[GUIDE]MAKE APK'S ON YOUR PHONE-for kustom live w'paper app ONLY- inc playstore ready

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Jun 29, 2011
This issue has been going on with 3.14 update of KLWP and KOMP files. They are not saving as zip files, so when u create the apk some users are experiencing the error. As stated when you place the file in the asset folder, rename the file with .zip at the end before you continue to create the apk.
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May 3, 2008
Do the steps work for KWGT as well? If not, is there a tutorial available anywhere?

Should work the same just substitute the folder for widgets rather than wallpapers. You will also want to edit the Manifest so that it installs to the correct folder for the user. Check differences between the wall and komp apk src.
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Apr 28, 2016
Live Wallpaper

Hi everyone!

I have some pictures and I want to make them live wallpapers for android. Can anyone help me?


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Jun 29, 2011
Hi all,
When I use zipsigner, at the end of the process, it gives me this "Error opening keystore file - Wrong version of keystore" . I'm following the instructions exactly as written. I've tried it multiple times with the same result. Any help or advice?
1st Try uninstalling and reinstalling the app
2nd, if it still gives you that error, make sure you're using the correct keystore signature file.

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Jul 29, 2012
rename as zip not working

no way...

does NOT work, if i rename my exported Wallpaper as .zip
(Folder: src\main\assets\wallpapers)

I have no problems/errors to build my apk with Android Studio.
but if i try to install my finished apk, i get an error Message:
"not enough free memory..bla bla.."

have no problems to install other wallpapers


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Dec 3, 2012
So I'm working on this for a series of KWGT widgets. Your guide is fantastic, and easy to follow. It felt very simple. Everything goes smoothly and I get a nice signed apk at the end. I can install the apk through the package installer.

My issue is this:
After installing the signed apk, I make a widget and go into the KWGT editor. I can find my widget package under the "Installed" section. However, when I click on the package, it says there are no items in the package. This is when I had renamed my widgets to have a zip file type.

If I keep the widget files as a kwgt file type, they show up, but the editor goes black if I select them and the editor crashes.

Any ideas?

EDIT: Nevermind. I had replaced the .kwgt file type, with .zip directly. I went back and added zip to the end of kwgt (.kwgt.zip) and it worked perfectly. Thanks!
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Sep 10, 2013
Camp Kidney
Anyone can modify the bluish background of this lwp to an amoled black background in their free time for me please?
The dev seems to have abandoned it and I find it to be most probably the best lwp in Play Store for its perfect smoothness, battery efficiency, interaction and beauty. I wanted to see how it'd look with a black background.
Unfortunately making it myself is too hard for me!
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Dec 19, 2013
Great work!!

Thanks for this detailed how to guide I've learned alot about this from you guys I really appreciate the time you guys take to bring this to us great job
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    This tutorial is for lollipop & marshmallow rom users only !​

    Works with or without Root !​
    For making apk's for kustom live wallpaper app only !​

    The apk's should run on any ROM 4.4 upwards

    Newbie Friendly !​


    I, in no way take responsibility for any damage you may cause to your phone by following this tutorial as ApKTOOL app is capable of accessing your system folders and thereby you changing or deleting something you shouldn't,
    That said the instructions I give do not use any system locations, so if you follow them properly you will be OK!

    Welcome to my tutorial for making apk's for kustom live wallpaper ( klwp ) on your PHONE.

    Please don't be put off by the length of the tutorial, its IMHO very easy to follow and I have tried to write it in such a way that anybody can follow and understand it and have an end result without too much head scratching.:fingers-crossed:;)

    No major knowledge needed, just the skill of being able to navigate around your phone files and being able to follow instructions as is, and finally, the ability to revel in your own glory for making your first pc-less apk. :victory:

    Top tip, (as if you didn't know this already;))
    Have this tutorial up on your PC whilst following it, no keep swapping between recents on your phone then.:good:

    I would like to thank @plegdroid AKA Pete Nolan for introducing me too and walking me through the stages needed to use ApkTOOL :good:

    If your making apk's for personal use to share from a cloud I.e. dropbox etc, you do not need to use zipsigner as the ApKTOOL app can sign for this kind of sharing.​

    Apps and stuff you will need to download for this 'magic' to take place are...

    ApkTOOL, download here (github link here).

    Klwp sample apk, download here
    Komp sample apk, download here

    Android asset studio (launcher icon generator) link here (bookmark this !)

    Droid edit, play store link here

    Zipsigner (only if you want to publish to play store), play store link here

    Photo Editor (if you don't already have one), play store link here

    !!Do not install ApKTOOL or klwp/komp sample apk's yet, please wait for instruction to tell you to do so!!​

    Sounds like a lot to do, right?....
    Setting up everything up the first time takes a bit of time, But once you've done it, and got used to the fairly simple instructions, you'll be making apk's in MINUTES on your phone....


