[GUIDE] OREO without root or unlocking the bootloader

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Jun 15, 2011
Please note this guide has been tested on this particular device and only on one unit. Please use this information responsibly and have all your data backed up before continuing.

Device info
Device name: FRD-L19
Firmware version: FRD-L19C432B405
EMUI version: 5.0.1
Android version: 7.0

What we want
EMUI version: 8.X
Android version: 8.0

Back story
I stopped receiving updates a while back and my phone was basically stuck on update FRD-L19C432B405
I decided to upgrade my device but all guides i could find require the bootloader to be unlocked. Unfortunately, as you all know, this has become quite a challenge and is basically off the table as far as official ways are concerned.
The only way i could find was to use the built in updater/eRecovery and a bit of trickery...

1. Honor 8 FRD_L19
2. Firmware Finder for Huawei - app installed on your phone

Upgrade process from EMUI v7 (FRD_L19C432B405) to v8 (FRD_L19C432B562)
1. flash FRD-L19C432B406 partial udate (243.2 MB)
- use FFfH to find and flash the firmware
- I used the DNS-auto approach inside the app to find the update
- this will bring the system to EMUI 5.0.3 and enable the next step
2. flash FRD_L19C432B562 FullOTA-MF-PV (2.6 GB)
- use FFfH to find the firmware and flash via eRecovery
- here the DNS-auto approach didn't work so i opted for the eRecovery instead
- i found multiple firmware with the same name, so try to remember which one you tried and if that one doesn't work try the next one and so on.

Thats it, you now have OREO without root or unlocking the bootloader. Enjoy
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