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Jul 19, 2012
In my User CP. There is no edit Signature button. Why? Please reply.

You will get it once you have 10 posts.. or 8 it must be.. not sure about exact no. Its in op post I believe.. read op again..

Anyone who doesn't think there are two sides to an argument is probably in one.


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Sep 25, 2012
MOD EDIT: Please don't quote the entire first post. Also, when you want to thank someone, please consider using the thanks button instead of posting "Thanks".

Thanks A Lot!!
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Jul 19, 2012
Thanks A Lot!!

First of all mate.. please read first line or last line of post if not the whole OP post ..

Please don't quote first post of a thread ever.. because it usually has too many lines of text which makes it quite large and unnecessary scrolling to rest of people who read the thread..

And there is a button on left bottom corner of each posts to "avoid thanks saying " posts..

So use the button and please edit your post to remove the quote..

Also, use @ op or @ op's username to address or quote only relevant text of post like 2 lines and reply ..

And welcome to xda


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Jun 24, 2013
But come on, tell me it doesn't look good?

Its not bad, but it doesn't serve any purpose as its just your profile name which one can anyway see on the left whenever you post something. As the first few posts of the thread suggested that a good signature would give some information about one's devices, I followed those tips to make my signature.

Everyone has there own choice though. If you like it then you keep it. :)
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Jun 13, 2013
a little help

Guys, what if I don't have any "Edit Signature" button under Settings and Options at the Control Panel?

Do I need to have until xx posts before I can have "Edit Signature" button?

EDIT: found the answer. I need to read a little before posting. :D sorry
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    Please, can you just press "Thanks" button, instead of typing it? Thanks for understanding. :)

    Hello there, my dear XDA community! :)

    First of all, I would like to say thanks, to my dear buddy, mf2112 for passing on me this thread idea,

    and helping and being with during while I was doing it :)

    So thank you very much,I'm so thankful to you!!

    Second of all :D

    I had to include this one, because i totally forgot about this, and it's really useful

    Especially for newbies in here, who wants to make a signature, allready has 8 or

    more posts, but they're stuck! Can't find where to make it!

    So my dear friends, this is from XDA to you! :)

    "In order to combat spam, we have placed several restrictions on new user accounts, including the inability to use signatures.

    This particular restriction is removed after you make eight posts, but please don’t post junk just to raise your post count. (MOD EDIT - If you do, your posts will be removed and you will receive an infraction)

    Once you make eight posts, the system will auto-promote your account (this script runs every hour), and you will be able to edit your signature.

    You can find this option on the user control panel (accessible at all times in the forums using the “Quick Links” menu item).

    If this answer didn’t solve your problem, use our general contact form to email the webmaster."

    So let's start! :)

    I've noticed that there is a lot of people going around in here, asking questions

    without explain the problem as it's supposed to be explained, and without explaining

    what is the model of the phone, what's their ROM in case they're little bit advanced....etc.. :)

    You got my point!

    So,I'll do my best in making this guide which is supposed to help you making a

    great, well informing signature :)

    1.) Let's see what are specifications of my phone

    Ok, if you're Android user, and I asume you are..

    The best thing to find out what's your phone specifications is:

    • Looking on back of mobile phone box
    in case you haven't throwed it away
    There is plenty information,but sometimes not enough..

    • And also there's informations about your phone in your phone...
    Well, that's COOL! :)

    To find informations on the box:




    To find informations on your phone:



    Settings=>About phone=>Software information

    There they are! :)

    We don't need know any hardware specifications of your phone, expect the

    model of your phone.. :)

    That's it, everything else about the hardware, we already know! ;)

    So in Software informations is written:


    • Android Version

    • HTC Sense version (HTC User :) ) if you're Samsung user, there'll probably be written TouchWiz version

    • Software Number (name of your CUSTOM ROM)

    • More (baseband,kernel version, etc.) MOST IMPORTANT INFORMATIONS!

    Ok, there's already a lot of informations going on!!

    But just one more little step to finding out most important informations for your

    signature! :)

    That button, "More" there are informations of:


    • Kernel version

    • [*]Baseband (radio) version

      [*]Build (base) number

      [*]Browser version

    We can also add HBOOT (Bootloader) and Recovery version in signature

    To access HBOOT (Bootloader) menu on your phone you've got to do this:

    First of all, be sure that FASTBOOT is UNTICKED on your phone..