    I deleted and uninstalled all associated with this tutorial so that I could write the instructions as a person following this tutorial I.e. installing the apps first then writing the instructions step by step as I went through each stage, thereby hopefully getting them as clear and succinct as possible :good:

    There is a thread for ApkTOOL here for kitkat, although it is a general thread as ApKTOOL can do much more than just make apk's for kustom, but please don't post on this thread about it as I don't use it on kitkat and only use it for kustom, so if this interest's you please post your queries there.:good:

    Also as this is my first "proper" tutorial, I would really appreciate any feedback...
    How easy it was to follow.
    Any problems you had.
    Conformation that it worked for you


    @plegdroid - for all your help(and contiued help):good:
    @rkucheran - for also helping out (and continued help):good:
    @Brut.all - original creator of ApkTOOL
    @iBotPeaches - current maintainer of ApkTOOL
    @frankmonza - for klwp app and sample apk's
    Roman Nurik - for android asset studio
    André Restivo - for droid edit
    Ken Ellinwood - for zipsigner
    Dev.macgyver - for photo editor
    @browcantor - for confirming, working without root .:victory::good:
    @TheKrates - for confirming working on marshmallow ROM :good:

    If you find this tutorial helpful then please take the time out to subscribe and rate thread, oh and press thanks if you feel like it ;):good:​

    Let's get started, move on to post 2.​
    Make personal apk's ultra fast!

    Now everthings set up we can make personal apk's I.e to share via cloud (not play store) by just changing zips and XML's.

    Using your file explorer for step 1.

    1, You should already have a decompiled [highlight]klwp.sample_src[/highlight] folder in your Apktool folder as per suggestion at the end of post#4.
    Copy which kustom wallpaper you wish to apk next, from kustom/wallpaper folder. Navigate to [highlight]Apktool[/highlight] folder,open it then click on [highlight]klwp.sample_src[/highlight] folder, then [highlight]assets[/highlight], then click on [highlight]wallpapers [/highlight] and paste your copied wallpaper here, then [highlight]delete[/highlight] the previous wall (unless you wish to keep it in the apk)
    Exit file explorer.

    2, Open [highlight]ApkTOOL[/highlight] app and navigate to [highlight]Apktool[/highlight] folder, open it and click on [highlight]klwp.sample_src[/highlight] folder and select [highlight]browse[/highlight], then click on [highlight]res[/highlight] then [highlight]values[/highlight] then click on [highlight]strings.xml[/highlight] and open with [highlight]droid edit[/highlight].

    3, Edit the names you have previously used to your new name, only using upper/lower case letters and also spaces (as per highlighted pic)


    Now press the little icon arrowed in post#4 and press [highlight]save[/highlight]. Exit [highlight]droid edit[/highlight] app.

    4, Navigate back to [highlight]klwp.sample_src[/highlight] and select [highlight]AndroidManifest.xml[/highlight] and open with [highlight]droid edit[/highlight] app and edit to your new app name, only using lower case letters with no spaces (as per highlighted pic)


    Again press the little icon arrowed in post#4 and press [highlight]save[/highlight]. Exit [highlight]droid edit[/highlight] app.

    5, Open [highlight]ApkTOOL[/highlight] app and navigate to [highlight]Apktool[/highlight] folder and click on it. Then click on the [highlight]klwp.sample_src[/highlight] folder and select [highlight]recompile[/highlight] from the pop up list, and wait for a few seconds for it to recompile, and if you've done everything correctly you should get a pop up like this..


    Press OK.

    6, Now you should have an extra apk in your [highlight]Apktool[/highlight] folder called [highlight]klwp.sample_src.apk[/highlight], click on this and select [highlight]sign[/highlight] from the pop up list and click OK on the next pop up .

    7, Now you will have another apk in your [highlight]Apktool[/highlight] folder called [highlight]klwp.sample_src_sign.apk[/highlight], long press on it and select [highlight]rename[/highlight], then rename it to your new app name.
    You now have your new apk ready for sharing via your favorite cloud etc.
    Delete the [highlight]klwp.sample_src.apk[/highlight] now as its no longer needed.

    So to summarize your ultra fast apk build
    Transfer new klwp zip/s
    Edit strings.xml
    Edit AndroidManifest.xml
    Done :victory:
    Installing ApKTOOL
    And getting things ready​

    Using your file explorer for steps 1, 2 and 3..

    1, Make a folder on your sd card (internal memory, not on micro SD) and call it [highlight]Apktool[/highlight].

