[GUIDE] [RAW Firmware] [RE-LOCK] Convert CN to->WW or WW to->CN Rom (20/12/2019)

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Dec 5, 2010
i have locked ww asus rog 2. never tempered with it. if i want to flash raw firmware does 1st page raw firmware flashing guide apply? or is it different?


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Jan 7, 2007
Xiaomi Poco F3
Current is latest. I don't plan to change. Want to flash raw because i saw various online boards that after flashing raw there is battery improvement and phone runs smoother then before.

Yeah, as far as I recall there shouldn't be any issue with simply flashing raw. You say you are on latest rom, do you mean 1910.64 (latest A9) or 2009.49 (latest A10)? If you are on latest A10, this thread only links to latest A9.

For latest A10 go here


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Sep 6, 2019
My sofware build still at 190414.001.WW from i buy, but the device id and fingerprints in device info still CN..
Where should i start? :laugh:


Sep 25, 2019
It never got passed the [command] : fastboot.exe flash all WW_ZS660KL ........
it stuck there forever any help?
left it like 40 minutes.
EDIT :nvm im retarded i didnt have the phone drivers
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Nov 8, 2019
ive been succed convert cn to ww & been using 1 year with no problem. yesterday my phone go into bootloop & stuck at rog logo now. i caN only enter recovery mode. what should i do..HELP
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Mar 9, 2016
I did exactly what you mentioned. And guess what, nothing happens. My cmd prompt just stay blank for hours, and no progress shows up. Currently, I'm in WW_17.0240.2012.65_0 rom, and trying to convert back to CN rom. I'm using the stock CN rom you had provided. And it doesn't work.

Can you help me?
p.s I have unlocked my bootloader.
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Ras Mesh

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Mar 8, 2021
Also looking for the Raw Firmware file to unroot my phone as well. hopefully somebody will provide the link.


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Mar 30, 2018
Also looking for the Raw Firmware file to unroot my phone as well. hopefully somebody will provide the link.
If you used Magisk to root yourself, then you can use Magisk Manager to unroot because it did a backup of your boot partition before rooting. There is an 'Uninstall' button in Magisk Manager. If you just flashed an already rooted boot image, then wait for the RAW fw, don't use the Uninstall option from Magisk Manager, as this will get you into a boot loop.


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Nov 18, 2021
Hello to all
I also have this big problem, I find myself with a Rog 2 with CN firmware.
I want to bring it to the European firmware but I'm afraid of making a mistake, because I'm Italian, I don't know the English language well and it is very difficult for me to follow the guide.
Also I tried to download the WW rom, but Mega says the file has been removed.
Can anyone help me step by step? I am also willing to pay if necessary. Thanks

Currently in my device this rom is mounted: CN_17.0240.2107.100_0
Android Version 10

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    [GUIDE] [RAW Firmware] [RE-LOCK] Convert CN to->WW or WW to->CN Rom (20/12/2019)

    Hey Guys,

    After seeing a lot of users falling in trouble by flashing the 21 files to convert Chinese Tencent Games Rom to WW (International) Rom -
    (It's actually by users fault for falling in trouble as many ignored or forgot the Bootloader unlock step)
    I thought I'll attempt convert mine too, But as intended or done by the official Means.

    What's Missing from Asus Web-page Firmware

    So after a bit of reading into Asus and ROG History, and thanks to the guidance by yakapa40 posted over here, I have learned the following.
    * On the Asus Webpage, The Firmware provided by Asus are only for Official OTA Updates.
    * These firmware does not include a recovery partition which is mandatory for a clean flash.
    * By forcefully flashing these firmware, You can boot the device - but you cannot change the recovery (Boot Image Fingerprint will always remain what was on the device)
    * Negatives of this is that you cannot Re-Lock the bootloader, Causing SafetyNet to fail where GooglePay and certain banking apps will fail top open on your device.

