Guide on how to change your font now! (works in One UI 3.0+)


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Apr 7, 2018
Hello everyone! I put together this guide (based on @__TrungDK__ 's guide) on how to change the font of your device to any of your liking, WITHOUT ROOT.

Video tutorial:

Steps to follow (updated 2021):

1. Make sure you are signed into your Samsung Account.
2. Install zFont 3 from the Play Store.
3. Go to Local and select your custom font. Alternatively, you may select a font from the app's collection.
4. Tap on APPLY and then "OneUI #All 🎉".
5. When the screen with the steps shows up, tap on Install "SamsungSans". Don't continue, but go back!
6. Change the device's font to "Samsung Sans".
7. At your phone's Settings, go to "Accounts and backup" and then to "Back up data" under Samsung Cloud.
If you can't find the Back up/Restore options due to carriers hiding them, please follow these steps:
I. Download Activity Launcher from the Play Store.
II. In the search field you type "Cloud".
III. In the Samsung Cloud submenu it will be the second item named "Backup Settings".
IV. Tap on it and you're in the backup settings.
V. As for restoring look for the "Restore" item.
(Thanks to /u/AU_32 on Reddit!)
8. Select only "Settings" and back it up.
9. Change the device's font to the default one.
10. Back to zFont 3, go to Local again.
11. Select your custom font again.
12. Tap on APPLY and then "OneUI #All 🎉".
13. Tap on Install "[your custom font's name]".
14. Do not change the font in your phone's Settings!
15. At your phone's Settings, go to "Accounts and backup" and then to "Restore data" under Samsung Cloud.
16. Select only "Settings" and restore it. Don't delete the backup.
17. Android will be tricked into thinking that it's applying again Samsung Sans but it will actually apply your custom font!
18. You may repeat this process from step 9, for every other font, now.

NOTE: If your font isn't a ".ttf" file, you may convert it online or use zFont Tool to convert ".otf" to ".ttf"!

Useful links:
Create a Samsung Account:
zFont 3, the font changer:
zFont Tool, the ".ttf" converter:

Google Sans font:
SamsungOne font:
San Francisco (iOS) font:

I hope it helps you!
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