    2, Move [highlight]ApKTOOL.apk[/highlight] to the folder you just created and install [highlight]ApKTOOL.apk[/highlight], (If you can't install the ApKTOOL.apk, then goto your phone settings select security then check allow unknown sources, then install ApKTOOL.apk again.) when its finished installing press open, it will then ask you to install an update, install the update and when its finished press done.

    3, Also move [highlight]klwp.sample.apk[/highlight] and [highlight]komp.sample.apk[/highlight] to the Apktool folder you created in step 1, [highlight]BUT DO NOT INSTALL THEM[/highlight].

    4, Go into your app drawer and open [highlight]ApKTOOL[/highlight] app.
    (If you are rooted open the three dot menu top right of the screen, press settings, scroll to the bottom and check the root option, there's no need to really do this, I do just because I can :laugh:)

    5, Navigate to [highlight]sdcard[/highlight] then the [highlight]Apktool[/highlight] folder you made earlier,select it, now your screen should now look like this...


    6, Click on the [highlight]klwp.sample.apk[/highlight] and pick [highlight]decompile resources[/highlight], leave it to do its thing for some moments (sometimes up to 40 seconds), once complete you should get this on your screen...


    Press OK.

    7, Your Apktool folder should now have the decompiled apk called [highlight]klwp.sample_src[/highlight] in it and should look like this...


    Now thats all set up, lets move onto next post​
    Making your apk play store ready.

    1, Using [highlight]ApKTOOL[/highlight] app, navigate to your [highlight]Apktool[/highlight] folder, click on it then select [highlight]klwp.sample_src.apk[/highlight] then from the menu list select [highlight]zipalign[/highlight]. You should get a pop up like this.


    Click OK.

    You should now have a [highlight]klwp.sample_src_zipalign.apk[/highlight] in your [highlight] Apktool[/highlight] folder, as below..


    Exit [highlight]ApKTOOL[/highlight] app.

    2, Open [highlight]zipsigner[/highlight] app from your app drawer, press the 3dot menu on top right of screen, select [highlight]my keys[/highlight] from the menu list then press the 3dot menu again and select [highlight]new keystore[/highlight] scroll to the bottom of the new page and click [highlight]continue[/highlight] and fill in the form like so..


    Note.You can change the directory if you want but I use my internal storage (sdcard0) then after I have finished all the steps to register my keystore I find the keystore file on my sdcard0 and copy it to my sdcard1 (external storage/micro sd card) as a backup.
    Click [highlight]continue[/highlight] then fill out the next page like so..


    Obviously I have blacked out my key name/alias, it is 'cert' by default but you can change it if you like and for the key/verify passwords make sure you use the same one that you entered on the previous page, don't change anything else on this page unless you understand what it means. Press [highlight]continue[/highlight].
    On the next page leave the defaults as they are (unless you know what your doing) and fill out the form as per the instructions (I just put my name and country code I.e.GB (GreatBritain). Close [highlight]zipsigner[/highlight] app.

    3, Now we can sign your new apk...
    Open [highlight]zipsigner[/highlight] app again, and press underneath the [highlight]key/mode[/highlight] option which will bring up a menu and amongst the options will be either [highlight]cert[/highlight] (if you didn't change your key name/alias) or your new key [highlight]name/alias[/highlight] (you may have to scroll the menu to find it. Then select it.
    Next click [highlight]choose in/out[/highlight] this will bring up a page of folders select [highlight]Apktool/[/highlight] then select [highlight]klwp.sample_src_zipalign.apk[/highlight], your screen should now look something like this..


    (I have blacked out the key/mode as its my alias ;) and you may not have the word 'emulated' in your file names that's just a quirk of my old galaxy s3 i9300 I think :))
    Click [highlight]sign the file[/highlight], you will then get a pop up screen asking you to enter your keystore password, enter it and press OK. You should then get a toast message saying [highlight]file signing operation succeeded![/highlight]

    For future apk's that you make you now have you keystore and can skip steps 1 and 2. :good:

    4, last bit ......
    Open [highlight]ApKTOOL[/highlight] app from your app drawer and navigate to your [highlight]Apktool[/highlight] folder and open it, you should now have an apk called [highlight]klwp.sample_src_zipalign_signed.apk[/highlight], like so...


    Long press on the [highlight]klwp.sample_src_zipalign_signed.apk[/highlight] and select rename from the menu, then rename it the name of your apk remembering to leave the [highlight].apk[/highlight] on the end (and you can delete the other stage apk's now if you want, just long press on them and select [highlight]delete[/highlight])
    like so...