    Turn off your phone

    Hold volume down button while pressing and holding the power button!

    And it should open you screen like this.

    If you somehow can't access it with button combination, you can also

    download and install QUICK BOOT app from Google Play Store

    Which allows you access HBOOT (Bootloader) and Recovery while your phone

    is on.. :)

    I have to say that that app is just perfect and does her job perfectly! :)




    But it's pretty much the same except the numbers :)

    You can see on the first picture is written:


    and in the second one is written


    That's it...now you know your HBOOT version! :)

    Now let's see what Recovery version do we have installed

    To access Recovery, you can do it through HBOOT (Bootloader) menu,

    Or, with Quick Boot app! :)

    Once you get in there it should be something like this:

    Few examples!



    These two are 4Ext Recovery! :)

    and we also have Clockworkmod Recovery



    So on the 1st picture version is:

    v1.0.0.1 RC 2

    2nd picture:


    3rd picture:


    4th picture:


    That's it! :)

    Now we've got our Recovery version written down! :)

    So we've got our informations now! :)

    Now what? :D

    2.) Making a signature on XDA Developers forum

    Let's asume that you've got already 5-8 post so you good to go! :)

    If not, read THIS :)

    First of all, login to your XDA account :D

    Next step is...


    Enter your USER CONTROL PANEL!

    After you entered it, you will get this! :)


    Click on EDIT SIGNATURE!

    And that will open you this:


    We can make your signature now! :)

    So, let's start! :)

    • PHONE: Manufacture and model name of your phone
    • ANDROID VERSION: Android version of your phone
    • HTC SENSE or TouchWiz VERSION: HTC SENSE or TouchWiz version
    • KERNEL VERSION: Write you kernel version
    • BASEBAND VERSION: Write you baseband version
    • BUILD NUMBER: Write down you build number!

    That's the best pattern of having a best signature! :)

    So what you're going to do?! :)

    You're gonna follow these steps and make yourself a best signature, so

    people can help you faster and more efficient! :)


    HTC Sense:
    Software number:
    Kernel version:
    Baseband version:
    Build number:


    Software number:
    Kernel version
    Baseband version
    Build number:


    HTC Sense:
    Software number:
    Kernel version:
    Baseband version:
    Build number:


    Software number:
    Kernel version
    Baseband version
    Build number:

    And after you did that, just fill it with your informations! :)

    When your're not sure what does it look like, press PREVIEW SIGNATURE

    in the bottom of the page and it will show it to you what does it look like

    before you publish it.

    And there's one thing I completly forgot about it..

    Modding your signature, adding different styles, pictures, what ever you want

    You can do it with BB CODE !

    It's all well explained there, so there no need of C/P it in here! ;)

    But when you're over with making your signature,when you're completly satisfied

    with it, press SAVE SIGNATURE!

    And that's it, YOU'VE GOT YOUR SIGNATURE! :)

    I hope that this was helpful to you,and that you successfully made your


    If you're really stuck, or you don't know what and how to do... contact me,anyhow.. I'll be glad to help you!

    Suggestions and improvements always welcomed!

    If this thread helped you, please Rate it up at the top of the first post.

    Cheers everyone! :)

    Please, can you just press "Thanks" button, instead of typing it? Thanks for understanding. :)
    There is a lot of different profiles in here...so i made it as simple as I can.. :)
    i am unable to find "Edit Signature" link in "setting & options" tab
    so i guess xda website is updated... can u tell me where is the "Edit Signature" link, i am new to xda

    First of all dont quote the first post ans if you do, please edit it so it wont consume the whole screen if you post it.

    And about your query, you have to do 10 posts until then you can edit your signature. Hit thanks if i was able to help you :)

    Sent from my MT27i using XDA Premium 4 mobile app
    Good guide but I guess people already know how to make a sig (?)

    sent from my X8 running nAa's ics kernel and nAa's mini CM9

    Nope..a lot of newbies in here...

    Sent from my HTC Sensation using XDA
    By the number of posts without signatures I see on XDA by people with more than 8 posts I think this is needed. :D

    A signature should inform others about your phone when you post a question.
    A good signature will include information helpful to others beyond the direct target of the question/reply.
    A great signature will inform the community with important information and potentially answer questions which have not been asked yet, avoiding repetitive posts.

    Anyone can feel free to copy elements or format of my signature as you like.
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