[GUIDE] [MTK] How to use MTKClient and set it up!

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Jan 31, 2014
i want to ask some questions here in advance after reading the entire process so i can reduce the unnecessary replies from me lol

-my phone is using a/b slot and is currently on B slot

Google search "how install magisk without twrp". Watch some of the video and you will get a better understanding of the steps.

I make a typo and it should be:
  • For AB slot: python mtk r boot_a boot_a.bin
  • For AB slot: python mtk r boot_b boot_b.bin
Usually you only need to flash to the active slot.

Copy is the same as transfer. You simply copy files between the PC and your phone. The internatl storage is the built-in storage and external storage is the SD card if you have one.

The vbmeta.img is use for unlocking bootloader. Magisk only needs the boot.img.

Good luck.


May 16, 2023
Which device?

Please share the full log here.
DEVICE: Infinix hot 20 x6826c

Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.19045.2965]
(c) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

C:\Users\hanzo\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python39\mtkclient>mtk r boot_b boot_b.bin
MTK Flash/Exploit Client V1.6.2 (c) B.Kerler 2018-2023

Preloader - Status: Waiting for PreLoader VCOM, please connect mobile

Port - Hint:

Power off the phone before connecting.
For brom mode, press and hold vol up, vol dwn, or all hw buttons and connect usb.
For preloader mode, don't press any hw button and connect usb.
If it is already connected and on, hold power for 10 seconds to reset.

DeviceClass - [LIB]: ←[31mCouldn't get device configuration.←[0m

Port - Hint:

Power off the phone before connecting.
For brom mode, press and hold vol up, vol dwn, or all hw buttons and connect usb.
For preloader mode, don't press any hw button and connect usb.
If it is already connected and on, hold power for 10 seconds to reset.

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "C:\Users\hanzo\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python39\mtkclient\mtk", line 815, in <module>
    mtk = Main(args).run(parser)
  File "C:\Users\hanzo\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python39\mtkclient\mtkclient\Library\mtk_main.py", line 619, in run
    mtk = da_handler.configure_da(mtk, preloader)
  File "C:\Users\hanzo\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python39\mtkclient\mtkclient\Library\mtk_da_cmd.py", line 78, in configure_da
  File "C:\Users\hanzo\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python39\mtkclient\mtkclient\Library\mtk_preloader.py", line 153, in init
    res = self.mtk.port.handshake(maxtries=maxtries)
  File "C:\Users\hanzo\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python39\mtkclient\mtkclient\Library\Port.py", line 102, in handshake
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May 18, 2023
I have rom1 which is 16GB it work with MTK Cpu. Can someone help me read rpmb key from it using mtkclient program?


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May 18, 2023
Is there a possibility at all?
This is not software from the phone but from the Sony TV. Is it possible to find rpmb key from rom1 using phone and mtkclient? I can share the link for rom1.
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Mar 14, 2023
It seems POCO X4 GT with MT6895(Dimensity 8100) can notunlock bootloader instantly via this method QQ, if anyone has other ways to skip 168 hrs?

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    can i use this to unbrick my device by backing up the rom of the same phone model and specs?
    of course, pulled/backed up files always work.
    hello senpai, how about the rom of other phone being restored on the other phone with the same model and specs?
    The same, if the issue is at software level, it could work, you don`t harm in trying it.
    Hi, I have a Lincplus T3 tablet. It is Mediatek Helio G99 chipset. MT 8781. Does mtk client work with Helio Chip? My Android 13 tablet is powered by MediaTek MT8781 Helio G99. Can someone confirm this for me? I don't want to break my device.
    Thanks in advance
    it works with MT6789 which is also Helio G99. So yes
    Hello guys
    Any help?
    I extracted a copy of the device via Flash Tool and WWR and kept it on my computer.
    Then I formatted the board in Flash Tool and unfortunately it stopped.
    After a long search, a friend on the forum advised me to re-download the firmware for the board using the MTKClient program,
    so I installed the program and its accessories, such as Python and USB Stick, and everything was fine. I started
    showing several errors on the screen at work and it did nothing.
    Please help me because everything is fine. It's fine when I get to installing Python but after that I don't know what to do.
    Thank you and sorry for the long post

    View attachment 6011079

    View attachment 6011267
    View attachment 6011273
    If you want to use mtk_gui, use mtk client gui 2.0 (it is already configured)
    Thank you for your response
    But when you open the tool and recognize the device, the tool disappears and the CMD command panel remains open for typing commands
    When I type the command into the computer's command prompt, the device starts executing it
    Please help me and give me the commands that I must write in the command prompt to download the backup copy I have on the device using the MTKClient commands.
    Thank you for your tremendous efforts
    If you have a recognition problem, try installing UsbDk_1.0.22_x64
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    So most of you probably don't know what mtkclient is. It is basically an exploit which is used to boot any (mtk) phone into BROM mode (basically EDL for mtk)
    I am writing this guide especially for the RM6785 community.

