[Guide][Magisk][A10 - 11] Guide to install Viper4Android for Oneplus 8 Pro

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Jan 1, 2017
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I'll test ... this post also interested me, by the way, changing boot.img did not help, is the phone bootlop. This is what I experimented with.
The post u linked to, is a separate V4A module. It's unofficial and will probs won't be updated. I recommend the module I suggested and it's not a tweaked version of V4A and is just a SElinux module that sets it to Enforcing(The module I posted) or permissive

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    This is a guide to install mods for OP8 Pro that improves the stereo speaker setup. I have helped many OP8 Pro users to achieve this. Some other OP users as well.
    Custom ROMs that work with this mod (TESTED):
    Stock Oxygen OS
    Evolution X

    *I am not responsible for bricked devices, damage to your device*
    I am here to post my method for anyone who is interested. I have tested this myself and helped others to do this.


    Setting SElinux can have security issues noted by @topjohnwu.
    Viper4Android can be installed with SElinux Enforcing and Permissive. Choose SElinux Enforcing not Permissive

    Installation Method:

    1. Install Audio Modification Library, reboot and disable it
    2. Install the viper4Android module.
    3. Choose the option to install with SElinux Enforcing not SElinux Permissive
    4. If a new version of viper4Android module is available, install that
    5. Reboot.
    6. Open the app and grant root
    7. Install drivers in the app and it will reboot automatically
    DISCLAIMER: On custom ROMs or certain devices, the drivers are installed, but NOT working properly after reboot. Just continue the method and comment if there are issues once u have finished the method.
    1. Download and extract all the V4A files or just the file for this guide setup I attached below. You need the DDC, Kernel and Preset folders. Copy all the folders!
    2. In Internal Storage: Copy and paste the folders into (Android -> data -> com.pittvandewitt.viperfx -> files), this would replace each folder.
    3. Now go into magisk manager, go into modules and enable AML. Reboot
    4. Now make sure V4A driver is running (read Notes) and go into convolver -> impulse response. Choose any kernel, turn on legacy toggle in settings, and done. OR choose the preset for that and done.
    Choose at your heart's desire if you downloaded all the V4A kernels.
    I personally use Dolby Digital Plus - Centre kernel

    Done, also post the settings or kernels and your thoughts. :)
    I also attached a screenshot of my configuration

    Also, for new users if u connect your earphones like via headphone jack, USB-C or Bluetooth. You can tweak those as well than just your SPEAKERS! BUT some earphones can be damaged as well, so tweak at your own risk.
    After much tweaking myself. I think I have made my speakers much better on my 8 Pro.
    I have attached a screenshot to the thread at the bottom. I have attached a screenshot for my headphones too!
    I have added the individual settings as well. If u want to tweak them just press the text and it should expand.
    The toggles I have on are for my speakers:
    • Master Limiter
    • Playback gain Control: Strength: 2, Maximum gain: 3X, Output threshold: -1.9dB
    • Convolver: Dolby Digital Plus - Centre, Cross Channel 100%
    • Speaker optimization
    I have also tweaked my Bluetooth earphones as well with a DDC and the screenshot is attached below. I recommend Dolby headphone Live, but that's up to you.
    U can add files in the DDC folders in the Android folder, but reboot and then tweak to see the difference. U CAN RISK DAMAGE IF U TWEAK TOO MUCH
    You have completed the guide and can now experience dual/stereo-like speakers on your OP6/6T.
    Enjoy :)
    If anyone has any issues with this guide. Post a message and I'll get back to you :)


    Viper4Android sometimes doesn't turn on properly. So, play music and open the app to check the driver. The Driver status if it's working (NEON enable: yes, Enabled: yes, Status: Normal) and turn on the master limiter to see if there's an effect. This should give you an indication if V4A is working or not
    • I have attached DDC files below and you do the same thing with kernel files, but they are used for headphones.
    • You can try and use the preset (profiles). You don't have to use the preset files, they are there to make the setup easier for those who don't want to tweak too much.
    • If u want to add the custom presets:
      1. Choose the specific presets u want
      2. Transfer them into Android -> data -> com.pittvandewitt.viperfx -> files -> presets
      3. Transfer the V4A.zip in internal storage
      4. Reflash the V4A.zip again and reboot
      5. Install the V4A driver again and reboot
      6. V4A driver should be working, check the presets and it should be there
    • Enjoy having your presets

    Fix for V4A:
    There has been noted issues during the installation with V4A. If you experienced a bootloop after installing V4A in magisk...
    Boot into TWRP, -> advanced -> file manager -> data/abd/magisk/modules and delete the V4A folder.
    Reboot to system, install the module in magisk again and reboot. It should install.

    Another issue was that V4A driver is installed properly, but there are no enhancements to the sound. To fix this, go into settings -> turn on and off the legacy mode toggle. This should restart the effect and make it stay on.

    Modules required
    Audio Modification Library Link
    Download Viper4Android and one of the preset files if u want Viper4Android installed
    Viper4Android Module Link
    All Viper4Android preset files Link
    Viper4Android files for this guide is attached below
    All DDC, Kernel, and Presets in one zip is attached below

    Threads where the modules are from
    Audio Modification Library Thread Here

    @Zackptg5 for his Audio Modification Library and Viper4Android module
    @Vimal Vinz for the V4A DDC + Kernel + profiles
    • 15/1/22 - Released the XDA thread that is a guide to install Viper4Android for the OP8 Pro
      • Not sure about the OP8 sadly as I don't own one and this guide could be used for other android devices too
      • This guide is a duplicate from my previous dual speaker guide for the OnePlus 6/6T. But this guide can be used for other android devices or users who just want to install Viper4Android
    Works great on the OP8 (crDroid). Thanks a lot for the guide!