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Aug 21, 2005
I got a stock L29. I wanted to use Adoptable Storage and asked Huawei customer service and they returned with this.

Does it means I just need to unlock bootloader and root the phone and AAS will work?

I use googlepay quite frequently and hope it continue to work after the root process.

Any feedback, pro, cons greatly appreciated.
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Jan 25, 2013
Unlock bootloader

Por favor me pueden ayudar con el unlock bootloader

Por favor me pueden ayudar con el unlock bootloader
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Dec 16, 2008
HI, i need to repair my imei from my huawei mate 20x EVR-L29, so I think that I need to root it, any advice to do this? emui 10

I just sent mine to my local repair center. I uaed HiCare app to request a service pick-up. Next day DPD came over, took my phone and 3 days later I got it back with new IMEI and EMUI 9.0. And I paid nothing for it.
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Apr 7, 2009
I just got the EVR N29 - I didn't know that it will be so hard to unlock the bootloader - not to mention rooting; then I saw your comment about the code - cheaper
Please can you help? I will really appreciate it a lot.

I forgot to add that the device is on EMUI 10.1.0
The ads are driving me crazy coming from Samsung Note 4 which was rooted
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Yes just create patched recovery ramdisk using magisk andbstock recovery. it will work.

I have done this very thing. I hold down the right buttons on bootup and I STILL don't have root access.

I did this:

1. Downloaded firmware
2. Extracted recovery from update.app
3. Installed firmware
4. Installed latest magisk manager apk
5. Patched recovery ramdisk

Reboot, hold down power/vol+ when boot screen comes up, release buttons and I NEVER get root.


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Jul 9, 2014
I looked into emui 9 update.zip (I used huawei update.app extractor) and there is no ramdisk.img file.


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Aug 8, 2013
Can someone help me. I just picked up an EVR-AL00 and it's currently on Android 10. I need the bootloader unlocked. How do I proceed? I supposed I have to downgrade to Android 9 first, right? Or is there a way to get it on Android 10?

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    Thanks to @topjohnwu, magisk canary builds officially support emui 9, albeit with some caveats.

    This root requires replacing stock recovery with patched magisk init, which will then boot system with magisk support. This means that currently, TWRP or stock recovery and magisk can't exist simultaneously. Also, in order to boot with root, you will NEED to hold down VOLUME UP as the phone is rebooting or booting until the "device is booting" text is displayed. This tells the phone to boot into recovery, which is taken over by magisk init and booted into system with root. Failure to do this will result in the phone booting WITHOUT root or magisk.

    I've gone ahead and patched the recovery_ramdisk for EVR-AL00 and EVR-L29.

    What is needed:
    A computer
    A bit of know-how

    Step 1: You MUST be bootloader unlocked
    -Start by downloading the relevant recovery ramdisk for your variant the AND magisk manager below
    Step 2:
    -Install the magisk manager
    Step 3:
    -Copy the recovery ramdisk to a folder with fastboot. Those with environment set up for adb/fastboot can ignore this step.
    Step 4:
    -Reboot your device to the bootloader. This is accomplished easiest with the adb reboot bootloader command. If you would like to gracefully put the device in bootloader mode, simply power off the device, remove all USB cables from it, but make sure one is plugged into your PC. Once the device is fully powered off, hold down the volume-DOWN key and then press and hold the power button and IMMEDIATELY plug the USB-C cable into the phone.
    Step 5:
    -Once the device is in bootloader and connected to the PC, run the command "fastboot flash recovery_ramdisk recovery_ramdiskMagiskVARIANT" with VARIANT being whatever ramdisk you downloaded. For example with AL00 you would input "fastboot flash recovery_ramdisk recovery_ramdiskMagiskAL00.img"
    Step 6:
    -Run the command "fastboot reboot" and immediately disconnect the USB-C cable from the phone. At this point you will want to hold down VOLUME-UP until the "device is booting" message is displayed.
    Step 7:
    -Once the system is booted, open magisk manager and profit.

    Patched Recovery Ramdisk for EVR-AL00
    Patched Recovery Ramdisk for EVR-L29

    Stock Recovery Ramdisk for EVR-AL00
    Stock Recovery Ramdisk for EVR-L29
    I know this is probably a dumb question but what about OTA updates (or any updates) after rooting?
    Yeah you can. Just flash back the stock Ramdisk, take the update, then flash the magisk Ramdisk again.

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    Huawei officially stopped giving out bootloader unlocking codes. Period. Full stop. The only way the dubious sites like funky monkey and other rip off sites are getting the codes for you are through some of the greedy Huawei employees who have access to the phone services to provide the codes. These people join with the other rip-off sites like funky to send you the codes. They are expensive, because people rushing to unlock and willing to pay any money. Part of the mponey goes to the leaking employee and part to the rip-off sites.

    It was not like this before. XDA initially was a dedicated community on giving tutorials and contributions towards making the best of our phones. But with more companies blocking bootloader unlocking, everyone started to become greedy. We already paid so much for this Mate 20X and still willing to pay to get the unlocking codes to rip off sites?

    Even after rooting, there is no proper support for this phone with other apps because of the locked bootloader limitations. Developers can't freely experiment and tinker with this phone because the codes were expensive once, and now there are no more codes, possibly because the employees concerned were fired and these rip-off sites are unable to get the codes from them.

    Even custom roms do not have support for this device, or at least fully working ones, because of this.

    When will you guys learn? Wake up. Don't fall prey to the scams. Don't pay just because you can and promote this new trend.

    The only lesson I learnt is to do research next time BEFORE buying a phone and make sure that bootloader unlocking is supported by the company.

    As for me, I already bought this and the only reason I wanted to root is because of removing phone-wide ads. Right now, I am okay with DNS66 which does not require root. It works well, though I need to restart the service manually Otherwise this phone is perfect, and I can always have official OTA updates without breaking anything.
    Thank you freeza!

    I saw you didn't have a link to the patched L29 so I patched mine and everything is perfect.
    If anybody wants to use it or if you want to link it on the OT, it's fine.

    Patched Recovery Ramdisk EVR-L29
    Is it possible to unroot and go back to stock with no issues after using this root method?
    Just flash back the stock ramdisk through ADB and you're good to go.

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