[GUIDE]Make Spotify work under CM12


Oct 30, 2011
I've managed to get a temporary fix for Spotify users.
This solution is a temporary one. And in this form it's only working on 5.0+ ROM's.
I'm not responsible for loss of your data. Do a backup before you change anything.
If you're follow the tutorial step, by step, there shouldn't be any problem.

It's quite easy, just a few copying, and premission setting. Not hard at all. So let's start:
  1. Download a fresh copy of Spotify from Google Play. Do NOT open up the app yet.
  2. Go to /data/app and find com.spotify.music folder.
  3. MOVE this folder(do not copy) to /system/app (it should look like: /system/app/com.spotify.music).
  4. Now rename the folder com.spotify.music to Spotify, and rename the com.spotify.music.apk to Spotify.apk.
  5. After renaming, you have to set the permissions. For the Spotify folder, and any folders inside it, you have to set rwx r-x r-x
  6. (You have to set the same permissions for 3 folders (Spotify, lib, arm).
  7. The files' permissions inside it should be rw- r-- r-- (Spotify.apk, liborbit-jni-spotify.so).
  8. After setting the permissions, download my modified version. and replace the Spotify.apk with it. (/system/app/Spotify)
  9. You have to set one more permission for the newly copied Spotify.apk. It's the same, as the old one, so rw- r-- r--.
  10. After that, you're good to go. I've restarted my phone after this procedure, but I think it's not needed.

The problem was that the Spotify has a little video in the log-in screen. Because the ROM is not perfect yet, it can't play the video, and thats what causes the restarts. I've just replaced the video file with an empty one, and thats all.
Hit that thanks button if it helped you out. :)

And finally, here is the download link: goo.gl /ThijK0
And an other link: goo.gl /lYnlxG
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