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Hey everyone!
can anyone advise on any gcam version compatible with LineageOS 18.1 or any android 11 roms? tried all available mods, zero luck. Only Wichaya's mode got installed properly, but still crashes from any action, cant even do any photo. Wondering if downgrade to android 10 is only option to make any of them work. thanks!

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    As we all know, camera quality on non-MIUI custom ROMs is unfortunately subpar. But the Google Camera app ported by developers help alleviate this issue by improving image quality. You can learn more about it here.


    Android 9, 10, and 11 ROMs. Might work with <9.0 ROMs but I can't confirm.


    1. Check if camera2api is already enabled (Most 9/10+ ROMs already have this feature enabled by default so you probably don't have to do this). You can use the Manual Camera Compatibility app (link). If all are green, you can skip step 2. If it's red, contine to the next step.
    2. Enable camera2api. There are two ways to do this: manually adding a line in build.prop or by flashing a Magisk module. (link)

    3. Install the app. GCam versions from these devs I can confirm working on the 4a (If you do find other versions that work, please do reply below):

    Older GCam versions: (less features but more stable)
    - scrubber (might not work on newer Android versions)
    - arthur

    Newer GCam versions: (more features but less stable for the phone)
    - Nikita

    Google Camera Go: (basically GCam lite)
    - Wichaya

    Other recommended versions (not all works)

    • Features that don't work or buggy:
    - Slow Motion (use Nokia Camera or others instead)
    - Dark video recording (may depend on ROM/use Camera Go)

    FAQ's and Troubleshooting Tips
    does auto hdr+ work?
    Btw the link for the los 14.1 by carlos is not working . Please provide an alternate link if you have Please.
    Yup, Auto HDR+ works.
    The dev has taken down the download link and I believe he no longer maintains the ROM. You can try other ROMs or this newer build of LOS14.1 by muralivijay: Link
    This version work: GoogleCamera-Pixel2Mod-Arnova8G2-V6.apk

    Edit. Video record error.
    I've updated the thread to show the GCam versions that work for the Redmi 4A running Android Pie ROMs. If you know helpful fixes or find versions from other developers that works, feel free to post it here (as well as the ROM you're running it on) so that I could add it in the thread. Thanks.
    Yeah Pixel 3 Gcam Too work in Our Device Modded*

    I Used It And Feeling very Happy