    This tool is very useful, you can unlock almost any mediatek device using it (brand won't matter), you can write partitions, read partitions, and even erase partitions.
    This tool can also get you out of any kind of brick! :)
    Thanks to bkerler for making such an amazing tool!

    How to use it?

    Well first of all, I will talk about how to install it inside windows, because most of the users here are most likely using windows.
    Download the mtkclient folder from here: https://github.com/bkerler/mtkclient/archive/refs/heads/main.zip
    Extract it, and open it.

    Now it's time to download python.
    If you are on windows 11/10, you can download Python directly from the microsoft store, and I recommend you to do it from there.
    If you are on windows 8.1 or lower, you will have to download it from the web.

    After installing python is complete.
    Open the command prompt inside the mtkclient-main folder.

    connect to the internet

    and type:
    pip3 install -r requirements.txt


    and wait for it to install completely.
    This will basically set up mtkclient to perform every command.


    (ignore this warning)

    So after this command is done, you need to install usbdk.

    After you install usbdk, just restart your PC.

    So your mtkclient setup is finished now!

    Now you can basically do anything with it.
    Let me tell you how it works:

    For example, if you want to flash something into a partition, you do:

    python mtk w *partitionname* *filename*

    the w indicates "write"
    so for example if i want to flash, lets say boot img.

    python mtk w boot *location o
    f the boot img*
    in simple words:
    python mtk w boot boot.img

    to pull a partition from your device:
    python mtk r *partitionname* *filename*

    the r indicates "read"
    you can pull the image as any name that you'd like"

    python mtk r vbmeta realme6vbmeta.img

    to erase partitions:
    python mtk e *partition*

    the e indicates "erase

    so for example i want to clear my userdata partition
    python mtk e userdata

    you can also write,flash,erase multiple partitions at once.

    for example:
    python mtk w boot,vbmeta boot.img,vbmeta.img
    python mtk r dtbo,boot dtbo.img,boot.img
    python mtk e metadata,userdata

    you can also unlock the bootloader through it:

    python mtk da seccfg unlock

    so to actually begin the flashing/reading/erasing process, enter the command.
    power off your device

    hold both of the volume buttons, and quickly connect usb (do not leave the volume buttons until the command is done)

    So that is basically how you use it, thanks for reading!
    I will make a version for linux users soon!
    if it's not bothering, could you please make a detailed step by step or link a post for a detailed instruction on how to exactly do what youve said? sorry i am having a hard time comprehending the steps, dont want to mess the procedure, thank you

    or can i pm u instead?
    Here is a more detail steps.

    You need to find out if the Phone is using AB slot or not. For AB slot partitions, you need to know which slot is active and flash accordingly.

    • Use Mtkclientand to copy the boot_a.bin.
      • For AB slot: python mtk r boot_a boot_a.bin
      • For AB slot: python mtk r boot_b boot_b.bin
      • For single slot: python mtk r boot boot.bin
    • You rename it to boot_a.img
    • Copy the boot_a.img to phone's internal storage.
    • Install Magisk on the phone.
    • Open Magisk app.
      • Click the Install button .
      • Select the patch the image file option.
      • After you patched boot_a.img, copy the patched boot_a.img to the PC.
      • Rename the patched boot_a.img to boot_a.bin.
    • Use MTKClient to flash it to the boot_a partition.
      • For AB slot: python mtk w boot boot.bin
      • For AB slot: python mtk w boot_a boot_a.bin
      • For single slot: python mtk w boot_b boot_b.bin
    Hi, not quite sure with the terminologies in the commands part, if i want to root /give root access to my phone which command should i use?
    You read to your pc from your phone vía mtkclient the boot_a.bin. You then rename it to boot_a.img, then you turn on your phone, move the img to it, install magisk, patch the boot.img, move it to your pc again, rename the patched to *.bin again and flash it to your boot_a partition vía mtkclient.
    how do i use this to boot phone to brom? or edl or whatever? what is the command if im in adb?
    for me, i used "adb reboot fastboot" then on the next screen i was able to pick reboot to bootloader mode
    I have a Motorola G Power 2022 (MBM-2.1-tonga BL and MT6762_TC2.PR.SP.V56.2.P4.04.36.05R BB) and I can't even get the piece of excrement to be recognized by MTKC no matter what I do.
    Seems like you didn't install mtkclient properly. If you use windows, make sure you have a valid port driver installed and usbdk working. Also make sure you've installed all needed pip packages as stated in the readme.