    Where Things Went Wrong

    * Many users followed the 21 File Flash method to convert their Chinese Tencent Games Devices to WW (International) Firmware. This flashed the IMG files via Fastboot to the device, Partition by Partition
    * Many Succeeded while a few got into bootloops - Majorly caused by not unlocking teh bootloader
    * Asus Bootloader so far cannot be unlocked in Fastboot - You need to boot to Rom and use their official APK to unlock the bootloader

    How to actually convert the CN Device to WW (International) Rom by clean official means

    * So Asus has a different set of firmwares known as RAW Firmware which includes all partitions of the rom. These are not freely available, and only available in ASUS Service Centers.
    * Flashing a Raw firmware completely overrites all partitions successfully converting the device to the edition of the Zip you obtained
    * Currently I have only WW - 16.0622.1906.19_M3.13.33.20-1.1.93 Version which is the latest for WW at the time of typing this article.

    Actual Guide

    Remember, You're on your own from here. Follow the steps carefully, and patiently. If something breaks or blows up - You're on your own.

    - This guide only applies to ASUS ROG II (SKU : ZS660KL)
    * Ensure to log out from your Google Account Signed in on the device. If you forget this step, Later on, you'll be locked at first boot due to Google's FRP.
    * Do not attempt this on x86/32bit operating systems. Some users have reported bricking issues due to RAW flasher not supporting 32bit Operating Systems.
    * Download the WW (International ROM) file at the end of this post (This is if you're coming from CN Rom to International Rom)
    * Extract all contents as is to your C: Drive
    * (Refer to attached image for the file list)
    * Connect the Phone to the PC in Fastboot Mode - Using the Black Type-C Port on the Side of the Device (Not the Charging port on the bottom)

    - ROG 2 Fastboot Method
    * Power off the device completely.
    * Press and Hold Volume-Up Key
    * Press the Power key for 2 seconds and release it while continuing to hold the Volume-Up Key
    * You will be in a Menu with multiple options such as Recovery, Reboot.. This is the Fastboot Mode.

    * After connecting via Fastboot Mode, Navigate to the Firmware extracted folder
    * Double-Click and Run flashall_AFT.cmd - A Dos Command window will open and show some information
    * Leave your PC for 5 - 10 Mins, Even if nothing moves in the command window - This is normal - It will not show any progress bar. It will just say completed after done, and the device will restart itself.
    * After restarting, It is important to do a Factory Wipe. Come back to Fastboot Mode, Switch through volume keys and select Recovery Mode - Then Select Wipe/Data Factory Reset.

    Already attempted the 21 File Method and now bricked?
    * If you are currently bricked, You can use the above flash guide to recover from it

    DOWNLOAD Firmware Files from Here

    WW (International ROM)
    Latest Version - WW_ZS660KL_16.0631.1910.64
    Link 1 (MEGA)

    CN (Chinese Tencent Games ROM) - Only for Users who are on WW Rom now and wants to go back to CN ROM
    For converting from CN to WW - You do not need the below file. Just the WW file on top is enough.
    Latest Version - CN_ZS660KL_16.0631.1910.5
    Link 1 (MEGA) | | Link 2 (MEGA) |

    Relocking Bootloader

    * Thanks to our respondent pd0200426 We can now safely re-lock the bootloader.
    * WARNING : This needs to be done "ONLY" right after a Stock Rom Raw flash. Attempting to lock at any other condition might brick your device.

    How To:
    * Turn off Device and Boot into Fastboot Mode
    * From Windows CMD - Type

    fastboot oem asus-csc_lk

    * Reboot the Device.
    * If it shows some error, Reboot to Fastboot, Then Recovery and Wipe/Factory Reset the Rom.
    * Re-Locking Bootloader restores your Widevine DRM back to L1. (Screenshot Attached for reference)

    Other Helpful Links / Guides
    * Google ADB USB Drivers (Download from developer.android)
    * Installing ADB and Fastboot Easily, The official Method - Article from Lifehacker
    * Getting Root Access on the Device - Article from XDA
    * Help XDA Member acervenky - To Test The first Custom Kernel
    * Our own Reddit Community - r/ROGphone2/

    What's Next

    * We are not receving any OTA currently on the WW Rom as explained here. Help us find the missing link. [DONE - Thread UPDATED]
    - Follow this link to change Device fingerprint from CN to WW
    * We currently have only a WW Rom, I intend to find and share a CN Firmware as well so that if WW Users want to go back to CN, We can do that too. [Bought the Rom - Thanks to a Donator who shared the amount for the Rom]
    * Relock the Bootloader - Since ASUS does not have a fastboot command to lock or relock, We need to find a method to cleanly lock it back. [DONE - Thread UPDATED]

    Thank you and Good Luck!

