How To Guide [GUIDE][REALME 8][Unofficial] New method Unlock Bootloader, Flash TWRP and Root [RMX3085]

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Apr 18, 2016
Realme 8


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Jan 24, 2023
please help me with my bricked realme 8.
after following all your step mention above my sp flash tool is not detecting my phone in my laptop. i am using acer swift 3 wnidows 10
please help me.


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Oct 19, 2013
Hi, i succesfully went thru your guide of unlocking. After booting the phone the touchscreen does not register my touches... so i cant proceed to rooting... im on the phone setup wellcome screen, but cant do anything... Any advices? Thank you


Apr 18, 2016
Realme 8
Hi, i succesfully went thru your guide of unlocking. After booting the phone the touchscreen does not register my touches... so i cant proceed to rooting... im on the phone setup wellcome screen, but cant do anything... Any advices? Thank you
I advise you not to use tony's unofficial method..flash Thailand rom first then unlock using deeptest apk and flash your regional rom again..bootloader will stay unlocked


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Jun 7, 2023
Whenever I try to run brom.bat it says that python was not found pip3 is an external command. Please help


Sep 30, 2022
why after flashing boot.patched this is happening


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Jun 9, 2023
The MTK client program finished the bootloader unlock process with no errors, but whenever I reboot, in developer settings it does not say bootloader unlocked!


Jul 25, 2023
Can I install OTA updates normally if I'm on A19 already and if I'll just unlock the bootloader and nothing else (no rooting as well)???


Jul 28, 2009
Re @driedpampas :
... whenever I reboot, in developer settings it does not say bootloader unlocked!

I had the same error for +2 weeks, after first gaining the unlocked bootloader state (and thus root etc.) and then losing them, probably via an OTA update or my toying with relocking the bootloader. Neither using the mtkclient method nor retracing the steps did not work then anymore. The major error shown was that the system complained about the "destroyed" recovery and boot partitions; nothing helped, even toying with the vbmeta, lk, magisk-patched boot etc. partitions nor their versions.

I then spent +2 days in total troubleshooting the options.
Only this method works and is reproducible:

* Download the OFP (original firmware) file RMX3085export_11_A.24_2022011102070000.ofp (e.g. here). Using this old A.* version of the firmware seems to be material.

* Extract all the images e.g. via the "MCT OPT Extractor" method or the OPPO Decrypt python script

* Join (random) three system file components to arrive at one system image super.img, via the simg2img tool:
simg2img [super.0.xxxxxxxx.img] [super.1.xxxxxxxx.img] [super.1.xxxxxxxx.img] [filename to merge] # All split super imgs must be the same carrier

* Unlock the bootloader via the mtkclient method.

* Flash the images, either via the mtkclient itself or (better), the MTKSecBootDisable + mtk flash_tool.exe method in Windows - better one, as it allows you to crank up the max throughput in the Options.
(NB. prepare for some tweaking and experimentation, as some of the IMG files will refuse to flash, so check, fix or exclude some of the filenames etc.)

* Start the phone, accept the prompts cruft, and check if the bootloader is unlocked, that is the "unlock bootloader" toggle option in the Developer's settings should be on but should not be selectable (that is it should be grey, the toggle disabled). You can also check it after booting into fastboot and runnning: fastboot getvar unlocked
It will likely not be available (on) yet.

* Only then use the method from this very thread. Recheck the above options in Settings or via fastboot getvar unlocked.

* Play with the newest Magisk etc. to install root (su) etc.

* Avoid relocking the bootloader (via OTA or mtkclient) like a plague.

I am not sure why this works, that is which of the modified partitions (maybe the lk and lk2 ones?) do the trick together with the mtkclient method, but now my bootloader is unlocked for good, and stays put across flashing many firmwares: the A.* and C.* varieties, including e.g. the newest RMX3085GDPR_11_C.12_2022081111310000 one, Lineages (and back), experimental bootloaders or recoveries etc.

I wish you luck!
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    Hello guys!
    As you all know that there is no deeptest.apk available for our device.
    So we have to unlock our bootloader unofficially!

    NOTE: IF U HAVEN'T UPGRADED AFTER A19 ROM THEN SKIP FIRST PART !!! And follow the instructions from 2nd part.

    Also this method only works on RUI 2.0

    * This Guide is tested and working.
    * However I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
    * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed.
    * Please do some research if you have any concerns about unlocking and flashing TWRP
    * Before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications.