    [highlight] Your APK is now ready to publish to the Play Store.[/highlight]


    [highlight]Voilà [/highlight]

    If you are planning to update your play store app then leave the finished apk in the [highlight]Apktool[/highlight] folder for ease of update (copy it somewhere else for backup if you want, though).

    Important notice
    If you are publishing to the play store and you are using other people's klwp or komponent ,as is or altered,
    Please ask for thier consent first ....
    Especially if you are publishing it as a PAID app.
    Building your APK

    [highlight] Due to changes in the way that klwp saves your wallpapers or komponent you now need to rename your klwp/komp file with a .zip at the end either before or when you place them in the assets folder [/highlight]

    Use your file explorer for step 1

    1, Decide which [highlight]klwp zip/s[/highlight] (yes you can add more than one) you want to make into an apk, you can find these in your kustom/wallpaper folder, copy the one/s you want and navigate back to your [highlight]Apktool[/highlight] folder and select it, then click on [highlight]klwp.sample_src[/highlight] and then select the [highlight]assets[/highlight] folder, then select [highlight]wallpapers[/highlight] folder , paste the [highlight]klwp zip/s[/highlight] you copied here, (you will see a [highlight]read me[/highlight] file here also, it just tells you to put your wallpaper zips in this folder, [highlight]delete[/highlight] it), exit your file explorer.

    2, Open [highlight]ApKTOOL[/highlight] app from your app drawer and navigate to [highlight]Apktool[/highlight] folder and click on it then click on [highlight]klwp.sample_src[/highlight] folder select [highlight]browse[/highlight]
    your screen should now look like this.


    3, Just to check you zip is in there click on [highlight] assets[/highlight], then click on [highlight]wallpapers[/highlight]
    And your screen should look like this, with one or more zips (obviously your zip name will be different)


    4, Navigate back to your [highlight]klwp.sample_src[/highlight] folder, then select [highlight]res[/highlight] folder then click on [highlight]values[/highlight] folder then click [highlight]strings.xml[/highlight], you will then be prompted to open with, pick the [highlight]droid edit[/highlight] app you downloaded from post#1.
    Your screen should now look like this.


    On this screen only edit (with your app name and description )what is written in WHITE, Using only text and numbers you may also use capital letters and spaces...like so..


    If you delete anything else by accident, unless you know what your doing I suggest you exit droid editor and start from step 4 again.
    Once edited press the little icon I've arrowed on the left of the option ribbon.


    And press [highlight]save[/highlight]

    5, Navigate back to your [highlight]klwp.sample_src[/highlight] folder, then click on [highlight]AndroidManifest.XML[/highlight], again you will receive a promt and again open with [highlight]droid edit[/highlight] and edit (with your app name ) ONLY what I've highlighted in next pic.Use lowercase text only and no spaces.


    So it looks like this


    Click on the little icon I arrowed earlier and press [highlight]save[/highlight]

    6, Navigate back to your [highlight]Apktool[/highlight] folder and click on [highlight]klwp.sample_src[/highlight] folder, select [highlight]recompile[/highlight] if you have done everything correctly you should get a pop up that looks like this..:fingers-crossed:


    Click OK.

    7, you should now have an extra apk in your [highlight]Apktool[/highlight] folder called [highlight]klwp.sample_src.apk[/highlight] with ( if you have made one) your own launcher icon..


    Click on your new [highlight]klwp.sample_src.apk[/highlight] and pick [highlight]sign[/highlight] you should then get a pop up like this..


    Press OK

    Then you will notice another apk in your [highlight]Apktool[/highlight] folder called [highlight]klwp.sample_src_sign.apk[/highlight] if you long press on this apk and select [highlight]rename[/highlight] you can then name it the name of your app but don't forget to leave the [highlight].apk[/highlight] on the end..(if you are using the apk for the play store, don't rename it yet this will happen in following posts). Like so..


    if you want to go onto the next stage and make the apk play store ready, then keep the [highlight]klwp.sample_src.apk[/highlight] otherwise you can delete it.

    8, you can now test your newly built apk by installing it, either by clicking on it now and selecting [highlight] install[/highlight] or installing it the usual way you install apk's, its also ready for you to share via your favorite cloud etc..

    To make a komponent/s apk follow the same instructions from post#2 step 6 but instead use the [highlight]komp.sample.apk[/highlight]. (But obviously copy your komponent zip/s into the komponent folder in post#4 'building your apk, step 1.

    Do not delete the decompiled [highlight] klwp.sample_src[/highlight] folder as this can be used for making ultra fast apk's as detailed in post#7.

    If you are planning to update your app then leave the finished apk in the [highlight]Apktool[/highlight] folder for ease of update (copy it somewhere else for backup if you want, though).