    Would you like to Help Me back?

    Any idea when the latest WW Raw will be available? :silly:

    EDIT: Used the RAW from here: https://forum.xda-developers.com/rog-phone-2/how-to/rom-update-wwzs660kl16-0622-1907-33-t3968495

    No issues and latest WW. CN firmware is so bad I can't believe they actually make that firmware for people. It's TERRIBLE
    You are entitled to your own opinion, but it's these types of comments which aren't specific, vouge and simply instead of being informative draws unintended bad picture to new users. I am on the CN rom, I have no issues with it and it's not as you describe.
    Please if you want to compare the two firmwares be specific of the points you like or dislike, one more thing there is another thread just about this topic you can voice you opinions there in detail. Have a good day
    What about OTA updates?

    Do you think that the bugs of WW rom (dual band wifi) is software related ?

    Enviado desde mi ASUS_I01WD mediante Tapatalk

    OTA Updates : Gotta wait till the next one to check. However, I Can assure you it works after relocking the bootloader.

    Dual Band WiFi - It's a common misconception.
    Dual Band WiFi (2.4GHz and 5GHz) Both are working fine.
    I have attached a screenshot from my device running WW firmware for your reference.

    What's not working is Dual WiFi (Storm Network Acceleration) - Which is a gaming feature under Armoury Crate. This function allows you to connect to two separate WiFi networks.
    This feature is not visible in WW Firmware and even on the Chinese firmware this gets disabled after first reboot as it's still in beta. (Also attached a Screenshot)
    Thanks JazonX.
    Could you check if you have the B20 LTE band after the conversion?
    I don't know if LTE bands are software related ir not :S
    Enviado desde mi ASUS_I01WD mediante Tapatalk
    any new LTE Bands added or unlocked

    No Worries at all, Can you tell me which application to monitor this?

    You should consider when publicly sharing raw files and flash instructions. Asus will have more stringent measures for later versions, many such cases!

    Hey Buddy, Thanks a lot for your input.

    * Asus does Raw firmware since the very first Android zenfones, and the method has remained always the same. The files were always made available after some time, If not me, Someone else wouldv'e done it.
    * Yes, Since Samsung Note 3 - Since the days Samsung implemented Knox, This battle between Manfacturers and Community was ongoing.

    If your concern is absolutely genuine, and you're worried about it,

    * You should remember that you and your VN team got this Raw rom way before I published it here.
    * Your team tried to sell it openly to users who got stuck while flashing. I just shared it, But your team were selling it.

    So at that point ^ wasn't your original question a concern?

    - Is your problem really related to ASUS strengthening their security or Your Firmware sales business getting disrupted due to this Thread?
    (No Hard feelings, but this is how we do in XDA. Scammers destroyed Huawei forums by making everything a paid option. I dont want to see the same **** being repeated here.)

    Just wanted to clarify that if I do this, will this automatically factory reset my phone? If not, is it recommended to factory reset the phone?

    It will not Factory Reset Itself, But it's highly recommended to do so, since there are many changes between the firmwares.

    may i check with you guys what is the difference WW and CN rom ? i mean Since CN rom able to install Google Services.

    CN Rom has Google Features.
    You can refer to this thread for more information

    Thanks for this JazonX. Sounds like this works perfectly.

    Can you test a couple of things with this:

    1. Does Google Pay work fine?
    2. Can you try one of the Test Patterns on the Netflix app. Are you at least getting 720p resolution?


    1. Google Pay Doesnt work as Safety Net doesn't pass in my region yet.
    2. How do I access the Test Patterns?

    Mine is on the way and the files are ready on my computer to flash right out of the box. :) Thanks a million
    Just to clarify, some people mentioned camera problems after the 21 files method specially video stabilization. Can anyone confirm camera and scrolling smoothness are fine ?

    21 File method was an unofficial method where the Rom Fingerprint and Recovery fingerprint didn't match.
    This method is a clean reset method, and So far I haven't noticed any issues.

