook.katana -Facebook related stuff. Purge this.
    com.facebook.services - Facebook related stuff. Purge this.
    com.instagram.android - Instagram app.
    com.netflix.mediaclient - Netflix app.
    com.netflix.partner.activation - Netflix related package.
    com.microsoft.translator - Microsoft Translate app. Safe to remove.
    com.snapchat.android - Snapchat App.
    com.swiftkey.swiftkeyconfigurator - SwiftKey factory settings. Safe to remove.
    com.touchtype.swiftkey - SwiftKey board. Safe to remove.
    com.twitter.android - Twitter app.
    org.smsalliance.openmobileapi.service - SmartcardService. "The SmartCard API is a reference implementation of the SIMalliance Open Mobile API specification that enables Android applications to communicate with Secure Elements, e.g. SIM card, embedded Secure Elements, Mobile Security Card or others."

    Paths to follow for locating most of the bloatware files quickly
    Root Explorer needed!
    /cust/hw/eu/app (EU will vary with your region ID)
    /version/special_cust/BLN-L21/hw/eu/app (BLN-L21 and EU will vary with your phone firmware and region ID)

    Stay tuned for updates, in the meanwhile feel free to suggest new packages to be added to the list - collaborations are appreciated.
    Massive update! Added a total of 60 new packages (most of them is new stuff that comes from EMUI 8 / EMUI 9, plus various new Google apps and pre-installed bloatware) with related descriptions. Modified various packages that was previously classified as doubtful to safe to remove.

    Here's the list of the new packages added today:




    I remove some green bloats from your suggested list.
    Please man, at this point i kindly invite you for the last time to explain someone in way to understand something about the problem: which apps from the list you've removed totally, which is your Android version and how you'd reproduce the issue? Because saying that you removed only green apps in my list is practically saying that there is something wrong in my guide, and since that i work and write every detail with extreme attention, I'd like to be sure about the origin of the error.

    The fault of that could never be caused by removing just green packages, because this can happen only if important packages of vital use for the OS are removed.

    You removed even packages marked as RED? Because chain apps and services like some Huawei important stuff (not crap) and some android packages also will provide issues when removed, so please explain your Android version, the list of removed apps and more details about it. Last but not less important, you should always have a backup before doing something that you're unsure about.

    Which criteria you've followed to remove apps? Remember that not every app/service that has "Huawei" in its name is safe to remove, the same is applied for Android/Google apps and services. Factory reset and everything that is now missing will surely come back.
    List update!

    Added a changelog in OP; added other 4 new packages to the list; at the bottom of the guide, you'll find the paths that usually contains bloatware, some related to your vendor; added a voice about ODEX files also.
    After a thread re-organization, i've decided to make still unknown packages cyan coloured, other than orange; orange from now on will substitute the yellow colour, since i retain it more inherent to a "handle with care" package, and overall because that yellow tonality was almost unreadable. Updates are incoming in week!

    Thank you man, you're the best contributor (at least, italian) for Honor6x! Keep up the good work!