[Guide] Quick root and TWRP for the Galaxy A20 (Android 9,10 & 11)

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Feb 17, 2022
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You guys are mistaken here. this ROOT GUIDE is for A205 series and it doesn't work with the A207 Series. When you say A20 there are 3 type of A20 series which are:
A20e (A202F) ,
A20 (A205F, A205FN, A205G, A205GN, A205S, A205U, A205W, A205YN, A205DL, A205F, A205M) ,
A20s (A207F, A205M)

Please mention this topic is for the A20 series only which I gave above. I tried this method for A20s - A207F for more than 5 times and it didn't work at all.
S205DL is the same thing as the A205U but under TracFone's carrier, this is a US carrier and does not have the OEM unlock feature as well.

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EDIT: oh wait nvm u already noticed lol
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