    Scrolling smoothness - Yes, WW Rom is slightly slow compared to the CN Rom.

    Help !!!

    i did extrat the zip file to C drive ...
    Do i have to keep the extracted files in folder inside C drive ?
    or just keep all extracted folders as it is in C drive ?
    i tried several times it will last for 5 min and fails... now my device is in boatloop and not strating anymore !!
    can any one help
    my device boatloader is locked and i didnt install any firmwarer before
    plz help

    1. Make sure your PC has Fastboot Installed. (Test by: opening CMD - and then typing fastboot devices)
    2. Make sure everything is in one folder, Don't just extract the files to C: drive, There are many other system files in C: Drive which may conflict
    3. Make sure the Type-C cable is plugged to the Port on the side of the phone (First Black one) - Not the bottom charging port

    I followed the instruction until my phone is in the fastboot mode. They were Start, Restart bootloader, Recovery mode and Power off. I tried to run the file flashall_AFT as you said either in the first screen or in the Recovery mode screen (which contains Reboot system now, Reboot to bootloader, Wipe data/factory reset and Power off) . The cmd window was different though. But the phone never restart. It seems like i missed something. Please help.

    On the other hand, i have issues with Google apps such as maps, youtube and something kind of apps working on GPS while using the LTE network (I live in Vietnam). They just don't work properly and very unstable. Is it because I am using the CN firmware? Will it be better with the WW firmware or it's hardware's issue like people talk about lacking of network bands and you have to live with it.

    Appreciate any feedback.

    * Make sure your PC has Fastboot Installed. (Test by: opening CMD - and then typing fastboot devices)
    * Make sure the Type-C cable is plugged to the Port on the side of the phone (First Black one) - Not the bottom charging port

    About the Google Apps being unstable, I Can't really comment on it.


    Hey Buddy,
    Some users are reporting that important files are missing. Can you confirm?

    Thanks! Original link was flagged by google for too many downloads.
    EDIT: flashall_AFT.cmd is missing in this file.

    Please do not use it. Refer to the attached screenshot for the file list.

    I'm kinda confused so let me get this straight in a few questions :D
    -Using the above method "WITHOUT UNLOCKING BOOTLOADER" lets me keep both ota updates and L1 certification while maintaining official WW rom on tencent CN model?? CUZ THAT WOULD BE GREAT :D

    -if so, why do u need to relock bootloader
    ? Or os it just in the guide for reference?

    -can someone -who already unlocked bootloader and flashed to ww- use the relock method posted above and keep ww rom and regain L1 certification.?

    -not to question you or anything, but how did you get your hands on WW raw firmware? Since you said it's only available in asus service centers not freely, i mean is your source trusted?

    -lastly, can i officially change default launcher now in WW rom on CN model? I mean without windows cmd commands and such? Cuz this is making me FURIOUS :rolleyes: :D

    And again, Great Thanks For Your Efforts :)

    * After you flash the WW firmware using this method, Your device wont be CN anymore.
    * Bootloader needs to be locked to get Widevine L1. No matter how much of a stock state you're in, If your bootloader is unlocked - The widevine will always be L3 which limits your streaming apps to 360P, 480P.
    * Yes, I have relocked and posted a screenshot on OP from my Device for my Widevine L1 State.
    * These RAW firmwares are available on the internet, Just a matter of your Google Search skills and a few bucks to spend. This file was not free for me.
    * You can Install Nova, and upon next boot it will ask which launcher you need to use by default.

    I'm clueless when it comes to these things so if my questions are stupid I apologize beforehand. So what you are showing in this guide is a way to converet from CN to WW Rom without unlocking the booloader, and you are providing guide of how to relock the BL for the people who has unlocked the BL before this guide was written. Am I right or completely wrong?

    You are completely right.

    This guide is for people who wants to cleanly convert your CN device to WW.
    Also works for people who screwed their devices using the 21 file flash method.

    The link is not working anymore for too many downloads, can you provide an alternative link maybe in a site with no limitations :D
    You said the alt. Link above does not contain one of the critical files ??

    Oh, Sorry about that. It would take a while for me to link it somewhere else.

    I entered settings/Google/account services/search assistant & voice/voice/voice match/ then turn off the 3 sliders