    So Lets Begin the Process:

    1. Flashing A19 Partitions:

    • PC or Laptop
    • Internet connection
    • Realme 8
    • USB cable
    • Take a backup of your data, Just in case if any error happens.
    Windows Method
    Bypass Tools Pack - (DRIVER AND BYPASS FILES)
    SP Flash Tool

    Decrypted OFP (OPPO FIRMWARE PACKAGE) Partitions:

    Install Python from Windows Store
    libusb-win32 - Having Issues? Use this.
    Get usbdk installer (.msi) from here and install it


    1) Extract the zip
    2) Go to driver folder, find the .inf file right click and press install.

    3)Download this file and install it, after installing power off phone and connect to pc while holding Vol+- (don't leave the buttons after connecting) . You might need this driver as well if it's not detected.


    Press next, connect your device to PC while holding Vol+- buttons (your device needs to be powered off, and don't leave the buttons) and you will see the mtkdriver down below. Install it.

    Choose MediaTek USB Port and install it.

    4)Then run the brom.bat under Bypass folder.
    Screenshot (63).png

    5) Now power off the phone and connect the phone while holding volume + and - (Don't leave the buttons until the bypass is done)

    6)After the above step Go into Flash Tool folder and open the SPFlash tool and launch flash_tool.exe

    7) Click on Options>Options and go to Connections and select UART and set Baud Rate to 921600

    8)Now in Sp flash tool select the scatter file which you have extracted from and make sure that prealoder, lk, and lk2 is selected.
    Screenshot (49).png

    9) You don't need to select auth file as authorization is disabled. Once you do it, it should look like this. ALWAYS MAKE SURE DOWNLOAD ONLY MODE IS SELECTED! DON'T SELECT OTHER MODES!

    Make SURE "Download Only" is selected. Don't select ANYTHING ELSE! You will lose your IMEIs, Serial Numbers, Capability of Hardware Attestation etc. if you choose "Format data + Download" make SURE you selected "Download Only".

    10) Now, you can start downloading with the button and after that a checkmark will appear. You can reboot your phone
    After flashing it should look like this. Download has been complete.


    • PC or Laptop
    • Internet connection
    • USB cable
    • Take a backup of your data since it'll be wiped
    • Go to About phone > Version and tap build number 7 times
    • Go to Settings > advanced settings > Developer options and turn on OEM unlocking and USB debugging
    • Install USBDk
    • Download this and extract :
    • Now open command prompt in that folder
    • Screenshot (50).png
    • Now type pip3 install -r requirements.txt and hit enter
    • Now type python mtk e metadata,userdata,md_udc hit enter - This command wipes data
    • Then power off your phone and hold both volume buttons and connect usb cable (DON'T LEAVE THE BUTTONS, KEEP THEM HOLDING THROUGHOUT THE PROCESS) - This boots device into BROM mode
    • Now type python mtk da seccfg unlock This will unlock the bootloader (If you face waiting for device issue then unplug the device and plug in the device again with holding volume buttons, also don't leave the buttons)
    • IMG_20211201_212023_350.jpg
    • After this unplug your phone and turn it on (It'll show your device dm verity corrupted and first boot might take 5-10 mins, don't panic)
    • Now your bootloader is unlocked
    • photo_2022-01-10_18-44-11.jpg
    • Due to realme's limitations you still can't access fastboot after unlocking via this method


    • Install This Magisk apk

    • Download Patched Boot image (According to your device firmware) from the link and put them in MTK client folder.
    • Now in pc type python mtk w boot,vbmeta boot.patched,vbmeta.img.empty hit enter
    • Then power off your phone and connect usb while holding both volume buttons (and don't leave them)
    • IMG_20211201_213448_962 (2).jpg
    • Now disconnect and reboot phone
    • Now open Magisk app
    • photo_2022-01-10_18-44-27.jpg



    • Download TWRP - From here and extract it.
    • Download and install Flashify app
    • Open Flashify and grant root permission
    • Select Recovery image from the extracted twrp folder and install it
    • photo_2022-01-10_18-53-11.jpg
    • After flashing is done click reboot now or you can reboot to recovery via magisk app
    • photo_2022-01-10_18-43-45.jpg
    "Congrats Now we have working TWRP in Realme 8, Enjoy :) "


    1. Me @Saksham Antil (aka Tony Stark) for this guide and Testing
    2. @Engrudhy for older guide
    3. @Skyhuppa for making TWRP
    4. Elias for finding out the way to ubl
    5. B Kerler fot MTKClient
    Stock boot Image (to revert root)

    If you face any issues lem me know down below
    Woohoo finally rooted new. Thanks for the detailed guide
    Can I upgrade magisk app???
    Yeah you can, but stay on alpha version don't go for stable.