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[GUIDE] [OREO 8.0] ROOT + TWRP + DRM Fix | AU KDDI SOV34 | 41.3.C.1.147

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    NOTE :
    I created this guide for the Sony Japan AU KDDI version of Xperia XZ Oreo 8.0 users and i have difficulty installing the global version and many that do not support such as NFC Japan are very different from global. Please report this text before you root SOV34 check your sim lock if (x) Network Subset [5] = this is a Carrier Restriction that only allows certain SIM cards. In Japan, CDMA are dominant networks. I think since this is a GSM network, they set a Network Subset lock to restrict exporting. If you already unlock your bootloader, then sim not detected again. So please check this sim lock from dial *#*#7378423#*#*. Forget about root if your Network Subset is locked.

    Since there is no ftf file for XZ AU KDDI's, here is the guide from me for rooting it.

    1. You need backup your TA.img. Downgrade your android to Marshmallow for FTF file you can find from this link [url]https://ftf.andro.plus/[/URL] you may use the version 39.0.C.0.282 and for guide step how to backup TA you can use this link [url]https://forum.xda-developers.com/crossdevice-dev/sony/universal-dirtycow-based-ta-backup-t3514236[/URL].
    2. Update your SOV34 to Oreo 8.0 via Xperia Companion (since no ftf for Oreo) and unlocked your bootloader. For Unlock booloader you can use Flashtool or from ADB. Make sure that the OEM Unlocking in Developer Option is ON
    3. Make your phone plugin to pc to Fastboot Mode ( Power Up + Volume Up ) and go to ADB and flash Recovery.
      fastboot flash recovery twrp.img
      you can download TWRP from my drive [url]https://drive.google.com/open?id=1IlisSeKaMhvCQkUddgyLOdDSg_988zvZ[/URL] and factory reset via TWRP[to eliminate the password entry during bootup]

    4. Flash the created from me for boot.img using fastboot and restart to TWRP
      fastboot flash boot boot.img
    5. Flash instal Zip Magisk, DRM Fix and Safetynet Patch. ( Put this Zip in SD Card) you can find this zip in my drive [url]https://drive.google.com/open?id=1IlisSeKaMhvCQkUddgyLOdDSg_988zvZ[/URL]
    6. All done.

    Credit :
    @donedos ( For inspiration to me make this guide )

    You can see my attached Screenshot for already to be root My SOV34. If you need Q & A you can send me email [email protected] or you can PM.
    This it's very help me thanks and working. Are you have project again for about this device?

    IDK. I will try about this, since no custom rom full support for this device SOV34
    I look forward to it, you have reccom for tweak gaming for like PUBG ?

    For me just delete file config thermal in folder system/vendor/etc

    Find this file and delete and instal kernel auditor for tweak
    how about softbank variant?is it possible to ubl+twrp+magisk on stock nougat rom?all the guide here to be on oreo 8.0,i don't want to change firmware region to global,cuz battery life really poor ,and deep sleep not working,nfc is gone(and yes i have ubl yes)

    Very Possible, maybe i can make thats tutorial coming soon
    big thanks,already downgraded to marshmallow to backup TA,but not sure after that i will continue to proceed until someone already test it :D:cowboy:

    Im use softbank too, already flash to omni rom very smooth and no have problem just NFC cant be work